• Chinese Name: 重庆. 3 Lijiang Road, Guilin, 541004, China.

The Great Hall of the People and the Three Gorges Museum preside over the square. Since it doesn’t belong to any province or autonomous region, Chongqing is under direct control from the central government. • Chinese Name: 重庆 In spring and autumn, the city is often enveloped by heavy fog, hence the name the 'Capital of Fog'. In the past ten years, the city grew tremendously and is now the home of some 15.8 million people. • Zip code: 400000. Chongqing railway station, Chongqing north station, Chongqing west railway station, etc. Song Emperor Guangzong (personal name Zhao Dun) gave the settlement its current name in 1189. Surrounded by waters on three sides, and by the mountains on four sides, Chongqing is laso known as 'mountain city', 'foggy city' and 'furnace city'. The whole construction area is 13121 square meters. Geography

In May 2015, the institute (China) has released the "2015 China tourist city attractive list", Chongqing ranked first and became the most attractive tourist cities in China. Temples dedicated to the afterlife pack this 2000-year-old site. #7 in the world by no. Strangely enough, ancient Chinese sites are scarce too. The epicenter of the city is Jiefangbei Square. Chongqing Facts Chongqing or Yu, the youngest municipality that established in 1997 directly under the central government in China, is also an extra large city in its administrative division and population in China. • Location: Southwest of China

Unfortunately, the celebrations didn’t last long. Things changed this century. The main pride of the inhabitants of Chongqing is Chaotianmen Bridge, which is the arch bridge with the longest span in the world. #5 in Asia by no. Its location in the Sichuan Basin causes Chongqing to have one of the lowest sunshine totals annually in China. Chongqing Facts.

Though Chongqing’s modern appearance is undeniable, the city has interesting historical sites. Winters are fairly mild, but damp and overcast; average January highs are 9.5 °C (49.1 °F). Chongqing is located in the central and western parts of China, railway, waterway, highway, aviation, pipeline and other transport mode develop rapidly. It is an extremely large metropolis on the upper reaches of the Yangtze and an industrial and commercial importance in West China. This jewel has an impressive façade entirely made of glass. Raffles City Chongqing T4N (355 m) Global Ranking. Its first known name, Jiangzhou, means River State.

The population within the urban area of Chongqing is the third largest in China, trailing Shanghai and Beijing. With a long history of more than three thousand years, Chongqing is of rich tourism resources, as well as mountain, water, forest, springs, waterfalls, gorge, and cave, etc., as one of the magnificent natural scenery, and with Bayu culture, national culture, immigration culture, three gorges culture, capital culture, urban culture it is a rich cultural landscape.

Email: contact@tripchinaguide.com The early period According to ancient accounts, Chongqing was the birthplace of the consort of the legendary Yu emperor, founder of the Xia dynasty, about 4,000 years ago. Chongqing is unique in many ways. The cave has over 10000 carvings dating back to the 9th to 13th Centuries and blending Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. ©

License Number: L-GX 00217 The Grand Theater of Chongqing came to be in 2009. The former was built in 1950 to host important people, while the latter showcases the best art in Chongqing. Tallest Building. In fact, almost all of its residents live in post-war buildings. Heavy industry center that utilizes the power from the Three Gorges Dam Chongqing’s city center sits in the middle of a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. Chongqing with rich tourist resources is gifted with tourist items represented by the famous Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Mountain City and the stone carvings of Dazu, and 44 charming scenic zones, including eight scenic zones of Four-A grade of the state, ten state forest parks and five major scenic zones at the state level. The History of Chongqing can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, endowing with much historical and cultural significance. Indeed, Chongqing is the only big city in China built on steep terrain, with the wild Yangtze River meandering around. As you can imagine, the views from the park are wonderful. Yangtze River cruises, Three Gorges, Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong Karst Region, Ciqikou Old Town, Fengdu Ghost City, Lesser Three Gorges, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Three Gorges Museum, etc. Chongqing station, founded in 1952, officially put into operation on July 1, 1952, is located in Caiyuanba street no. Its oldest line, metro line No. Some 170 kilometers (106 miles) down the Yangtze River lies Fengdu Ghost City. Due to the latter, he was known as the Henpecked Weakling. It was decorated with glass curtain wall and light color material which made the outer appearance in silver. It remained as such until the Second Sino-Japanese War ended in 1945.

Chongqing might look like a giant concrete jungle, but there are some outstanding parks to escape to. Inhabitants of Chongqing almost do not speak English. Office: 1-10-4, Sanxing Building, No. The city’s tallest skyscrapers surround this busy pedestrian area.    Not only that, but it seems his wife, Empress Li Fengniang, ruled the state. Fax: +86-773-5859827

The design is really very impressive. In the long history of "State of Ba" there were formed many of the famous native products. According to the latest census, some 8.9 million people lived in Chongqing in 2010. The City Center Is on a Peninsula. Honestly speaking, it is an enormous city full of tall grey buildings. 2020 The Biggest Cities in China. In total, some 30.5 million people live in the municipality. Chongqing is located at the eastern edge of Sichuan Basin; Chongqing is next to Hubei, Hunan in east, Guizhou in south and Shaanxi in north. Yet even in the hottest weather the wind is often cool, making such high temperatures more bearable.

Traces of man's presence have been found from as far back as the end of the Old Stone Age 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. Most of the city’s highlights are in the center, including the two main pedestrian areas. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} We are talking about three natural limestone bridges over the Yangshui River. Chongqing enjoys a tropical moist climate of the central Asia, with cloudy days, less frost and snow. Silver Chicken Soup Noodles, Powder Steamed Fish, Lantern Soup, Silver Rice Noodle, Huajiang Dog Meat, etc. 2, is especially scenic.    One could say that the area around the People’s Liberation Monument, commemorating the victory over Japan, is Chongqing’s Times Square. As a city in the mountains, it is surrounded by... Chongqing … Chiang Kai Shek established Chongqing as the provisional capital of the Republic of China.

Another fascinating place is the Chongqing People’s Square. The park’s gardens represent different Chinese regions.

Country Ranking. • Location: Southwest of China. The Huayan Temple southwest of the city center is known for its golden Buddha and an annual boat festival. Southwest university of political science and law, Chongqing University of posts and telecommunications, Chongqing University of science and technology, Chongqing University of industry and commerce. Since Chongqing flourished after World War II, most of its architecture is new. Several traditional houses, teashops, and small theaters have survived until today. • Zip code: 400000 of 150m+ completed buildings. First 150m+ Building. Regional Ranking. Since the city’s terrain is so steep, two lines were built above ground, like a monorail. Lovely Eling Park is in the center.

Besides, the ancient town of Ciqikou sits on the shores of Jialing River, to the east of the center.

The city grew rapidly at the end of the 20th Century. Chongqing or Yu, the youngest municipality that established in 1997 directly under the central government in China, is also an extra large city in its administrative division and population in China. 249 south road Yuzhong district in Chongqing.

The station occupies from the sixth to the eighth floor of a 19 story residential building.

It is one of two major railway passenger transport hubs in Chongqing (the other is Chongqing North Station).Chongqing station is close to the Yangtze river, adjacent to the Caiyuanba bridge, people can take Chongqing rail line 1 and the rail line 3 to Chongqing Railway Station. Chongqing is the only large city collects water resources, land and air traffic in the China's Yangtze River upstream region, and it is one of the comprehensive transportation hubs in southwest China. It remained an important port for quite a long time. The oddly shaped Guotai Arts Center from 2013 is fantastic. gtag('js', new Date()); Locals come at night to see the impressive building illuminate. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];

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