But there’s no evidence yet that Creepshow is going to provide actual chills or tell a story that’s totally original and keeps you guessing. It seems a last-minute decision was made to put them into more enjoyable double-bills. Creepshow Review – “Bad Wolf Down”/”The Finger” (Spoilers) Last week Shudder’s Creepshow exceeded expectations as it provided new stories to satisfy modern audiences. Subscribe . Unemployed and feeling thrown away by society, Clark roams the Los Angeles streets picking up discarded objects. Hosted by the Creepshow mascot “The Creep” himself, the film was inspired by the horrifying tales found inside 1950s EC Comics (which included Tales from the Crypt) and used a multi-story format to embrace a variety of gruesome tales—from scary to gross, and ironic to funny. Genre: Creepshow. Incredibly tongue-in-cheek, yet for a series like Creepshow, it works perfectly. Things don’t go awry, as it happens, but the story’s ruthless efficiency brought its own problems because this story wasn’t exciting and kept things too low-scale. It sounds like great fun and, to an extent, it is… but I found the characters sketchy and the idea too thin. Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. Nicotero’s queasy camera direction brings it all together, giving its simple setup a gross conclusion with several lasting images. It’s a horror story set in World War II with werewolves — what could go wrong? I’ve also noticed that the running order of these stories appears to have been changed, as IMDb (currently) lists them as appearing in totally different episodes. The design and movement of the scarecrow-like creature in “The Companion” show Nicotero’s genius with SFX at its best. Panic. (1990-96) having long disappeared from our screens, hopefully Creepshow will inspire a new generation of horror-hounds. Told in homage to classic B Movie horrors, you never know what’ll be on the next page. So in order to escape the clutches of the Germans, who are about to storm their position and kill them, the grunts decide to be willingly bitten and transform into lycanthropes to fight the Nazi scum. The stories brilliance relies solely on Qualls’ unhinged performance. Revolving around five trick-or-treaters (Connor Christie, Madison Thompson, Jason Jabbar, Andrew Eakle, and Michael May), each young actor proves incapable of giving a believable performance. writers: Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Josh Malerman, Rob Schrab, David J. Schow, Bruce Jones, Christopher Buehlman, Matt Venne, John Skipp, Dori Miller, Jason Ciaramella, Paul Dini & Stephen Landford (some stories conceived by Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale, Keith Lansdale & Joe Hill). The framing device of how the stories are assembled is a perfect homage to the original movie. Worth Mentioning - Fear. Please help us to describe the issue so … But I think its unevenness is what’s made the series so popular with Shudder subscribers. After hurting the contorted man while trying to remove him, the ‘man in the suitcase’ duly spits out a golden coin. Told in homage to classic B Movie horrors, you never know what’ll be on the next page. This week’s couplet of spooky tales followed a similar formula (the first a well-worn setup leaning on practical VFX for its climax, the second a more creative story by a talented writer). The American remnants of B Company take refuge in a ‘cabin in the woods’ — well, an abandoned police station — under siege from a mean Nazi officer (Jeffrey Combs). The biggest issue with Creepshow is that it often forgets who its target audience is. There’s a bit of added interest for horror aficionados thanks to Combs (star of many cult horrors, particularly the Re-Animator series), but even the fun of seeing him in Nazi uniform with a thick German accent can’t save the day. It’s clear this is a low-budget series, and it’s fun how it embraces its restrictions. Inside they soon realise the facility’s last remaining prisoner is a French woman who’s also a dangerous werewolf begging for death. Start a Free Trial to watch Creepshow on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime). There’s an excitement to the filmmaking here, combined with a darker tone and gallows humour. The first story, “Gray Matter”, is an adaptation of a Stephen King short story from his 1978 book Night Shift, directed by The Walking Dead maestro and Creepshow producer Greg Nicotero. Although it’s not the strongest story of the season’s dozen, the simple yet poignant message regarding the consequences for bad behaviour does fit nicely into the series. The stories aren’t as high calibre as those from King and Romero’s movie, but Greg Nicotero gives them a run for their money and there’s plenty of fan-servicing. Star Trek: Discovery — ‘That Hope is You’ [3x1] ★★★☆☆, Review: Amazon’s GOLIATH — Season One ★★★★☆, I dug up the BBC’s DETECTORISTS on Netflix ★★★★☆, DOCTOR WHO, 11.1 — ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ ✭✭✭✩✩, Creepshow — ‘Gray Matter’ • ‘The House of the Head’ [1x1] ★★★☆☆.

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