(CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver – Dallas Cowboys), Tua and a Half Men. Team owner Chris O’Brien purchased used and faded maroon jerseys from the University of Chicago in 1901 and dubbed the color of his squad’s new outfits “cardinal red.” A nickname was born. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Cereal Killers. Our team of experts looked for entertainment value, locker room fit, and humor when making our selections. 2.) Radio executive George A. Richards purchased and moved the Portsmouth Spartans to Detroit in 1934 and renamed the team the Lions. Ravens, a reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, beat out Americans and Marauders in a contest conducted by the Baltimore Sun. Two days later, Tyson issued a tempered apology in an effort to minimize the consequences, but it was too late. I got one eye. Preachers. Rebels. We’re happy you made it here. (Cam Akers, Wide Receiver – Los Angeles Rams), Judge Jeudy. Looking to Score. More than 600 fans suggested Dolphins, but Marjorie Swanson was declared the winner after correctly predicting a tie in the 1965 college football game between Miami and Notre Dame as part of a follow-up contest. 737+ Naming Options for Sports, Work, and Play, It Fits Tua “T.” (Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback – Miami Dolphins), Jake Fromme State Farm. Any hope she has of fitting in is soon dashed as she begins developing strange telekinetic abilities. Club names containing a reference to athletes or athletics. And, now as fall approaches, there are still lots of questions to be answered about the NFL football season. Who would’ve thought we’d be holed up in our homes binging on “The Last Dance” and “Tiger King” to get us through the first part of the year? The two have occasionally interacted in public in interviews, with Tyson expressing remorse and Holyfield admitting he briefly thought about biting Tyson on his face right back. Tyson ultimately continued competing through 2005, when he lost his last bout to Kevin McBride. Before the 1940 season, owner Art Rooney held a rename-the-team … Because of the British origin of the modern game and the prevalence of the English language, many clubs, even outside Europe, have their names written in English. The Butcher, The Baker, the Touchdown Maker. This is kind of obvious, but it really helps to have that player on your team if you’re going in that direction. Select a moniker that is appropriate for your audience. The protagonists may be children, but the adult themes of this novel gear it towards older readers. One year after he acquired an NFL franchise in Boston, George Preston Marshall changed the team’s nickname from Braves to Redskins. It was no concession stand remnant.

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