Surprisingly, the debugging process may take significantly more timethan writing the code in the first place. A large amount (if not most) of thedevelopment of a piece ofsoftware goes into debugging and maintaining the code, rather thanwriting it. I will not discuss those here but instead look at general techniques which may be applied no matter the language you are developing your software in. This section discusses two types of debugging techniques: standard and specialized. If poorly managed, the time you spend debugging your code could be greater than the time spent actually writing it. Standard techniques apply to most debugging scenarios, and examples include setting breakpoints, inspecting the call stack, and finding a memory leak. Various development environments contain tools to help identify bugs. The code examples on this page ar… Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid the bug when you write theprogram in the first place!It is important to sit and think beforeyou code: decide exactly what needs to be achieved, how you plan to accomplish that, design the high-level algorithm cleanly, convinc… Specialized techniques apply to particular technologies or types of code, and examples are Plug and Play debugging, Kernel Mode Driver … It is inevitable that when you are writing code you will end up with bugs. In this article. There are various things you can do to help minimise this however.

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