And now he is seeing the wide range of potential in Ayton as well. This is where Ayton wants to get, and he took steps toward this in the Bubble. This OT play from his rookie season is spectacular, albeit scarce amongst his full NBA resume to date. Woj invited Phoenix Suns big man, Deandre Ayton onto this podcast and the two talked about many things including his relationship with Monty Williams. Here’s where that wingspan and touch really comes in handy for Ayton. Sad Twitter promotion aside, here are the projected odds for the draft lottery at the NBA season’s halfway point (thanks to Bagley is an active ingredient in just about any formula listed here, but should the Suns find theirselves at the top, I think they’d be picking between two hometown guys in DeAndre Ayton (starring at Arizona) and, obviously, Bagley (from Phoenix). But he mentioned two pretty good ones from the past. It’s sort of just like he’s a jack of all trades and master of none.”. BBall Index’s “Playmaking Talent” puts Ayton in the fifth percentile and he is in the first percentile in “Total Iso Impact.”. “A lot of his career, and the Phoenix question going forward,” Lowe said. Size - Great positional size at 7'0" with a 7'5" wingspan. “Is that it’s cool that you do everything. Could James Jones bring former teammates to Suns for playoff push? "I left at age 12, so I got a little Americanized with the competitive level," he said. Physical Attribute: Strength // End: Defense // Situation: In The Post. The most pressing thing to start with here is shooting, because it’s the part of Ayton’s game that’s generated the most debate and the area in which Adebayo and Davis differ most. What are those skills he’s going to lean in to? But when you play with a guy like Booker and the attention he brings, you have to be capable of making this read and reacting. Nassir Little, Brian Bowen both mentioned during short day of court. Arizona freshman DeAndre Ayton has all the tools to be a dominant center in the NBA for the next 10 years. Defenses understand the threat of Ayton on the lob and what Booker can do as a shot-maker, so they eliminate both of those options. That’s kind of what I am getting at here. Physical Attribute: Vision & Wingspan // End: Defense // Situation: Help. Ayton is also a weak screener who often fails to make contact on screens. “But he seemed like he got a little more quick and explosive.”. The potential fit of current active former teammates of the Phoenix Suns General Manager, Damian Lillard: ‘Issa no for me’ on leaving Blazers for Suns. I've worked hard.". By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. He said there is no current player on which he patterns his game. The former Arizona Wildcats star and No. Physical Attribute: Size // End: Offense // Situation: Gravity On Roll. Thielemans did not play in the Red-Blue Game for what the school called "personal reasons.". "We've been looking for a center to kind of anchor our team offensively and defensively. Through his career so far, Ayton blocks with his left hand around 60% of the time and the Suns retain possession at approximately a 70% rate. The Suns plan other workouts with candidates for the No. “He already kind of moved like a guard before this,” Suns forward Mikal Bridges said recently of Ayton this month in Orlando. Gets way out of position on PNR, struggled to recover to stretch big and over hedges the ball handler giving up slips to the basket. Size - Great positional size at 7'0" with a 7'5" wingspan. A wingspan of 7’5 should allow him to protect the rim and disrupt all over the court at the same time. If you are having difficulty accessing any content on this website, please visit our Accessibility page. Ayton called himself the most competitive player in the draft. When Ayton sheds this small shortcoming and realises everyone’s man is his responsibility as the anchor, the Suns have a chance to be truly elite on that end. The Heat make teams uncomfortable, and Adebayo is able to take advantage. A look at Arizona's roster for the upcoming college basketball season. Ayton’s gravity on the roll, was existent right away. Taking those physical gifts, Ayton has been able to get a lot more comfortable consistently defending action that is funneled in his direction. From any part of the floor. Maybe even sooner. He’s a decent passer. What I would like to see is plays like this one. Biggest Wildcard for Suns future: Deandre Ayton as stretch monster. First game of his second season this time. Smaller than average hands for his size at 9.5’’, gives him elite level touch with ball in (and to) hand. The version of Ayton we saw at the University of Arizona looked like someone whose passing was bound to be a plus tool in the NBA, but while he’s a capable ball-mover, he hasn’t added the same sort of value in the pick-and-roll as Adebayo. HEIGHT: 7'0" WEIGHT: 250 lbs. 1," he told reporters. To be fair to the big fella, he’s been fairly good in those situations when they present themselves. Ayton looks best when he’s decisive and quick. Still, he pointed out, he averaged 2.3 blocked shots per game. