While the quality of studio movies tends to peak in the summer and fall seasons, they represent just one small piece of the much larger equation. An artful fable that examines what it really means to save the world, Benedikt Erlingsson’s “Woman at War” is the rarest of things: A crowd-pleaser about climate change.

Read the full review here. Facebook. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. HO, The diverging romantic fortunes of Hannah (Mia Farrow), Lee (Barbara Hershey) and Holly (Dianne Wiest, who won an Oscar, as did Michael Caine) provide an ideal structure for Woody Allen to check in on a midway state of adulthood, when there's already a sense of disappointment about squandered promise, but still much to play for. Kinky and invigorating, Keira Knightley and Dominic West make a fascinating married couple in this biopic – released last January – of the much-wronged French novelist. Read the full review here. Please confirm that you are happy to hear from us: You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at hello@bifa.film. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. Alec Guinness famously and brilliantly played eight different characters in this pitch-black comedy of manners, but he is matched all the way by a wonderfully urbane and detached Dennis Price as the serial killer who murders his way to a dukedom.

Read the full review here. For this critic, it happened during the opening sequence, as Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves gathers his flock on the steps of the Florida Capitol for their first rally in the winter of 2013. Discover the best and brightest independent releases, all in one place. 30. Alex Ross Perry’s work has always had the courage to be profoundly unpleasant, but none of his previous stuff can prepare you for the incredible sourness of “Her Smell,” which is one of the most noxious movies ever made before it hits bottom and tunnels out through the other side.

Additionally, we reserve the right to include some films that were produced at studios if they encapsulate an independent sensibility. Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! His name was Hu Bo, and he was 29 years old. No book cover usage. The big screen is back. That’s exactly what Assayas wants you to think. Combining Paul Schrader’s dire urgency with Roy Andersson’s droll brand of despair — to cite two other filmmakers whose work has wrestled with the maddening, quixotic idea of a single person trying to redeem an entire planet — Erlingsson has created a winsome knickknack of a movie that manages to reframe the 21st century’s signature crisis in a way that makes room for real heroism. Exact date unknown. But there's meat to their bones for adults to digest, especially in this towering fantasy epic. Assembled from an immaculately restored motherlode of 16mm vérité footage shot by Howard Alk and David Myers (much of which Bob Dylan left to rot on the cutting room floor when he was done editing “Renaldo and Clara”), and sprinkled with a fairy dust of unlabeled fiction, “Rolling Thunder Revue” is a mythic story of self-invention. Within the first five minutes of “Remember My Name,” Crosby has already confessed twice how fervently he does not want to die (the concerns are real, as his wife Jan ticks off his many ailments, from a liver transplant to diabetes) and how deeply he regrets some of the wildness of his earlier years. The awards, first presented in 1996, are presented by the British film magazine Empire with the winners voted by the readers of the magazine.

Mati Diop’s supernatural debut forces young Senegalese lovers to choose between love, duty and servitude, then adds a surreal twist. The 100 best British films. Culminating unforgettably with this long-take tête-a-tête, it's a shattering quest for redemption, eerily scored by Ry Cooder. A gorgeous and often devastating look at good intentions slamming into harsh practical challenges, “The Biggest Little Farm” is the rare eco-friendly documentary that reaches beyond the celebratory formula to explore the application of its environmental message in detail. With fantastic sets courtesy of Ken Adams, outstanding black and white cinematography, a devastating script with lines quoted ad infinitum, (“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! It is set in Salford, Lancashire,, in 1971, in a mixed-ethnicity British household headed by Pakistani father George and an English mother, Ella.

The result is a ripe and bloody act of self-reflection so personal that it can feel like Billingham made it only for himself — that he’s standing between us and whatever he’s smeared on screen.

- Eldorado Films / DR NE VOUS RETOURNEZ PAS (DON'T LOOK NOW) de Nicolas Roeg 1973 ITA / GB avec Donald Sutherland et Sharon Williams drame, noyade, enfant, sauvetage, desespoir d'apres le roman de Daphne Du Maurier, PM7XG8 Alec Guinness, Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 File Reference # 31537_720, RWDW4E HUNTER,NIVEN, A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, 1946. It’s Martin Scorsese’s delirious attempt to capture the quicksilver energy of an idea that’s too powerful to retain any kind of permanent shape. [1] The award was introduced in the 1998 ceremony and the current winner is God's Own Country. HO. VARIOUS, Editorial use only. Read the full review here.

