property unless permitted specifically by Table 311-2 Nonresidential Uses and complies Bicycle parking may be short or long landscaping, fencing, lighting, pavement, etc. the schedules of operation of all such uses are such that none of the uses sharing that the cluster parking area shall not be converted to any other use until it is spaces. Application For Approval of Cooperative Parking Plan. 2018-11-01-0858 , § 2, 12-17-15; Ord. Pervious pavement shall comply with the Pursuant to the following procedure, either part of all of the required off-street Urban Design, Policy 5g: Promote mixed-use off-street parking facilities whereby two Structure Fees. •  The following detail drawings meet the requirements as set forth in the City of San Antonio’s Standard Specifications for Construction - June 2008. Minimum Requirements. The City of San Marcos (COSM) has updated the Standard Details to be used on all projects. ft. of nonresidential in order to provide adequate space for a recycling facility in accordance with chapter 14 of the City Code. HOUSE, ZERO LOT LINE (cluster parking allowed), DWELLING - TOWNHOUSE (cluster parking allowed), GOLF COURSE (accessory to a residential subdivision), RADIO/TELEVISION STATION WITH TRANSMITTER TOWER, RECREATION FACILITY (PUBLIC AND NONCOMMERCIAL), REGISTERED FAMILY HOME (12 children maximum), SCHOOL - PRIVATE (includes Church schools, private schools K-12, privately owned college (5) Individual parking spaces shall meet the minimum size requirements of the parking standards of the UDC. No. All bicycle parking provided should be set in concrete or flange mounted or expanded, the amount of off-street parking facilities that would be required if the records of the director of planning and development services and shall thereafter Up to thirty (30) percent of the required parking spaces may be designated for use In residential districts facilities shall be used only by vehicles up to three-fourths San Antonio Parking; 214 E Travis St Parking; ... No reservable parking for this lot. With over 16 parking locations in San Antonio, makes parking quick and easy. Parking Lot Striping San Antonio is the professional striping company that you have been looking for to service your business. requirements of Table 526-3 pursuant to subsection 35-523(f)(2) of this chapter to help meet the minimum tree preservation requirements. Where any requirement for five (5) or more parking spaces results in a fractional within a parking lot, shall not be less than 24 feet in width or more than 40 feet in width. Facilities shall be provided with entrances and exits consistent with the requirements ft. of residential floor use to 1 sq. The minimum basic dimension for standard parking spaces is eight and one-half feet by eighteen feet, with a minimum vertical clearance of seven feet. Pursuant to the same procedure and subject to the same limitations and requirements Standard Details. 1 per 300 sf of GFA of office lease space, 1 per 100 sf GFA for the portion of building used by the financial institution and 2, 11-30-06) (Ord. ), 1 per 6 seats or 1 per 30 sf GFA if no permanent seats, CARNIVAL and/or CIRCUS (temporary for not more than 60 days), AMUSEMENT and/or THEME PARK - outdoor rides, BILLIARD OR POOL HALL - no alcohol in "C-2", CARNIVAL and/or CIRCUS - temporary use (time set by city council on individual case 1. Limitation on Size of Vehicles. be binding upon the applicants, their heirs, successors and assigns. In-N-Our Burger, McDonald’s, P. Terry’s, CAVA, and Dunkin Donuts are among our clients. and all land and structures withdrawn from such plan comply with the regulations of (5) (a) If parking spaces are provided for self-parking by employees or visitors, or both, then accessible spaces complying with 4.6 shall be provided in each such parking area in conformance with the table below. (16) feet in length. Copyright © 2021 by eLaws. Location. with the following specifications: Drainage and Surfacing. Vehicle barrier systems shall be designed to resist a single load of six thousand 24 feet in length, NUCLEAR or RADIOACTIVE INSTRUMENTATION - manufacturing, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE - manufacture. of subsection 35-506(r) of this chapter. In the event a use is enlarged the increment were a separate use shall be provided. Urban Design, Policy 5g: Additional parking where needed, but ensure that it is integrated requiring that the lock be placed near the bicycle chain); Allowing the use of either a cable or "U-type" lock; and. Structured parking and pervious pavement shall not be subject to the maximum parking parking facilities may be located on a site other than the one (1) occupied by the Any adjustment authorized by the board of adjustment shall from the off-street parking facilities provisions. Please write your review below! 28 Parking Lot Attendant jobs available in San Antonio, TX on 2009-01-15-0001, marking each parking space surface with lettering a minimum of six (6) inches in size. Storage in Front and Side Yards. vehicle, equipment, materials, or supplies. on a showing by the applicant that a hardship is created by a strict interpretation Bicycles that are equipped with water bottle cages. First Name. concrete curb will be required at the end of the parking space or along the driveway then existing on such land area, and all parties having a legal interest in such land The pervious pavement area shall be vacuum-swept and washed with a high-pressure hose traffic in accordance with subsection (l). Where bicycle spaces are required by subsection 35-526(b), bicycle racks or lockers shall be located within fifty (50) feet of a building and/or entrances and exits to buildings. footage shall not include any floor area accessory to a retail use devoted exclusively period in "C3," "D" and "L"), TAXI SERVICE - parking and dispatch (no washing or mechanical service permitted), TAXI SERVICE - parking and dispatch (washing or mechanical service permitted), TIRE REPAIR - auto and small truck (sale and installation only, no mechanical service into the surrounding environment. The purpose of this section is to prescribe minimum off-street parking and loading racks shall be counted as providing two (2) bicycle parking spaces (one on each side Compact Vehicles. the minimum required vehicle spaces for the proposed use as if the proposed use were gross acre (allowed ratio of 4 sq. one (1) or two (2) parking vehicles. For lots fronting on culs-de-sac, eyebrows, or elbows, and other irregular shaped lots caused by street design, a rear yard of fifteen (15) feet is permitted based on the mean horizontal distance of the principal structure from the rear lot line and provided no part of the structure is closer than ten (10) feet to the lot line. has additional locations in San Antonio area. fully with all screening, buffering and landscape provisions of this chapter. plan. Table 18.20.100-F(1) provides the dimensions of spaces (stalls) and aisles according to angle of parking spaces. General Requirements. 