It is known for its rich terminology. Leg-Before Wicket (LBW) - One of the game's more complex rules, but at its simplest ... you cannot be out if the ball pitched outside the line of leg stump; you cannot be out if the ball hits you outside the line of off stump unless you are offering no stroke. Sniff - a bouncer that flies so close to the nose the batsman can smell the ball. Mankad - A term popular mainly in indoor cricket - but also fairly popular in Australia for outdoor cricket. Win a Mitsubishi Motors Australia Pajero Sport with G'DAY REWARDS. So here’s a list of some of the ‘slang’ used by people who follow the great game: Definition of crickets in the dictionary. Gully cricket slang in India varies from city to city, hills to plains Getty Images. Return Crease Parallel white lines pointing down the pitch, either side of the stumps. they are dismissed by the first ball. This term is used when the ball hits the cricket pitch near AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA/iStock/Getty Images. Relive this brutal David Saker Spitting Cobra that rocketed into Jeff Vaughan's helmet, forcing him to retire hurt. A ‘duck’ is perhaps the best-known cricket slang term. Click here for more details. batsman’s leg side. Some question whether the delivery has ever existed, for it could be another of Warne's mindgames to keep his opponents on their toes, State Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi, Match tied (Kings XI Punjab won the one-over eliminator), Match tied (Kolkata Knight Riders won the one-over eliminator), 'Have to bite my tongue' - David Warner upset as Sunrisers Hyderabad stumble at the close again. This enables them to swing A member of the side who cannot bat and is selected as a specialist bowler or wicketkeeper, and who almost always bats at No. The "slip" refers to fielding positions near the wicket keeper, who is the person standing behind the wickets and batter. Now, that's a Rabbit! Pyjamas-- Derogatory term for the coloured clothing worn in certain forms of one-day cricket. or right-handed. Shoulder arms The description of when a batsman decides that rather than risk being dismissed from a ball he lifts the bat high above his shoulder to attempt to keep his bat and hands out of harm's way. Watch two of our favourite Daisy Cutters, including a former Australian Prime Minister, here. New ball - Can usually be taken every 80 overs. Pull - a back-foot leg-side shot, distinct from the hook because the pull is played to a ball that hasn't risen as high. Carry your bat an opening batsman who remains not out at the end of a completed innings (ie when all his team-mates are out), Charge, giving the When a batsman leaves his crease to attack the ball, usually against a slow bowler. The balls rise with significant speed from the pitch, so are We will try to find the right answer to this particular crossword clue. Therefore, the ball will curve in the air. Mitchell Johnson wreaked havoc on the English in the latest Ashes series with his use of this tactic. Leading edge - When the batsman mis-hits the ball and edges it forward in the opposite direction to which he was attempting to play. Michael Vaughan fell victim to this in India on 2002-03 tour in Bangalore, Hawk-Eye - A tracking technology which helps to explain the intricacies of the sport, Hawk-Eye can be helpful in judging LBWs. Pitch - The bounce of the ball - "it pitches on a good length". For many years, English touring teams were known officially as the MCC but as the 'great' has ebbed away from Britain and its colonies, so the influence of the MCC has diminished. Originally a baseball slang term, chin music refers to a bowlers. Published: 08 July, 2011 . At the end of an innings, the side about to start their innings will be offered the choice of a heavy or light roller, Roller A heavy rolling device designed to flatten the surface of the pitch, Rope Used to mark the perimeter of the field. The Australian Cricketers’ Association acknowledges the Traditional Owners Out - There are ten possible ways of being out: bowled, caught, hit wicket, lbw, stumped, timed out,handled the ball, obstruction,hit the ball twice, and run out. Nick - also referred to as an Edge or a Snick. Bosie An Australian term for a googly, now rarely used. This is considered a very dangerous delivery. At the moment it is used mainly for arm-chair umpiring, although one day it may be used in an official capacity, Heavy ball - When a delivery is quicker than it looks and hits the bat harder or higher than is expected, Hit the ball twice - If a batsmen deliberately strikes the ball twice to gain runs he can be given out. Bodyline - a tactic involving bowling directly at the batsman's body with a heavy contingent of leg-side fielders in place in an attempt to force the batsman into being caught or hurt. Also the area in which they perform said action, Runner A player who is called upon by a batsman who might otherwise need toretire hurt. A "jaffa" refers to a throw that is unplayable. It is usually used as a change-up ball, in an attempt to bowl the batman, force a misguided half volley or trap them LBW. Steve Waugh will go down as cricket's most successful Test captain. The riper the cherries on your bat, the more respect you'll receive in the pavilion... apparently. Reverse swing is a lot more complicated. In cricket slang terms, dolly is basically a very easy catch. There are so many obscure terms associated with cricket, it can be difficult to keep up sometimes. The term originated in the Caribbean, Chucker Another term for a bowler who throws the ball, Closing the face Turning the face of the bat inwards and, in doing so, hitting the ball to the leg side, Corridor of uncertainty A term beloved by commentators which describes an area just outside the batsman's off stump where he is unsure whether he has to leave or play the ball, Cow corner An unconventional fielding position, more commonly found in the lower reaches of the game, on the midwicket/long-on boundary.

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