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Jump shot: Though he’s a willing shooter, his percentages are poor outside of the paint largely due to his flat trajectory on his jump shot. The older Kentucky alum’s Kobe-like game-winner in Game 2 against Denver illustrated how he has grown as a jump-shooter and that he is now willing to take open threes and completely able to knock them down when he is. Again, how to get Ayton to the line more is something I’ve covered previously in Issue Two. And better than the next-lower, All-Star-level, tier of cheat-code guys like Ben Simmons and Kristaps Porzingis. Ayton sat with the top 5% in the NBA when it came to getting out in the open court, so you have to wonder why he wouldn’t put himself in a position to take even more advantage of it. Re: Deandre Ayton year 3, the next step Post #7 » by bwgood77 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:57 pm lilfishi22 wrote: I'm going to be lazy and ask the question instead of doing research myself but has any player ever come into the league like Ayton has, lacking aggression, lacking the desire to draw contact and changed during their career into a dunk slamming, FT getting force to be reckon with down low? It would be a comfortable fit for Ayton, who was born in the Bahamas and moved to the Phoenix area during high school. Range: Potential to stretch the floor. Both the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers got to the Finals largely by downsizing, with Adebayo sliding to center in place of Meyers Leonard and Davis doing the same for much of the playoffs against P.J. Both Kentucky alumni are also supremely switchable and generated turnovers at a high level for big men. Suns 2020 Draft Spotlight: Kira Lewis Jr. has completed two Zoom interviews with Phoenix. What if Deandre Ayton becomes a real threat from all over the floor while also being among the best on defense as well? All you have to do is make the man himself realize that to make up for his deficiencies - he needs out-run, out-work and out-jump everyone he comes up against. Undrafted rookie is forcing the Knicks' hand with strong preseason play. He's certainly a unique player and a unique talent that I think would fit in great with the rest of our roster.". AD makes the right play just about every time these days. To be blunt, I don’t think he’d be very good at it and I think it would be a mistake. Adebayo does that in a few ways, but as with everything for this overachieving Heat team, it’s inextricable from their coaching and roster construction. Phoenix Suns Free Agency Target Breakdown: Langston Galloway could fill a big role. Whether facing up or posting up, Davis is one of the hardest players in the NBA to guard. The 7’1” 250 lb. And he shot nearly one free-throw for every two field goal attempts this season, by far a career high. We may lament Ayton not dunking more, but he finished at 80% efficiency on alley-oops this past season. Note: if you are currently reading this in your email, the content from here on is likely better digested on the site - here. As the league starts to respect the shooters in purple and orange jerseys more, Ayton will get his payback. DeAndre Ayton, 6-foot-10 eighth grader, might be ready for the NCAA right now – Yahoo! He’s looks the part. As is the need to sacrifice some of the things he thinks he’s good at, for the greater cause. Instead, the question is - can the Suns wake up the sleeping giant that is Deandre Ayton & make him the best version of himself that fits NBA basketball in 2021? “One day he should shoot threes. He does have a tendency to settle for too many long shots but that could be due to spacing issues on Arizona's roster. The physical gifts are real. Skilled: Good post game, can face up or play with his back to the basket. Ayton is not close to that level right now. Physically mature for his age. Just do it better and on a more consistent basis than anyone else in the NBA. NBA body with broads shoulders. Booker makes what becomes an incredibly easy pass to the corner where Rubio makes a shot he’s now punished defenses with for three years. “Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, that’s interesting to me,” Lowe said. So with that in mind, can the Suns convince Deandre that he’ll get his big day by just being the best version of his current self? I want to spend this Issue of the Newsletter looking at the flashes Ayton has shown through 109 NBA career games. The group won't include Luka Doncic, who is still playing in Europe. Blessed with excellent positional size at 7'0, broad shoulders, a massive wingspan, athleticism and a shooting touch, from a physical and talent standout there's nothing Ayton can not do on the basketball court. Physically mature for his age, Offensive skills - Good low post scoring instincts, Good hands, Has ability to stretch the floor and make 3's and solid face up game, Low Post Scoring - Patient in the post, solid footwork and a nice touch around the rim, Rebounding - Double digit rebounder; Cleans offensive glass, Athleticism - Good athlete, agile and moves well laterally, Running the floor - Has the physical tools to be a solid rim runner on next level, Defense - Has the physical tools to have a major defensive presence with his length and mobility, Motor/Energy - Has a tendency to float and not dominate games he should especially on defensive end, Screening - Does not always make solid contact on screens, Shot selection - Can fall in love with jump shot and settle for contested jumpers, Bringing ball low - Needs to do a better job at keeping the ball high instead of bringing it low where he can get stripped. He’s also only 48th percentile in points created off those second chance putbacks. All rights reserved. But it can’t come at the expense of worse defense. SCHOOL/ TEAM: Arizona. Next up, three things Ayton has worked into his overall arsenal but that we still don’t see with full time precision or consistency. He doesn't rush shots and looks for the double team before making his moves. He has the necessary strength and basic fundamentals to guard just about anyone in the league in a situation like this one. However, there is still a tendency to default to selfish defense in the form of worrying solely about his own man scoring. He may no longer be the star on his team but he can be just as impactful. Ayton planned to get together with Booker and other Suns players to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night. All he has to do is buy in. Fans may not have noticed Davis in New Orleans, but he’s been basically unguardable in isolation since 2016. I just want to see Ayton again.

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