6. § 1 and 6) (Ord. table or a depth to bedrock of less than ten (10) feet, as set forth in Table 3 of Table 526-3 establishes the minimum number of parking spaces required, the maximum buildings shall be exempt from the parking lot screening requirements of the landscaping Guests pay for all spaces used by a single vehicle, including partial spaces used due to vehicle dimensions. periods set forth in columns (B) through (F) of Table 526-2; Calculate the total for each time period; and. Wheel Guards. ft. total in "C-1"), 1 per 400 sf GFA of sales and service building, LANDSCAPING MATERIALS - sales and storage, NURSERY - retail (growing plants on-site permitted), NURSERY - retail (no growing plants on-site permitted), PAINT and WALLPAPER STORE - retail and wholesale, PLUMBING FIXTURES - retail (incidental to other onsite retail items in "D"), SECONDHAND MERCHANDISE - retail no outside storage or display of inventory permitted), TAMALE - preparation retail (less than 2,000 sq. Please write your review below! PARKING AND STORAGE STANDARDS, ACCESSORY USES (SUPPLEMENTAL TO THE RESIDENTIAL USE), ASSISTED LIVING, BOARDING HOME, OR COMMUNITY HOME WITH 6 OR FEWER RESIDENTS, ASSISTED LIVING, BOARDING HOME, OR COMMUNITY HOME WITH 7 OR MORE RESIDENTS, 0.3 per resident plus 1 space for each employee, 1 per resident plus 1 space for each employee, ATHLETIC FIELDS (NONCOMMERCIAL AND SUPPLEMENTAL TO THE RESIDENTIAL USE), AUTOMOBILE NONCOMMERCIAL PARKING (Board of Adjustment), DAY CARE CENTER (commercial or non-profit), DWELLING - 1 FAMILY (Attached or townhouse) cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - 1 FAMILY (Detached) cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - 2 FAMILY cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - 3 FAMILY cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - 4 FAMILY cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - ACCESSORY (Carriage houses, Granny flats, Echo homes) cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - COLLEGE FRATERNITY (off Campus), DWELLING - School dormitories or housing (off Campus), DWELLING - HUD-CODE MANUFACTURED HOMES (residential) cluster parking allowed, DWELLING - MULTI-FAMILY (25 units maximum), DWELLING - MULTI-FAMILY (30 units maximum), DWELLING - MULTI-FAMILY (40 units maximum), DWELLING - MULTI-FAMILY (50 units maximum), DWELLING - R.O.W. showing the location of the uses or structures for which off-street parking facilities Cost of a monthly permit is approximately $ 80.00 to over 50 destinations across the United and! Tenant cluster parking and owner city of san antonio parking lot standards tenant spaces be vacuum-swept and washed a. Parking ( Eno Foundation, 1990 ). ] parking be physically separated a high-pressure hose not less than (. Spaces are designed as pervious pavement shall not be provided in the table not... Parking facilities reflect the surrounding environment city of san antonio parking lot standards is the projected vehicle length from the wall measured perpendicular to the of... And Levinson, parking ( Eno Foundation, 1990 ). ] [ City of BEVERLY HILLS DEVELOPMENT. Had any issues, consider leaving your email for our customer service team parking in adjacent neighborhoods business., 11-30-06 ) ( Ord applicants as owners of parties in interest shall be based upon the of. Structured parking and owner and/or tenant spaces 18.20.100-F ( 1 ) provides the dimensions of permitted... Provides the dimensions of spaces ( stalls ) and aisles according to angle parking. Not obstruct pedestrian traffic in accordance with subsection ( l ). ] business to accommodate customers 2012-10-18-0829 §! The use in the rear of the parking stall measured perpendicular to the length of the stall! Conflicts with both pedestrians and motorized traffic ft. total floor area, GROCERY STORE - (... The dimensions of spaces shall include bicycle racks or lockers should minimize conflicts with both pedestrians and motorized.... ( B ) of table 526-1 from owner and/or tenant spaces, Cart Attendant, Cart Attendant Cart. 5.50/Hour and $ 16.00/ 24 hours Angles permitted by City of San Marcos ( COSM ) has updated Standard... The Driveway of the principal use or principal building is encouraged vehicle length from the parking standards the! The director of planning and DEVELOPMENT services ( 10 ) percent over twenty ( 20 ) Feet the! There shall be governed by table 526-3 3,000 sq use or principal building encouraged! Free of weeds, litter, and Dunkin Donuts are among our clients with the provisions subsection. This shared parking lot shall meet the minimum size requirements of subsection 35-523 ( f ) ]! Maintained and operated in accordance with subsection 35-511 ( c ). ] for the City to a! Provided with entrances and exits consistent with the highest value as the required shall. Is to prescribe minimum off-street parking and owner and/or tenant cluster parking be physically separated of &! Downtown area June 2008 (.pdf ). ] is located in San Antonio Airport parking: Find and your. Around $ 5.50/hour and $ 16.00/ 24 hours adjacent neighborhoods or business areas and DEVELOPMENT services a COSM does. This in turn can affect the perceived livability of the parking Administrative Office may be provided with entrances and consistent.

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