The elegant foxglove is known as the flower of insincerity. ... " No pressure, but if you ' re free this weekend I ' d love to go on a date with you. " For a correct interpretation of the dream you must first consider who it was who loved you, and at the same time, who was the object of your love. Dreams about love do not always have a sexual meaning; they might be a symbol of your desire for love or a sign of unfulfilled love (particularly if you feel very alone at the moment). Feelings of acceptance and ap­proval. Literal, though there are many types... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. In fact, various shades of gray had been added throughout the room. Don’t expect other people to live up to your expectations of what constitutes good housekeeping. Walking through fields of fragrant clover is a propitious dream. To dream of clover, foretells prosperity will soon enfold you. As a non-native Japanese speaker, I’ve heard over and over again that suki (好き) means both “like” and “love” and that one needs to be especially careful when using it regarding people, lest others misunderstand your comments. Either a marriage or a new love affair is denoted by finding a pair of gloves. 2- Gloves represent the ability to challenge people, and the ability to hide our own awareness from other people so that we can challenge them in their beliefs and belief svstcm. I loved you so much, and I couldn't-", “I love you, too," he said. During the Middle Ages, an emblem of approval and honor. See emotion... Dream Meanings of Versatile. In this dream, you and your lover undertake a fruitless search for privacy and are constantly frustrated. It brings all objects desired into the reach of the dreamer. Idioms: hand in glove; iron fist in velvet glove; with kid gloves; with the gloves off. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. "You can't be passed from one man to another like a painting or an antique vase.". Another word for confess. He rejected Freud’s heavy emphasis on sex and instead saw dreams not only as a way to understand what was wrong with a person, but also as a way to encourage the creative development of a person’s whole potential. As far as your emotional life is concerned, your dreams can sometimes tell you things of which you are not yet aware; it is worth paying attention to the suggestions that come to you in your sleep. Dreamers Dictionary. Bear in mind, however, that dreams are not always so literal; dreams of love are more difficult to understand than overtly sexual dreams, since almost any symbol can be associated with this area of your life. "I like being with you, Zane. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, If you use gloves in the dream to decorate and highlight your hands it will be a sign of satisfaction with the completed works; if, instead, you use them to hide your hands, then it is a sign of timidity, the result of past mistakes; Finally, if you are performing a delicate activity with rough and uncomfortable gloves it means that you have an evident inferiority complex.

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