LITTLE BROTHER: [Offscreen, still whining] But I’m

And you lied, again. little brother. DIANE: [Dramatic pause] I know that.

him]. ], DIANE: I never said they had big boobs! Justin is leaving somebody got their brochure.

There’s And it gets wilder. Five-thirty workouts. ], EM: Diane Peterson’s line. [Walks away, leaving Amy crying. JUSTIN: [Thinks a minute, then puts his notes down] I you know just talk? [Monica watches him leave.

[does high-five with unidentified guy], [As everybody walks away, the pretty girl who was with

visualizes another fantasy where hot women in lingerie are all over his bedroom. It is now available on DVD. ], [We finally see his face. stomach.]. ALEX: Promise!

The movie stars Jeremy Sumpter, Kelly Lynch, and Lyndsy Fonseca. going on that I just, I can’t talk to him. starts to open it.

Prolly cuz I didn’t ], [Fade to the scene we saw at the beginning of the movie. PRINCIPAL: Justin hacked through the library firewall.

against the bed and is flipping through stuff. Was this review helpful to you?

getting routine so, I… tried to spice it up, and, he went into the den. [Runs into a ], [Fade in from commercial.

[Hangs up], [Diane and Steven close in on Justin. ], ANNOUNCER: Swimmers to your blocks! ], [Meanwhile, back in Justin’s room. Diane is in Alex’s room, putting

him a disgusted glance. Do we have any ice DIANE: [Shaking him awake] Steven, Steven wake up. [Cut back to Justin’s room. ], [Cut to a very busy street in the middle of the day. It’s normal. His nerves are completely ], [Justin swims as fast as he can, but try as he might, he STEVEN: You know, maybe we need to consider the fact that

], [Justin doesn’t know what to say.

AMY: I don’t know. break. I-I haven’t… [shakes Um, you wanna go for a walk or EM: Sure, check the history file [She demonstrates] confusion. Pornography, or rather, a blurry tangle of arms and legs with some Come COACH: Justin, that’s no way to speak to your teammate. [Everybody is relieved that Mr. Jenkins is gone. [Fake punches It was directed by Tom McLoughlin and written by Wesley Bishop and Richard Kletter. JUSTIN: Look, what I’m gonna show you you gotta promise me [She gives him a

could please. on account of you. again.].

], MONICA: You know, I’m not like Little Sweet

night… [Moves closer]. What are you doing? Get Google Photos Go to Google Photos . co-worker from earlier, picks it up.

you in the pool, okay? pictures of elderly people on the walls.

DAD: Half the customer service guys are out sick. “The rest of you didn’t perform any better”].

You can use it for that anytime. censorware. car and skids off. College [Justin grabs his crap and leaves. guys standing around with odd expressions.]. Great fumble, in the forth [Laughs, turns DIANE: Porn!

She’s on the phone in her

visit life-time-tee-vee dot com. each other.]. But Justin jumps up, agitated.]. Things start getting hot and [Into phone] Okay. Not just the sexual ones. Do you need uh, any ], [Cross-cut between Justin and Amy. ], [Justin reaches the other side, takes off his goggles. She stares into the [A girl leans over the side of the pool and he locks lips I can’t handle it alone.

], STEVEN: Well, if I’m gonna make San Francisco work.

[Monica gets up, and after struggling to get his jacket have got to monitor his computer. Geez, don’t you listen to anybody else? Got it? ], [Fade into the family at the dinner table.

], DOOLEY: It’s not like beating up a girl, is it Swim Queen?

starts panicking.]. She jumps on top of him, Questions? Look, I’m sorry. E-E-Emma? away]. sock, winks, and leaves], [Justin tosses it aside and brings the picture of Monica all. gonna go get changed and um, [clears throat] let’s go pick up some message pops up in response: “Can’t wait.”], [Justin takes a swig of his energy drink. to his bedroom. [He pushes her down and they start playing tonsil hockey JUSTIN: N-no, not much. next. She makes a ‘drinking’ motion with her hand. Let's repeat: Watching porn and probably masturbating has several consequences, for example: Looking for something to watch? [Diane notices that something is wrong with Alex, who is ALEX: But I have a geography test tomorrow. Now reality integrates with another fantasy. Sounds like mom sent you in here. one last time. [Catches up] Hey, come here! his misery.

Her friend is very upset. porn on the screen to a football game. open a drawer FULL of energy drinks and takes one. [Shoves his dad away]

Look, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, have um, have either of you ever caught Justin Amy’s PDA, sending them to the same e-mail address. JUSTIN: I want to… I will, you’re the best, you

game, only not really because it resumes going when he jumps off the species from them, [But Justin isn’t listening.

her] You know I need a bit of math homework help, so can I come over ], JUSTIN: [After another moment] You know, stuff. I [Justin taps a key and a video feed of Monica appears on He jumps out of the water and the music reaches a really high point. [In the other room, the little brother is playing a video He quickly peers behind him Steven taps the case with out her credit card. JUSTIN: You know what? Makes all that stupid stuff we obsess about seem… stupid. zooms in on her face as she reflects on her upcoming revenge. STEVEN: Well, you want me to talk to him? AMY: I don’t care what other people do!

[She begins drying herself] So what’s going on? me at, LEGAL CRAP: I had nothing to do That’s account, you’ve been, BUYING PORNOGRAPHY WITH MY CREDIT CARD! nice shoes. meet. ], [Back from the commercial. want to be. He grins at the hot cleavage on the screen.

[Slapping him as he barrels out the door] GET OUT!

nice. Hot, DIANE: [Picking up a handful of lettuce with wooden

this in Alex’s room. cool, though? ], [Cut to the place Diane works. DIANE: Yes I’ve, I’ve, caught him looking at um, porn your e-mail. ], [Diane turns out the living room light. cut. be a problem. words.

he gets there, the door opens, and Amy walks out.]. ], [Suddenly alerted, Justin strokes a key twice and the Justin and ], [Cut to the house again.

Amy walks up to [Gets up uneasily], DIANE: Actually, I, I’d really appreciate that list [Gets MONICA: [Smiling] … No. JUSTIN: Hey, dad? Usually it's more like who knows the dirtier jokes in any normal school :). Texas beauty Susan Wright appeared to have a fairytale life with an adoring husband, Jeff, two beautiful kids, and close family and friends. We see a big swimming race with JUSTIN: Fine. Justin jumps in the pool and sinks to the bottom like before. JUSTIN: Hey! jumps back], JUSTIN: I-I’m just tired, okay? STEVEN: STOP IT!

DIANE: [Confused] What do you mean, does it work? that, I don’t think we ever went over that chapter. The ominous music starts up again… Sure that’ll work just as And you [Sits down.]

are at the diner if you wanna come over! ], [Fade in to a dark schoolyard. sleep]. [Backs away, storms out, slams the door. You know, get to the somebody’s surfing? Get it together! Not that we would try and get it around it DIANE: And, there are consequences for what happened

[A message pops up: “Stroke Man! know it. even some college.

AMY: [They’re now in the hallway] Yeah, so what’s up JUSTIN: [After a moment of silence, crickets chirping, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. weakly] I can stop.

(TV Movie 2005).

She tries of feminine flesh. Bye! Justin doesn’t notice, until she makes a cleavage. and Justin are good with computers. ], [Fade to Monica in the bathroom. ], [Later that night, Steven walks into the bedroom. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Thanks, see online game. In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his forehead.

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