One of the candles Belle lit sets the office alight after Belle knocks it into the bin. [15] The character and Dawn's casting was announced on 11 November 2015. While at a bar, Ross is injured in a fight. Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) helps Finn find Emma's address and he meets her in secret. When Moira's son Adam arrives, Emma panics and flees, resulting in Adam going after her with a gun. MORE: Chris Ramsey accidentally pushed Karen Clifton down the stairs after making it to Strictly movie week, MORE: Neil Jones makes bizarre remark about Alex Scott’s leg as Strictly leak the moments you couldn’t hear, Strictly Come Dancing 2020 pairings revealed. She tries to talk to Pete but he makes it clear that he knows what she did and will not forgive her. Actress Emma Barton will be all kinds of glitz and glamour as she returns to the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor. She's the woman we haven't seen and she's a bit of a mystery at the moment. Following James's death, Emma tried to retain what little unity remained in her family and even resolved her long-running feud with Moira, burying the hatchet with her. Moira then discovered she was pregnant and went into labour, but an explosion send crates onto Moira. Tanya, played by Hilary Connell, made her first screen appearance on 10 November 2015. You could've saved her, Moira, but you walked out and left her to die. Emma soon walks backwards into a tree and accidentally pulls the trigger, unknowingly shooting her son, Finn. Pete Barton (1986)Ross Barton (1990)Finn Barton (1992) A few days later, Tanya joins Jai for a drink at The Woolpack. Tess Harris, played by Nicola Stephenson, made her first screen appearance on 25 September 2015. [13] Stephenson described the crash as "easy" for her to film and called the stuntwoman "fearless" and "awesome". However, later on in the pub, Darren says he's being trying to dump him and that he finds him annoying, despite Finn explaining his rudeness. Within the next few weeks Emma puts on an act of sadness mourning James. She later admits that she is a married woman and decides to call off the relationship with Marlon. Donny first arrives after Chrissie contacts him about Lachlan's sexual assault. 26th May 1968 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The first character to be introduced was Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney) in January. His mum, Emma and his brother Ross Barton (Michael Parr) are both uncomfortable with Finn's relationship. Emmerdale is a British soap opera first broadcast on 16 October 1972. During an autopsy, the pathologists discover bruises and marks that suggest Emma didn't commit suicide - she was murdered. "[12] Tess is a teaching assistant and was billed as "a good-natured and warm character". Filming took place the same week. She reveals that she wanted to have children, whilst Pierce didn't, causing their marriage to deteriorate. Dementia sufferer Ashley tells Emma he remembers seeing her on the bridge before the car accident and she later offers to look after him whilst his wife Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) is having a manicure, however she goes to confuse him which leads to Ashley becoming distressed by Emma telling him many different things at once to get rid of the memory of her on the bridge. An argument ensues and Emma spitefully tells her that Holly's death was her fault, resulting in a slap from Moira. Jermaine later confides in James that he has no interest in Emma and does not like her constant phone calls. Emma checks James to see if he is breathing and hesitates before calling an ambulance. While this was happening, Emma watched in disbelief, still standing on the bridge. He spikes her drink then takes her to The Grange B&B, where he undresses her and puts her to bed. She’s also done a fair share of stage work, appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk in the Devonshire Park Theatre after leaving the soap in 2009. Emma found out about James and Moira's one night stand and retaliated by mentally torturing James before finally confronts him over his kiss with Moira. Tanya and Nikhil managed to preserve their relationship. She has a heart-to-heart with Paddy that her husband, Pierce, never has the time for her due to his job and has no feelings for him anymore. Donny secretly harasses Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and her family, ransacking the Dingle homestead and killing their pig, Gloria. Charity finds Donny and Johnny and rescues Johnny. She began to push Finn towards Kasim Sabet, whom he rescued during the Hotten Bypass crash, and became involved in Pete's relationship with Leyla Harding. Emma blames James for losing her family but he reminds her that the reason she left was because she tried to kill Ross when he was very young. Emma is convinced that God saved her from death, and her faith is firmly planted within her as a result. Emma helps Moira give birth to a son, but Moira falls unconscious. He accuses his brother Ross and then his mum and throws her out. James Barton (1989) Nikhil becomes disgusted with both Tanya and Jai. She hopes that having a child will result in her prison sentence being reduced, but when things do not turn out as she hoped, she hands him over to her daughter Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). After having an allergic reaction to some perfume, Belle visits the surgery, but overhears Jermaine asking if his wife has called. Darren sees Finn Barton (Joe Gill) acting nervous in the waiting area. Gillian Kearney In that moment, however, James succumbs to his deteriorated condition and dies; devastating Emma and her sons. Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) catches him in the act and in an attempt to stop him, Donny stabs Vanessa and takes off with her car, unknown to him that her young son, Johnny, is in the back. Ross changes his mind and turns around the car, but arrives at the viaduct to find Emma's lifeless body. Occupation Didn't you? Paddy begins to show remorse for what he did and decides not to contact her again. The writers have created a fantastic story with great twists and turns that have kept the audience hooked in all the way along. Tess then decides to leave her job at Leo's school, but after Leo throws a tantrum, Paddy tells Tess to return and forget about what happened between them. [6] On 6 November 2017, Kearney won the "Best Bad Girl" and "Best Show-Stopper" accolades.[7]. Emma’s marital status is unknown as she keeps her relationships private. Paddy then meets Rhona at the hotel and Tess almost exposes their affair. Emma L. Barton was the mother of Pete, Ross, and Finn Barton, and estranged wife of James Barton. I'll get it." Emma returns to the village and Ross and Finn try to persuade her to stay. James is defensive and accidentally reveals that Adam Barton is his son. I've been really lucky."[13]. Tanya tells Nikhil that she is returning to Canada, as she cannot bare to be around Jai. She plants Finn's missing phone at the car to make Darren accuse Finn. The Dingles name the baby Moses. Moira drives past the viaduct and sees Emma standing at the edge. [11] In March 2016, it was announced that Jermaine would become a love interest for Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), after he treats her for a minor injury.[11]. The year's first birth, Moses Dingle, the son of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Ross Barton (Michael Parr), occurred in June. "[2] On 2 December 2014, it was announced that Kearney had been cast in the role. In December 2017, Emma's funeral takes place. Nurse On the day of her funeral, it was revealed during the episode's last flashback moment that Emma was literally pushed off the cliff by Moira Barton after concluding her as to blame for Holly's death and how - in Emma's words - it figuratively led to the deaths of James and Finn. As Finn goes to get changed for their date, Val vandalizes Darren's car by smashing the windows and spray painting it.

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