Coming after a succession of highly regarded Vietnam movies, The Deer Hunter (1978), Apocalypse Now (1979) and Platoon (1987), Full Metal Jacket perhaps suffered by comparison. Brutally realistic and reflecting the growing pessimism of the early 1970s, Get Carter was underappreciated on release and then grew into a cult film. As a little girl struggles to adapt following a family move across country, her emotions go on a madcap adventure through the mind itself. Well, here’s just a few to begin with.

The semi-autobiographical screenplay by Sheridan and his daughters Naomi and Kirsten focuses on an immigrant Irish family's struggle to start a new life in New York City, as seen through the eyes of the elder daughter. Read the full review. New Yorker Kubrick made good use of authentic, shadow-filled Manhattan locations for his first outing in dark city which has many classic noir tropes – the film is told in flashback by a world weary narrator, there’s love, deception, murder and revenge, and a striking denouement as hero and villain battle it out in a warehouse filled with mannequins.

score: 26 of 100 (26%) required scores: 1, 11, 19, 27, 38 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. Read the full review. Read the full review. Read the full review. It stars Ray Winstone as Raymond, the abusive husband of Valerie. No matter how silly it gets, “Booksmart” never sacrifices the authenticity of its two leads.

Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench gave us a poignant insight into William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway’s later life turmoil in this delicate biopic written by Ben Elton. Vertigo Films is a British television and film production company based in London, England. She also won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actress for the 2003 film Young Adam, and has received three Golden Globe Award nominations. Jennifer Kent follows up The Babadook with some real-life monsters: the men who ran Tasmania’s penal colonies in the 1820s – one of whom gets some grisly, if just, comeuppance in this gothic thriller. Read the full review here. Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the much-loved Louisa May Alcott novel brings all the requisite festive bells and whistles but also manages to be sly, witty and swift on the price of feminism. Read the full review here.

This is the perfect example of Powell and Pressburger’s unique vision and arguably the finest synthesis of dance, music and drama ever committed to film. In “Ray & Liz,” photographer Richard Billingham recreates his old memories (real or imagined) as though each moment were a shard of a broken mirror that he’s trying to piece back together with his bare hands. Bombastic, brash – and totally brilliant. Read the full review here. The British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) is an organisation that celebrates, supports and promotes British independent cinema and filmmaking talent in United Kingdom. Rieke longs to see the jungle that Charles Darwin once designed for the island: “Wild, untouched nature that was actually planned.” And she longs to do it alone. In Wim Wenders's Palme d'Or winning trek through America's byways, Harry Dean Stanton plays a wreck of a man who's gone missing, found wandering silently through the Texan wilderness. Frank Capra's evergreen romcom all but invented the love-hate formula that's one model for silver screen chemistry, hoicking up Colbert's skirt to flash a leg when they need to hitch-hike, and dismantling Gable's smarmy defences. HO. Yet it works because the machine-gun dialogue is so quick that there's never a moment to question what’s happening (the great screenwriter Ben Hecht, who co-wrote the original Broadway play, worked on it uncredited). While “Tigerland” takes some time to find its footing, kicking off with an odd kid-voiced monologue that attempts to spell out the historical meaning of the tiger (sample line: “the holiest of all the animals, and they controlled the destiny of all mankind”) and then looping together two seemingly different stories, Kauffman eventually finds connections that go far beyond the superficial. Poignant … Dench and Branagh in All Is True. More than anything — and regardless of gender — such proud self-sufficiency is a privilege in a world where help is seldom offered to those who need it most. Kubrick was also happy to give his actors full latitude to improvise and Jack Nicholson is in full scenery chewing mode, his descent into madness making for mesmerising viewing. Essentially a four-hander, the story revolves around Birmingham couple Cynthia (Jillian Bell) and Mary (Michaela Watkins), who inherit a grimy sword from the Confederate army left behind by Cynthia’s deceased grandfather.

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