GMSACredentialSpec is where the GMSA admission webhook ( inlines the contents of the GMSA credential spec named by the GMSACredentialSpecName field. Name is unique name in the node tree used to generate the node ID. Headers are an optional list of headers to send with HTTP requests for artifacts, AccessKeySecret is the secret selector to the bucket's access key, Endpoint is the hostname of the bucket endpoint, SecretKeySecret is the secret selector to the bucket's secret key, Data is the string contents of the artifact, Insecure will connect to the service with TLS, Key is the key in the bucket where the artifact resides, Region contains the optional bucket region. CreationTimestamp is a timestamp representing the server time when this object was created. even in the absence of the evicted pod. Argo Rollouts is a Kubernetes controller and set of CRDs which provide advanced deployment capabilities such as blue-green, canary, canary analysis, experimentation, and progressive delivery features to Kubernetes. Most containers will NOT need this. Container will be removed from service endpoints if the probe fails. EndpointsName is the endpoint name that details Glusterfs topology. Workflow is the definition of a workflow resource, CronWorkflow is the definition of a scheduled workflow resource, WorkflowTemplate is the definition of a workflow template resource. May also be set in SecurityContext. Kubernetes native workflows, deployments, CI, events. As shown above the Monitoring workflow creates required resources for a running Prometheus and Grafana stack. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Argo Project, an open source container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes conceived at Applatix. Outputs captures output parameter values and artifact locations produced by this template invocation. Examples: "ext4", "xfs", "ntfs". Once those steps finish executing, the rollout can cut over traffic to the new version. More info:, Path is the Glusterfs volume path. Pods with unsupported sysctls (by the container runtime) might fail to launch. The Workflow controller will create the claims at the beginning of the workflow and delete the claims upon completion of the workflow. Defaults to false. Handler defines a specific action that should be taken. If unspecified, the options from the PodSecurityContext will be used. Note that this is identical to a configmap volume source without the default mode. Optional: mode bits to use on this file, must be a value between 0 and 0777. More info: No fractional digits will be emitted c. The exponent (or suffix) is as large as possible.The sign will be omitted unless the number is negative.Examples: 1.5 will be serialized as "1500m" 1.5Gi will be serialized as "1536Mi"Note that the quantity will NEVER be internally represented by a floating point number. More info: (example), A user wants to use the normal Rolling Update strategy from the deployment. Defaults to "ClusterFirst". Name of the referent. Realtime emits this metric in real time if applicable, Buckets is a list of bucket divisors for the histogram, Arguments are the parameter and artifact arguments to the template, Dependencies are name of other targets which this depends on, Depends are name of other targets which this depends on. Resolution options given in Options will override those that appear in the base DNSPolicy. Default is false. This allows you to have, for example, a JSON field that can accept a name or number. A sequence number representing a specific generation of the desired state. A workflow can be the user's name, a controller's name, or the name of a specific apply path like "ci-cd". Of course, you could install Argo CD on clusters anywhere and make sure they can access your Git repo. If the anti-affinity requirements specified by this field are not met at scheduling time, the pod will not be scheduled onto the node. More info:, ISCSI represents an ISCSI Disk resource that is attached to a kubelet's host machine and then exposed to the pod. Must not be absolute or contain the '..' path. You could simply add another folder or repo, then another app YAML within the applications/ folder, and ArgoCD would automatically install and configure it for you. Container's working directory. Workflows & Pipelines. The owning GID will be the FSGroup 2. More info:, Status represents the current information/status of a persistent volume claim. A special supplemental group that applies to all containers in a pod. A label selector is a label query over a set of resources.

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