Share Quote. The Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon Microphone from sE Electronics features an active ribbon that takes violins and voices right to the foreground of your listener's stereo. The sE Electronics Voodoo VR-2 Active Ribbon Microphone marks a new era for ribbon mic technology – until now the only ribbon mic in the world to perform across 20 Hz - 20 kHz was the sE/Rupert Neve collaboration, the RNR1, critically acclaimed as the best Ribbon mic … Not since the sE Electronics RNR1 ribbon microphone has an sE ribbon microphone covered so much ground. 2 Reviews written. SE VR2 Ribbon Mic Test.mp3 (3.31 MB, 4193 views) Last edited by mandodon; 4th January 2019 at 04:19 AM.. 5. It uses proprietary electronics and a long, aluminum ribbon … Drawing on some of the technologies in sE's VR1 & VR2 ribbon mics, the X1 R is a vintage-modern hybrid that provides all the inherent smoothness of a hand-crafted ribbon mic, but with more versatility, … sE Electronics Voodoo VR2 Ribbon Microphone. The active Voodoo VR2 ribbon mic, designed in-house at sE by classical musician, designer, and sE … I'd like to get a ribbon as an acoustic guitar microphone… Lives for gear . My Recordings/Credits My Studio. That sounds nice. 19th January 2019 #14. hello people.

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