Very rarely does a player get a full running start and then a chance to max jump in a game. Brownlow Medal 2020: AFL news, partners, wives, WAGS, Julie ... Brownlow Medal 2020: Fans slam coverage, virtual ceremony, Z... Boxing news 2020: Edgar Berlanga defeats Lanell Bellows, 15 ... NRL news 2020: Peter Sterling warning, Canberra Raiders, Spo... Bathurst 2020 live: Shane van Gisbergen wins, news, result. They've played over 500 games in the last five years and everything that they've accomplished, they've earned the right for a little bit of time off, and D had a baby, so congratulations to him and his family and big bro over there, but they deserve it. "He's doing well," Kerr said of Thompson. We could have another Nate Robinson on our hands. On the other hand, I really hope the owner gets Draymond courtside seat right next to Cavs bench. So for a guy who was supposed to be a college junior ya he had  a nice iq and mature game . In the NBA, identifying and drafting talent can make or break the future success of a franchise. For beat writers, locker-room access is essential for doing their job to the best of their abilities. “Figuring out which players have those personality traits—through the interviews, personality tests and sports psychologists—may be the real useful part of the Combine,” Wang says. As members of a panel for TNT’s new nightly show, “The Arena,” which was launched to follow the restart of the NBA season, Charles Barkley and Draymond Green had … After they outscored the Celtics 37-17 in the third quarter, the Heat were able to close out game two, 106-101. John Henson tested very similar to Taj Gibson. Did anyone else notice that on the "other" draft website, they had completely different athletic results for Will Barton that weren’t quite as nice, as they were actually somewhat underwhelming. That being said, there are some rediculous athletes in this years draft. Drummond’s no-step is very good for a man his size and weight. Behind 25 points on 10-of-19 shooting from Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo’s double-double, Miami moved to a 2-0 series lead over Boston. "They're home with their families and they've earned the right," Warriors guard Jordan Poole said. Don’t pay attention too much to the max vertical. He's 5'8. Wang believes that we are still learning how to use the emerging field of sports science and good teams know how to effectively analyze data from the Combine. wow Perry Jones is an ATHLETE…i cant beleive hes so low in most mocks…, Tony Wroten had the 2nd fastest time in nba combine history with a 3.0 only second to his cousin nate robinson . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I was here for a couple of those days and got a chance to see him, and Klay looks great. he scored 42 in all star game and was mvp for the 2nd yr and you know the talent of seattle nba guys Draymond Green reacts during a Team USA practice session. Here's how you stay fit while traveling, as told by an NBA pro. "We need to get away from measuring general athletic abilities and instead use more specific tests of actual basketball skill.”. The Vertical: Draymond Green pushing to attend Game 5. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. But Draymond Green would prefer if that access was cut off. He's gonna show up as the burglar from Friday After Next? Felder doesn’t seem too fussed with what the scouts have to say. "Barnes from a physical standpoint matches up most closely with Josh Smith out of high school.. How is he not more dominant?". “People are looking for something that hasn’t yet been captured by college performance, but the Combine doesn’t measure anything that adds that predictive value,” says Tyler Towne, one of the authors of the study. The study concludes, “To clarify, our argument is that these physical characteristics have already contributed to achievement and training opportunities by the time the player reaches the NBA and thus does not differentiate player class at the professional level.”, Innovation in Hydration: Sweat testing is next level of sports hydration. "Would I like them to be here? According to Valencia, one test or even a group of physical tests can’t define an athlete’s talent. © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. YouTube DeAndre Jordan if you don’t believe me. Those with experience of the combine agree that the value of the event may not lie with the athletic skills portion, rather with the anthropometrics and mental makeup of the athletes. The NBA Draft Combine measuring standing reach, wingspan, bench press, lane agility, shuttle run, vertical jump and more. “I didn’t think I was going to do it. Simply possessing great athleticism—the idea of "upside"—without a prior record of performance wasn’t good enough. You can’t always go off of these stats though because Blake Griffin measured not as great as we expected and no one will ever say that in game he is just average athletically. The major point to pay. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. That takes technique which can be learned but it is not the same jumping motion you will use in a basketball game. ps  L.O.E is a group of childhood friends that all play college sports and aiming to get degrees in business and communications . Then I just looked at it and said, ‘OK, go get it,’” he told Detroit Free Press. Despite Felder’s ability to dunk on much taller opponents, and even block his towering counterparts, NBA analysts are said to have taken him for granted, overlooking the player in the past in preference of much bigger rivals. "First of all, I … I’ll do all of the sacrifices. MJ talked more sh*t than mayweather as a 18 19 20 yr old kid but now you get to see that weaties , hanes smile . Good, I hope he is sitting right there courtside when it all goes down. “Here’s a guy that can really play,” Fraschilla said. Does going outside outside the box make them lose credibility? He is a multi-millionaire and the fine for being at the game might cost less than it is for a fan to be at the game. Stop watching his high school mix on here, he has had 2 years in college to work on his strength and he took advantage of it. As strong minded as you are, when mass media says you cant shoot or make free throws it will play with your mental! Every sport has prized talents and physical attributes: for baseball, it’s the 95-mph fastball; for the NFL, 40-yard sprint speed; and in the NBA, it’s the vertical jump. What’s more, according Andrea Hudy, the assistant athletic director for sports performance at the University of Kansas, how is just as important as how much. West later revealed that the biggest thing the team had to deal with was a bout of meningitis that went through the locker room. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant at the first Team USA practice Monday. With his height and that athleticism, he’ll easily keep a job in the NBA. "It's extremely important in that locker room, everything is tight-knit and it stays in there," Green said. Andre Drummond’s vertical is better than DeAndre Jordan’s was and we all know how athletic DJ is. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Can’t believe Jared Sullinger had a better vertical than Henson. KAY Felder is quickly making a name for himself at this year’s NBA Draft Combine. Jimmer did better than that last season …. Close. The SI Extra Newsletter Get the best of Sports Illustrated delivered right to your inbox. He probably would’ve hurt his stock if he would’ve participated. So when you look at the assists total, 25, 30 as a team even though Curry has six. Media wasn't in the locker room, but it's an example of what goes on there that players don't want the media to see. But Draymond Green would prefer if that access was cut off. That and the fact that he went to a small-time college in Oakland. For the moment, Green, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the sage veterans in the locker room, and unless the Warriors add players through free agency or trade, the core three will be counted on to guide a young team through trials and tribulations, Draymond explains why he doesn't want media in locker rooms, Why Iguodala didn't sit out season, re-sign with Warriors. Latest on Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Mubarak Malik, head strength and conditioning coach for the New York Knicks and a member of the NBA executive committee, believes that the event is important for both the NBA and it’s incoming players.

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