As a rule though, most attempts to capture these tales on film tend to miss the mark. Or at least, it isn’t when Freddy Krueger isn’t involved. There isn’t even much story. While “The Nightmare” (review here), Rodney Ascher’s stylized documentary on the subject, garnered fair acclaim, straight thrillers such as “Shadow People” (review here) and “The Man in the Shadows” (review here) have been as sleepy about suspense as sufferers are when they encounter night terrors. And more importantly, is Dead Awake actually worth your time, or areyou better off simply sleeping through it yourself? And you don’t want to spend any more time with “Dead Awake” than you have to. Dead Awake, now receiving a limited theatrical release, is the sort of B-movie effort that so screams "direct to video" that it's a wonder they don't hand you DVDs as you enter the theater. As the characters begin to cotton onto the supernatural cause of the mysterious deaths, the film increasingly becomes about people trying their best to avoid falling asleep in the first place, so this has a lot more in common with the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise plot-wise.

Kate returns to Evan’s loft and finds Evan painting an image of the demonic hag he encountered.

The best resource for genre movie reviews and horror pop culture. Evan has a nightmare during which Kate becomes the hag and strangles him. Kate continues stabbing the demon before strangling her to death. By David Duprey On May 14, 2017. “Dead Awake” is dangerous to watch within easy access to a Pause button. Kate goes to bring Linda along, despite last leaving Linda on Dr. Sykes’ side. Kate discovers Dr. Sykes is also treating Beth’s friend Linda. In the morning, Evan says nothing about the nightmare to Kate.

Kate goes to see Dr. Sykes, who dismisses Hassan’s radical theories for not being based in science. The Black Room could probably best be described as the third type. Japanese horror films have a much-deserved reputation for being exceptionally horrifying and thought-provoking at the same time. You don’t probably think of sun-drenched corn fields or bright summer days in the countryside, but The Noonday Witch may just change your mind about that. The plot progression is also pretty predictable, withlukewarm scares and a finale that doesn’t quite deliver on the level most viewers were anticipating. Kate goes to Beth’s funeral and meets Hassan, a doctor who confirms Beth’s claims of a hag haunting her nightmares. Call “Amulet” a slow burn if that helps calibrate personal perspective. Kate and Linda return to Dr. Sykes, who reiterates the same things she said on Kate’s previous two visits. Ritual is the 14th original film distributed by After Dark Originals. Japanese horror films have a much-deserved reputation for being exceptionally horrifying and thought-provoking at the same time. The result is a confused, overwrought, dingy-looking mess of a … Unable to contact Pang by phone, Kate suggests that she and Evan collect Linda in the morning and visit Pang in person. Fearing that her parents could fall victim to the demon by believing in it, Kate and Evan race to the Bowman house.

Hassan Davies, another sleep disorder doctor who was treating Beth, introduces himself to Kate at Beth’s funeral. Hassan and Evan monitor Kate while she sleeps. Kate temporarily moves in with her parents. Driven by the sudden death of her twin sister Beth, Kate Bowman unravels a mystery involving Beth’s boyfriend Evan, her friend Linda, two different doctors, and a disorder where subjects are strangled to death in their sleep. If only someone had a pregnancy scare too, “Nocturne” would be a complete season of “Degrassi” squished into one feature-length Halloween special. As a rule though, most attempts to capture these tales on film tend to miss the mark.

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