The ACT Greens look to have expanded their footprint in the ACT Legislative Assembly from two seats to at least three. 17th March: South Australia goes to the polls on 17 March at an election where Labor is trying for a fifth term in office, and former Senator Nick Xenophon is trying to break the mould of the state’s two-party politics. Celebrities like LeBron James, Lady Gaga push for high voter turnout, Record voting numbers continue to rise over the weekend, North Dakota legislative candidate who died of COVID-19 still on the ballot, Trump lashes back at Nebraska Sen. Sasse after criticism, Trump, Biden hit trail hard as record early voter turnout continues, President Trump and Joe Biden compete in opposing town halls, How does early voting affect the forecast? "Canberra has voted for a positive agenda for this city. 16 December: The Turnbull government faces its second citizenship by-election test this month with voters in the Sydney seat of Bennelong heading to the polls. NBA superstars are using the sport to amplify their voices and harness the power of their platforms in an unprecedented get-out-the vote effort. Labor is expecting to lose its MLA Deepak Raj-Gupta, who served only for a brief time following the resignation of Meegan Fitzharris in Yerrabi last year. To make a comment or suggest a change to the election site, please contact us. Both parties want to finish the tax reform project, expand light rail and switch off fossil fuels. AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time which is 11 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), 2020 Australian Capital Territory Election, 2017 Cootamundra, Blacktown & Murray by-elections, How to Vote for the Victorian Legislative Council, Candidates by Party for 2018 Victorian Election, Election Enrolments Surge on Melbourne's Edge, Jacinda Ardern says she'll move quickly to form government, 'I'm enjoying this moment': Jacinda Ardern credits coronavirus response for election win, Seven votes separate candidates in Brindabella as ACT Greens prepare to negotiate with Labor, Queensland leaders make last pitch to voters before early voting opens, Preferential voting in the 2020 Queensland election — your how-to guide, COVID, Coe or a combination of both? After the 2016 defeat the party turned to a fresh face. Parties had been out in force to secure every last vote, even though 60 per cent of Canberrans had had their say before Saturday. "I can confirm that I have called Andrew Barr and that I have congratulated him on the campaign he ran because by all accounts, it is highly likely that we have seen the return of a Labor-Greens government," Mr Coe says. Get breaking news alerts when you download the ABC News App and subscribe to 2020 Elections notifications. It also said it will prioritize election mail in the coming weeks. 23 June - Having won Darling Range for the first time at the 2017 election, the McGowan government faces a tricky by-election following the resignation of discredited MP Barry Urban. In 2020, Canberrans have voted to return a Labor government.". "I think it just shows everyone's ready to vote and doesn't want their vote to be suppressed," said a voter. Get Connected. August 22 Chief Minister Michael Gunner has insisted the election, set for August 22 by a fixed term, will go ahead and that voting can be safely managed during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp likened ABC’s Town Hall with Joe Biden to an episode of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" prompting widespread criticism on social media. Labor is seeking a sixth term and the Liberals are looking to govern after almost two decades in opposition. Could Arab American voters swing Michigan. 23 March The national political heat may be rising ahead of the Federal elections, but voters in NSW will go to the polls first on 23 March as Premier Gladys Berejiklian tries to win a third term for her Coalition government. Only about 180 poll workers out of roughly 30,000 are still needed to staff polling places in battleground Wisconsin on Election Day, despite a surge in coronavirus cases in the key battleground state. "To the broader Labor family, it is such an honour to lead this party in this territory.". Kate Brown discusses Oregon’s mail ballot system, telling voters across the country new to voting by mail to “vote early” and “make sure you have a plan.”, President Donald Trump was outraised by Democrat Joe Biden in September and is being outgunned financially by his rival with just weeks to go until Election Day, A record-setting amount of early voting has changed the 2020 election. Mr Coe has not explicitly said whether he will try to stay on as Liberal leader. l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast, Confidence Interval: Will Democrats win the trifecta? Some voters in two Pennsylvania and Ohio counties have received incorrect mail-in ballots, but state officials say the problems were caught quickly and corrected ballots are being sent out. Extensive coverage of federal, state and local elections by the ABC. The answer is almost certainly yes, which leads one to wonder whether a Labor Party unfettered by a Greens partner would govern in a way voters don’t expect. Biden and Trump are campaigning on different theories of where the country is and where it needs to go. Obituaries. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. How coronavirus has made mail-in voting and the general election more complicated in 2020. Election guides by ABC election analyst Antony Green, results, statistics, news and more. Earlier nerves in the room have now eased and it is turning into quite the party atmosphere (as much as COVID restrictions will allow). Mark Parton, also a moderate, is another possibility. "2020 has been a year where there has not been a lot of good news, but tonight bucks that trend," he says. The re-elected Chief Minister has finished by paying tribute to his family, his husband Anthony, and his "broader Labor family". Gray DC Bureau. 20 October After being deposed as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has resigned as member for Wentworth. He’s only 36 but has been in the Assembly for 12 years, the last four as leader. Following the cancellation of Thursday’s debate, the president and Joe Biden offered different visions for America. But I'm sure any blog readers at Liberal HQ will appreciate your sympathy! It also appears former hairdresser Bec Cody hasn't made the cut, with Labor's Marisa Paterson likely winning her seat instead. … One in four Canberrans used to vote for independents and minor parties.

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