In 1948, 11-year-old Sally Horner was kidnapped and subsequently held captive by a pedophile for 21 months. During this entire time, Horner still believed La Salle was an FBI agent. In case you’ve been living in a bubble and have never heard of it, Lolita tells the story of a middle-aged hebephile (a person with a sexual interest in pre-adolescent children) who falls in love with a 12-year-old girl with whom he develops a very sick, sexual relationship. It’s a long and detailed investigation where the similarities between Sally and Lolita are exposed. Nearly every article makes mention of little Sally Horner's weight problem. However, a French publisher who specialized in pornographic content decided to go ahead and publish the book. Sally Horner was 11 years old when a pedophile, Frank La Salle, kidnapped her. LaSalle was returned to New Jersey and sent to Trenton State Prison, where he died in 1966. But I'm not at all certain that all kidnapped children eventually get murdered. Wikipedia A photo of Sally Horner, taken sometime during her abduction. With Humbert, he tried to show the world the profile of the most classic pervert. She was quickly confronted by a man who identified himself as an FBI agent and told her that she would be in a great deal of trouble for stealing the notebook and might end up in reform school. That's it. Two years later, in August 1952, the now 15-year-old Horner went on a summer trip to the New Jersey shore with a friend. Now, if you thought Sally’s story couldn’t get worse, you couldn’t be more wrong. A neighbor, Ruth Janisch, became suspicious of the pair and questioned Horner about the true nature of their relationship, but she would not say. Excuse me for stating the obvious but it certainly reminds one of Sharon Marshal and Franklin Floyd. Soon afterwards, while La Salle was away job searching, Horner confessed the truth to Ruth Janisch and told her she missed her mother and wanted to go home. At some point, he even enrolled her in a school, while he looked for easy jobs to make money to live. Although Nabokov had already used the same basic idea — that of a child molester and his victim booking into a hotel as man and daughter — in his then unpublished 1939 work Volshebnik (Волшебник), it is still possible that he drew on the details of the Horner case in writing Lolita. Then, after everything she had gone through, only two years after being rescued, Sally died in a car accident at the age of 15. Similarly, the author also talks about Nabokov’s novel. Florence Sally Horner. She told her mother that La Salle was a friend’s father, and that they were inviting her to their beach house for a couple of weeks. “A sentimentalist may be a perfect brute in his free time. They only listen to their instincts. The crime may have been one source of inspiration for and is referenced in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, Lolita (1955). An English translation of Volshebnik was published in 1985 as The Enchanter. As an adolescent, she tried to shoplift a notebook, and a fifty-year-old man caught her at it and misrepresented himself as an FBI agent. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. However, it’s not easy for these types of men to hold back the predator that lives inside them. Frank La Salle, a 50-year-old mechanic, caught her stealing, told her that he was an FBI agent, and threatened to have her sent to “a place for girls like you“. Actually, before going directly to her story, in one part of the novel, Humbert Humbert (the narrator) wonders if he did to Lolita what Frank La Salle did to Sally Horner in 1948. A story that, unfortunately, was very real. La Salle fled Atlantic City with Horner and took her to Baltimore, where he raped her. In fact, there is a reference to the Horner case in Part II, Chapter 33 of the novel. Afterwards, Horner was raped repeatedly, with La Salle using the constant threat of reporting Horner's shoplifting to get her to submit to his demands. One day, he told her that he was risking his job for her, and that the only way to be cleared of the charges was to accompany him to Atlantic City to some special FBI offices, but, as you can imagine, he told her she couldn’t tell anyone about it, or else the whole plan would fail, and she would be taken to prison. La Salle was sentenced under the Mann Act to 30 to 35 years in prison. Nabokov had already dealt with the subject and had explored the nature of human perversion associated with pedophilia in some of his previous work, which eventually led him to write Lolita. Son père s’est pendu cinq ans plus tôt, et sa mère, ouvrière en couture, subvient vaille que vaille à leurs besoins. La Salle began presenting the two in public as a father and daughter and Horner made regular phone calls to her mother, who still believed she was vacationing with a family friend, but by the end of July the her mother began feeling that something was amiss and contacted police, who issued a missing child alert in New Jersey and several surrounding states. From a newspaper release: The literary quality is undeniable, just like the framed atmosphere of an impossible journey between a middle-aged man and a girl. He served his sentence in the New Jersey State Penitentary in Trenton, where he died in 1967 at the age of 69. Florence Sally Horner: Girl Abducted by a Child Molester in 1948. Humbert Humbert ends up luring his victim, Lolita, into the same universe of shadows. Discussion in 'Resolved Cold Cases' started by Richard, Mar 14, 2006. Seeing that Sally was eager to go, her mother gave her permission without knowing that she was sending her daughter to a living hell. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Like the fictional Lolita, Florence Horner died young: She was killed in a car accident near Woodbine, New York, on August 18, 1952. He’s a man who escaped Europe because he abused a child. In 1948, the 11-year-old Horner stole a 5-cent notebook from a store in Camden, New Jersey. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with any person or organization. It was in California when a neighbor noticed that there was something wrong with their relationship, so she would constantly ask Sally about this man, but she remained silent, fearing that he could do something worse to her. When she died, her story was already old news, and only a couple of newspapers covered the story. Sally Horner died in a car accident. Florence Sally Horner. He was Frank La Salle, a pedophile convicted for rape who had just gotten out of prison, but how could she have known? La Salle instructed Horner that he would have to monitor her from now on, and she believed him. She could never lead a normal life and would constantly go back to those horrible two years in captivity. La Salle took her across the country, keeping her in captivity for 21 months until she managed to contact authorities. They spent about two years traveling the country and visiting cities like Atlantic City, Baltimore, Dallas, and California. It all started with a young girl longing to be part of a group. Horner experienced a difficult readjustment to her normal life--mental health care for victims of sex crimes was limited at the time and she experienced frequent taunting and abuse from classmates who accused her of deliberately provoking her kidnapper's attention. 1940s / Florence Sally Horner Abduction Case, Florence Horner (who answered to the name Sally) was the victim of a 1948 case of child abduction. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! It is possible that Vladimir Nabokov drew on the details of her case in writing his famous novel Lolita. In fact, the man was Frank La Salle, a 50-year-old mechanic who had an extensive rap sheet for molesting girls between the ages of 11 and 14 and had been released from prison only six months earlier. International: Português | Türkçe | Deutsch | 日本語 | Italiano | Español | Suomi | Français | Polski | Dansk | Norsk bokmål | Svenska | Nederlands | 한국어. Had it happened today, it would surely be a national media sensation. Florence Sally Horner (1937–August 18, 1952) was a girl abducted by a child molester in 1948.

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