BG Milo S. Hascall, BG Nathaniel C. McLean        In command from May 15 until Ward returned from wound, and again from June 29.    Col Benjamin D. Dean[80] Headquarters Guard: 7th Company Ohio Sharpshooters: Lieut. Transferred to Kelly's Division early July. BG Richard W. Johnson (w May 28)[16]    Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.      BG Jefferson C. Davis, Col Daniel McCook, Jr. (mw June 27)   Col Patrick Henry Jones[43], Col David Ireland (w May 15)[45]        BG James Cantey[28]     The Confederate order of battle is listed separately. The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Atlanta campaign of the American Civil War. Col Henry J.B. Cummings, Cpt Jerome B. Burrows   Cheatham's Division Col Benjamin Harrison[51], Col Joseph W. Burke[53]   Veterans mustered out June 16 (four companies) and June 30 (five companies), leaving only company K. Transferred from 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, May 12, Assigned railroad and rear guard duty mainly in the Cartersville, Ga. area, Assumed command of U.S. forces at Decatur, AL from May 13, Transferred to Department of the Cumberland July 12, Transferred to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, May 12, At Decatur, AL until August 7 when it joined the army at Atlanta, GA, Detachments of 14th Wisconsin, 81st and 95th Illinois, Consolidated into veteran battalion with 15th Illinois July 5, Joined July 5, and subsequently consolidated into a battalion of two companies, On leave from June 9; troops temporarily assigned to 2nd and 3rd Divisions, Attached to 3rd Division from June 9; sometimes designated as 4th Brigade, 3rd Division, Attached to 2nd Division from June 9; sometimes designated as 4th Brigade, 2nd Division, Transferred from 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, IV Corps on June 22, Attached to 2nd Division from June 9; transferred to Cavalry Division July 6, Transferred to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, IV Corps June 22, Transferred to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division May 16, Provost guard at corps headquarters from July 11, Joined brigade on May 11 and transferred to 1st Brigade June 8, Joined army May 28, and designated as Provisional Brigade until June 8, In command May 17 to 18, then assumed command of 2nd Division, Transferred to newly formed 3rd Brigade June 5, Transferred to District of Kentucky June 17, Assigned to 3rd Division, XXIII Corps June 21, Independent Battery B, Pennsylvania Light,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2nd Battalion, 15th U.S. Infantry: Cpt William C. McManus, 2nd Battalion, 16th U.S. Infantry: Cpt R. Peabody Barry, 2nd Battalion, 18th U.S. Infantry: Cpt Henry Haymond, Company F, 4th Missouri Cavalry (Escort to BG John E. Smith), 13th Kentucky (from June 8): Col William E. Hobson, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 11:13. This order of battle covers the period of May 7 – July 17, 1864. Col William Stoughton[19], Second Division Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1]. Col Frederick Knefler, First Division Col Jacob H. Sharp[15], Stevenson's Division BG Joseph A. Cooper[116], BG Milo S. Hascall[120]   [49], 19th and 41st Tennessee swapped places mid-June, Detached to provost-marshal-general duty. MG Alexander P. Stewart[18]     Humes, Jackson's Division MG Thomas C. Hindman (w July 4)          MG George Stoneman, The following table shows total strengths of each of the major formations at several stages throughout the campaign. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1]. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign. The Atlanta Campaign Union Order of Battle. BG Milo S. Hascall[128]        Ltc Horace Lamson, Col Louis Watkins        Col William H. Gibson, BG Samuel Beatty[15]   47th Georgia consolidated with 65th Georgia, During July while Brown is in command of Hindman's division, From July 7, promoted to Major General on that date, From July 7, promoted to Brigadier General on that date, Brigade commander while Featherston in temporary command of the division not known, but likely either Col Stephens or Col Drake, Known as Cantey's Division in May and mid-June, Originally an independent brigade reporting to army command, subsequently combined into a division with Reynolds' brigade, Temporarily in command of the division until mid-June, then resumed command of his brigade, Temporarily in command of the brigade during May and June, while Cantey in command of the division, Transferred from Cantey' Brigade mid-June, Transferred to Georgia state troops mid-June, returned early July, Known as Anderson's Brigade from mid-June, Transferred to Martin's Division and took command of Morgan's Brigade mid-June, Transferred to Harrison's Brigade mid-June. Col Robert F. Beckham, Polk's Corps Artillery      Chief of Artillery: BG William F. Barry The Battle of Atlanta, on July 22, resulted in the Confederates' greatest success of the campaign, with approximately 3,600 casualties (including McPherson), 12 captured cannons, and a division-length of trenches rolled up. But here too the Confederates were ultimately repulsed and lost an estimated 5,500 men. Ltc James Stewart[59]   MG William W. Loring        Col Jabez Banbury[81], Cpt Henry H. Griffiths MG Benjamin F. Cheatham, BG George E. Maney   Escort: Company I, 1st Ohio Cavalry: Lieut. Chief of Staff: BG Joseph D. Webster      Col Angus D. McLean, Walker's Division      BG John C. Brown[12], BG Zachariah C. Deas   MG William T. Martin, Humes' Division Escort: 4th Company Ohio Cavalry; Company B, 1st Ohio Cavalry, First Division           MG William W. Loring, Loring's Division MG Carter L. Stevenson, Stewart's Division      Col Virgil Murphey[32], Polk's Corps Artillery Col Samuel Benton, BG William F. Tucker        The period July 17 – September 8, 1864 is listed separately.

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