Brett's father promises to silence the town when the police arrive, and he murders Jenny in the shower. There are endless reasons to watch this film in its entirety if you haven't already. As the story progresses, a dark family secret is revealed…one that has already taken hold of Nicholas. That tragedy aside, Night of the Living Dead has something pretty rare—a final guy. They were the kids' parents and when they found out what happened (she killed one of the kids) they decided to protect their kids and get revenge and two men (dads) murdered her in their bathroom. Unhappy with their behaviour, Steve approaches them and requests they consider his girlfriend and himself; they refuse and begin to harass them. At one point, for no reason, she started seeing things that told her that her death was coming at some point so she prepared for it by going to a psychic but she was terrified during a trip with her friends by a ghostly vision of her dead self and tried to deny it by hiding the evidence by burying the phone she used to film her encounter. You don’t even want to know what happens to Jenny, but you already know that it's awful. At one point, death finally takes her while she swam with her family and the whole movie is about her ghost trying to help her family see what she was really like, and it succeeds by showing them a glimpse of her life with the video footage at Lake Mungo and the tape of her having sex with the Tooweys but they never get a full picture of what she was like but apparently, its enough for Alice's ghost to finally leave them be and stay at the house they leave at the end of the movie. She's just a representation of the kind of garbage we're all surrounded by. Director Tom Six actually gives us a compelling and fascinating character in Dr. Heiter, a man obsessed with threes. With Eden Lake however, the idea resonates a bit harder, taking gang members and putting them in the place of psychopathic murderers- since gang violence is a harsh … Great review Andre. Jenny falls into the hands of the gang's parents in the final segment. This film gives you a few characters to root for, none of whom get a positive resolution. After a while the gang leaves, and Jenny and Steve spend a quiet night alone. For the best answers, search on this site What I found to be the most unsettling is just the gang's disregard for anything or anyone other than themselves. David keeps a promise to his son that he "won't let the monsters get him," and does so by shooting everyone in the group, including the boy. Gena Davis doesn't end up much better off, since she's got a baby-fly (that's a maggot, right?) You've got it all wrong. The idea of alien plants descending on us isn't as far-fetched as we may like to think.

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