That is the true measure of greatness.

Grand Slam titles are what the best players in the world strive for.

But she still would have a ways to go to get her combined doubles and mixed doubles total record.

Here are a list of top ranking female tennis players; Naomi Osaka (born October 16, 1997) is a professional tennis player who represents Japan.

Amen. She reached her first Grand Slam final at the 2016 US Open. This young lady has the potential to be one of the all the time great female tennis players in 10 years time, if she stays relatively free of major injuries and keeps up her motivation.

Certainly making it to the 2018 and 2019 Wimbledon and US Open finals was a step in the right direction and everything points to Serena remaining competitive despite turning 39 in 2020. We’re stating the FACTS of both player’s Grand Slam singles careers and the criteria required to be regarded as one of the all time greats.

More fitness gadgets to go with? Favourite player or not, I will keep arguing and debating the issue that Maria Sharapova has won the same number of Grand Slam singles titles, 5, as Martina Hingis. I don't think you have ever seen Hingis steering the ball against power hitters? Lucky Joe, Harry did give credit to Martina Hingis saying she won 5 Grand Slam singles titles. You weren’t reading properly. Known for her mental and physical toughness, Justine Henin was one of the most athletic women to ever play the game. Maria Sharapova won Grand Slam singles titles in the French Open twice, Wimbledon once, the US Open once and the Australian Open once. Despite playing during one of the most competitive periods in women’s tennis, Goolagong was still able to win seven Grand Slam titles and in 1976 was ranked number one in the world. By the way Shishka, since you come across as having strong views, what do you think should be the criteria for determining the greatest female tennis players of all time? She doesn’t deserve it. He was simply saying that Maria Sharapova’s 5 Grand Slam singles should be given more credit than Hingis because Hingis did not win the French Open, whereas Sharapova won every Grand Slam singles titles. Question: Why isn't Kim Clijsters on the list of greatest women's tennis players? Her record alone in Grand Slam singles, Grand Slam doubles and Grand Slam mixed doubles makes her the greatest female tennis player of all time. For example, Shiksha, Ash Barty in all her press conferences says We not I. Good job. Look up the Grand Slam singles records. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone is free to agree or disagree with anyone else’s opinion, including the author. Question: Recently, Bianca Andreescu went 17 straight tennis matches without losing.
Was there ever a player more graceful on the court than Chris Evert? It’s a professional sport taken seriously by the players. We rely on Grand Slam singles statistics as evidence, unlike yourself, who relies on mere words. Answer: Serena Williams turned professional in October of 1995 at the age of 14. No offence but its bad to say negative things about any achiever. So before saying bad about any player please learn they are favorite to someone for sure. However, I felt he was dominating too much and playing for too long that I simply fell in love with the fighting spirit of Nadal and want Nadal to overtake Federer on Grand Slam singles titles won. Hingis fans, you forgot to mention that in the 1999 French Open Final, the crowd turned on Hingis for her bad sportsmanship and supported Graf to win that match, which Graf did.

All Rights Reserved. As has been mentioned before, there are no awards given out to the greatest female tennis player of all time, as it’s impossible to compare different eras.

Sloane Stephens (born March 20, 1993) is an American professional tennis player. We disagree with you and the author. Despite lack of power if she dominated tennis and for that matter gave William sisters a run for their money, she needs to be applauded.... And Harry Hingis has carved a niche in Tennis world which can't be denied by mere your words bro. At her peak, Azarenka demonstrated a capacity to match Serena’s power and intensity, as the two gave fans gripping battles in and out of the majors. The point I want to make is that although Seles was playing well after a remarkable comeback, her level of play, which was understandable, was not the same as it was after winning her last Australian Open due to the horrific stabbing back when she was at her absolute peak during the years 1990 to 1993. Just have a look at the corresponding article of the greatest male tennis players of all time, where people have continually mounted their cases for either Nadal, Laver, Djokovic or Federer for being the greatest male player of all time. Her singles career was relatively short due to injuries and her first retirement came in 2003 at just 22 years of age. Alexandra knows her tennis. Yet, she still managed to win 1 more Grand Slam singles title after that, a truly remarkable achievement.

Here are the top 10 best football (soccer) players of all time, including Maradona, Pele and Cruyff. Here is a list of the top Women’s Tennis players in the world today in 2018-2019. No disrespect to her wonderful tennis career, she was a great player, but the top 10 might be a reach. Congratulations Monica Seles on a magnificent tennis career. Maria Sharapova is a better Grand Slam singles player than Hingis. I really loved watching them special thing about Seles was at end of match she was always cheerful. There was one guy on the greatest men’s player of any time, not me, who claimed Nadal and Djokovic were cheating.

Seles what a tragedy she was easily better than Graf .

Although not very tennis professional observations but grant me the liberty as i used to watch for fun.

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