That’s not to say they are the best surfing season. Today, surf is fully integrated as part of the region’s culture. At the easiest, you have well-sheltered beach breaks that tend to be cruisy and mushy even when the rest of the region is high. Thank you so much guys, I’ll definitely be back! That means line ups do thin out. Hendaye is the next major town around the Basque coast from Biarritz. Uncomplicated. Biarritz became a popular surfing spot while the movie The Sun Also Rises (based on an Ernest Hemmingway novel) was filmed. Well…just look where the town sits: Down at the end of the Bay of Biscay, spread between a series of wide bays and headlands that face squarely north-west, as if tailor-made to pickup the dominant swells coming in off the Atlantic. These cookies do not store any personal information. In addition, the protection from the headland to the north can help shape things up into neat walls when the rest of Anglet and the Hossegor surf is a blowout. Biarritz surf is legendary throughout France – nay, the world! Others are a little further away. Thanks again. Nice and easy. Lots of locals do drop to short-sleeves and a rash vest on occasion in the warmer months. The upshot? When the sandbanks align nicely, Grande Plage can handle 1-3m. The first few surfers attempting to ride the waves at the Cote des Basques beach were foreigners, but the locals quickly adopted the sport. Dawn patrols are the best idea. Then, you push south-west towards Hendaye, to find the likes of rugged Corniche d’Urrugne with its rock-ribbed cliffs and wild ocean waters crashing below. Check out our guide to surfing in France for more of the country’s famous surf towns. Instructive. They were kind and relaxed, always on time and available for any piece of advice. It takes you a little further from the centre of Biarritz. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to surf schools in Biarritz. Be sure to book a Biarritz surf hotel that’s within walking distance if you don’t want to get caught in the nightmare of parking! The swells come all the way to the cliffs then and injuries are common. One of the best things about Biarritz surf trips is that they offer a fantastic blend of wave action, holiday vibes and nightlife. It’s hollower and steeper than many of the other spots in the area, and comes in over a mix of sand and stone. It won’t be hard to come across a fantastic Biarritz surf hotel. Biarritz Pays Basque is the best destination for a surf trip… Check out our guide of the best beaches to surf ! The range of wetsuits is particularly great. Get today's most accurate Biarritz surf report. Short boards, foamies, first-time wetsuits, wax – you name it. Some are the precise sort of sleek five-star palace you’d expect when you hear the name Biarritz. There are also some accommodation options that have features specifically aimed at the surf crowd. Their instructor was sincery happy to see our improvements and allowed us to. But not all surf shops are created equal so here are a few that we’ve had good experiences with in the past.. Jo Moraiz is a short, salty walk from the main break at La Cote des Basques and Grande Plage. But it also means you lose the shelter from the coastal headlands. Still, it’s a good spot to have on the radar because it’s usually working when the whole rest of the French Atlantic (the Biarritz surf included) is blown to pieces by onshores or big swells. Situated right in front of the town, it’s overlooked by luxurious hotels and a bustling promenade. Yea…it’s gorgeous. Le Miramar tends to have quieter line ups and offers some nice fast drop ins. Marbella is the name that’s given to the far end of the beach at La Cote des Basques. We’d love to hear any suggestions or additions you might have to this guide to Biarritz surf. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The Halles Market isn’t even a restaurant. It’s always loaded with the latest gear courtesy of the Aussie maker. La Cote des Basques is the break on the south side of Biarritz. Drive south-east along A64 and a couple of other country roads to reach the piece de resistance of those mountains: Pyrénées National Park. There are a handful of breaks actually within Biarritz itself. The good news is that Biarritz is a great place to start because there are a lot of large beaches where beginners can take lessons while observing more-experienced surfers. There are also wetsuits to match the season. Adult surf and stay – enjoy Biarritz during summer. It’s the place to shop for Provencal sauces, Spanish oranges, fresh veg and fruit, so great if you score a self-catering pad in Biarritz. Located in the Bay of Biscay, Biarritz sits on the Atlantic coast and offers incredible opportunities for surfing. The journey in is about 30 minutes on public transport and a little less in the car. It’s like the Atlantic coast’s answer to St Tropez. It’s also a beginner’s paradise. Choose the studio with a seaside balcony and you’ll be able to fling open your French doors in the morning to check what surf’s pumping on the Grande Plage. Thanks for an amazing experience. They’re drawn by (a) the fine weather and pretty sands of the beaches around the town and (b) the more relaxed and chilled swells that offer neat rides and fine conditions for beginners. Things start in the handsome town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, home to a fantastic Baroque church. The team couldn’t be more kind and helpful, awesome surfing destination and just an all round good vibe. Surfers will probably notice the sign before they notice the restaurant – the name is scrawled on a wooden bonzer! Whether you are a beginner or experienced, a magical moment awaits you. French...After 5 days in always changing groups of all ages, however, she made it to the instagram movie of the school and we were all extremely proud and content with the progress. Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Biarritz, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Biarritz. It’s that sort of place. The nearest major city is Bordeaux, which is about two hours’ drive to the north-east. The first contact via mail from home and then by mobile was fast, the organizing Lulu fluent in Englisch and all promises kept incl small groups and patient instructors. Water temps get low and wind picks up in the winter time – this isn’t the Algarve, remember! Interiors are chilled and stylish with an undeniable influence from the ocean about them. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Come and discover surfing on the mythical beach of "La Cote des Basques" in Biarritz. Group of 6 persons maximum with one teacher. The reason? But, don’t worry, we’ve also listed some more down-to-earth spots for that chilled chow. Your instructor Lefeuvre Roland, will be happy to teach you his method to quickly acquire sensations on the wave in a secure setting. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Seriously – when we say palatial we mean it, because it’s housed in a stunning complex that was built by the Empress Eugénie back in the heyday of the 19th century. You need less than two hours to swap the Biarritz surf for the jagged spires of the French Pyrenees. There’s also loads of surf wear – hoodies, tees, boardshorts. They’re all a little different but the overarching theme is tide defence point breaks that can barrel and get hollow. Consequently, Marbella is a more exposed beach break that’s notoriously prone to closeouts. Rips can roll back into oncoming swells to flatten things out and create some mushiness. They include functionality cookies that keep the site working and third-party cookies, which can send personal information to partners of ours in the travel sphere. La Salvaje near Sopelana means ‘the wild one’, and it certainly is, with its huge … One warning: Don’t even think about surfing at high tide. This palatial hotel is Biarritz at its best. A charming little guesthouse that’s nestled into the heart of Biarritz (midway between two of the town’s top surf spots), it offers simple but charming rooms with Wi-Fi and access to an outdoor terrace. As a town, you might associate it more with millionaire yachts and chic spa hotels, but the waves are nothing short of epic. Either side of the summer is better for intermediates, because there can often be a little punch left in the N-NW winter pushes. Dominant N-NW swells mean that it’s rarely not working. Roughly halfway between Marbella Beach and La Cote des Basques, Biarritz Paradise offers a whole range of rentals and buys to suit all levels. Unfortunately my daughter, 14 yrs, was the only non-French and instructions were made mostly in. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Biarritz surfing November time gets things rolling for the winter season. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Located at the northern end of the Grande Plage, Le Miramar is a single peak that gets its shape from the big rock stack out in the bay. A mecca of alpine summits and pine-dressed valleys, it’s got glistening lakes and hundreds of miles of hiking paths. Delve in and you’ll be lost amid a sea of regional Basque delicacies and other southern French treats. Biarritz is the premier resort town of the French Basque Country. Expect sumptuous rooms with uber-luxurious features, along with a spa, Turkish hammam, steam rooms, and – best of all for surfers – direct access to Grande Plage surf spot. During the height of the holidays, consider moving north to the wide beaches of Anglet or even beyond to the Hossegor surf and Landes. Although it’s a beach break, the best ride here is a long right that cuts across the bay from the headland, forming a sort of fake point break that works nicely when there’s some kick in the NW swell direction. June, July and August see spots like La Cote des Basques get PACKED with surf schools and all levels of rider. About Surf in Biarritz Come and discover surfing on the mythical beach of "La Cote des Basques" in Biarritz. We’re always on the lookout to make our posts better with in-the-know recommendations! Let’s take a more in-depth look…. That means a god 4/3, booties and a hood are needed to surf in the middle of the winter in Biarritz. Expect to pay 25 EUR a head and up. That all means it’s generally better for intermediate and up. Those are the ones we’ve focussed on below…. Biarritz has a potpourri of surf breaks up its sleeve. Bistros and Biarritz are a match made in heaven. Either way, there’s a fantast range of different styles of wave. Yep, you might have noticed that there’s plenty of money sloshing around this town – perhaps the abundance of luxury sailboats was a clue? Like…wow. That’s when the cross-Atlantic storms swells really start to pick up. Several formulas at the Surflodge – in B&B, half board or full board, followed by one or two surf lessons a day.

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