© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Dead Cells is an adrenaline duty for every player. Прекрасный рогалик с приятным управлением и массой оружия и скиллов. These include Brutality, Tactics, and Survival, each carrying a distinct color. First off let me mention that could not get my controller to work for this game... yeah thats basically a deal breaker cant buy a controller. There is real care and attention that’s been given, and it’s impossible not to notice. The devs went straight into my ignore list, since it's obvious that whatever they do in the future it's absolutely impossible for them to. Punishing but worth it. First off let me mention that could not get my controller to work for this game... yeah thats basically a deal breaker cant buy a controller for every game. So much is left unexplained at the outset that the choice to just go and worry about the rest later comes as second-nature. Cells are lost entirely when the protagonist dies, amping up the challenge of the game even further. Tactics increase damage on long-range weapons and traps or turrets, while Survival mainly focuses on increasing your health pool. Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania action-platformer. For starters, traversing levels is a smooth, quick process once you've got the basic feel for it. It will, however, require gold (used in stores and with certain merchants to upgrade your weapon), and cells. It gets you not only with a beautifully crafted dark world and countless weapons, but mostly with elaborated gameplay. There is much to unlock in Dead Cells and luckily, these don’t require microtransactions. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. No, while there are many games that fall into the same category as Dead Cells, it brings some of the most satisfying fast-paced combat seen in the roguelike Metroidvania genres. Fewer opportunities to practice with tougher enemies means that they never quite develop the same level of familiarity. It would be nice for a little more variety in each level — once you start to recognize every element of them, it scarcely matters the way they're assembled. The more you battle, the stronger you get, learning new recipes for weapons, how to beat enemies of different skill sets and earning perks and powers. Get to low health and you’ll leak blood. And im fairly experienced with computers so if i cant get it to work its incompetence on the developers side. Each zone brings its own set of challenges and secrets. A beautiful, challenging game that is supremely polished in every area. Delightful, satisfying action that focuses on developing skill, Excellent blend of genres and game design ideas to create a new whole, Procedurally generated levels that, more often than not, are well put together. In fact, the only real issue with the adventure is that some of the better upgrades can take substantially longer than they should. Dead Cells may be the most fun I've had in a game all year. Dark, neon visuals and an engaging soundtrack further compliment Dead Cells, bringing an incredibly challenging, fast-paced experience that is perfect for both short sessions and weekend marathons. Smashes some of the best concepts of recent years into something new, brutal, and beautiful. To me, it's just boring as hell. And while Dead Cells executes on all of its mechanics, these two shine brightest. Whether you’re clutching a bow and sword, or hiding away behind a shield and tossing throwing knives, the kinetic energy of the combat makes the unforgiving nature of the game feel like a strength, not a weakness. The soudtrack is gorgeous as well for the graphics! That action is the real star of the show, and I'm going to struggle to do it justice without just shoving a controller in your hand. Dead Cells has robust DNA. Together, these easily identifiable coding systems make it intuitive to read the room and remain focused on the ludicrously quick combat without losing sight of your next target. Over time, you'll find that you're able to push just a little bit further into the depths of Dead Cells, where increasingly enticing goodies lie in wait. There are also some special items that allow you to activate shortcuts and skip the early low-yield stages entirely, though doing so often thrusts you into deadly ground that you're woefully unprepared for.

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