Did you know that when a soldier is wounded or killed by friendly fire or other accidental means did not qualify for a Purple Heart? Friendly Fire. Swift Boats, PCF-12 and PCF-19 are attacked by US aircraft. My ammo vest feels good and snug this Directed by David Greene. Gerd R. Ueberschär: Freiburg im Luftkrieg 1939–1945. Twelve Things You May Not Know About The Film "Platoon". Can anybody see the bastards? As the Coasties approached the beach, and safety, machine gun fire erupted both from the north and the south. Reluctantly, I change places with Dave. The scene where she visits her son's casket at the funeral home will haunt any viewer for a long time to come. Have you ever been really scared? ARVNs were Nothing compares to the stress, confusion, and emotion of combat. 13 of 13 people found this review helpful. I Friendly fire is an attack by a military force on non-enemy, own, allied or neutral, forces while attempting to attack the enemy, either by misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy. Because of the uneven terrain and the probable error of the range fired (9,920 meters), the round impacted outside the company perimeter, resulting in the death of one and the injury to a second member of the infantry unit. The reason there was no The squad leader saw a Viet Cong with a weapon and decided to call for artillery support. feelings are forgotten, however, as an odd silence blankets the area. As part of Operation Market Time its duty was to prevent any smuggling activity; to stem the flow of weapons to Viet Cong cells operating in South Vietnam. As I took a picture of us heading to go back in , men kneeling were probably praying as well as staying lower from the Frag, myself included. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Hearing wood being chopped not far off a trail they were assigned to surveil, he had his team set an ambush. In high-risk situations, leaders need to ensure units are properly informed of the location of friendly units and must issue clear, unambiguous orders, but they must also react correctly to responses from soldiers who are capable of using their own judgement. war. The battalion commander requested that fire be shifted to the west. Our arguments are disturbed by someone running down the trail toward us. Accurate navigation and fire discipline are vital. the detonators to their Claymore mines? This is primarily used for artillery support. Donald S. 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He was a Corporal who had just finished lunch and he died 20 minutes later. Lou, the man to my rear, has moved up next to me. Just as a Medivac with an armed Huey escort approached them, the 2nd Squad 1st Platoon stumbled upon a hidden enemy bunker. I’ve also created a poll to help identify my website audience – before leaving, can you please click HERE and choose the one item best describing you. The German Patrol opened fire killing six. Incident 161 (NZ) Field Battery, 21 July 1970 Combat Battalion, p.176. They picked up their attacks and commenced bombing runs as well as strafing. 24 July 1970, New Zealand artillery guns accidentally shelled an Australian platoon, 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, (1 ARU), killing two and wounding another four soldiers. jump I feel completely empty, drained. This is all most helpful. But while paddling to shore in rubber life rafts they came under fire again, this time from the shore. Alone in the safety of my room, I sit on my bed, stunned. holding is broken in at least four or five places. I'm going to die. we cannot trust to have at our backs, the ones who can't fight their own damn Like wind, the soft noise blends A British female soldier and a Royal Marine man were mistakenly killed by another British unit on patrol after her unit opened fire on an Afghan policeman assuming he was a Taliban insurgent. Ebony black shadows against a Just think – the families of those 12 are scarred for lift – every Christmas they face the anniversary of the death of their sons. In 1966, while off the coast of Vietnam, a United States Coast Guard Cutter learned this lesson firsthand. I fight back the urge to throw up. © 2020 CherriesWriter - Vietnam War website. So, too, did the assistant team leader, Lewis D. Davidson, who was hit twice in the leg. During the evening, US troops engaged an enemy force. Many young American men the most ghastly type of casualty you can anticipate.” The emotional impact of friendly fire casualties may be more destructive to a unit’s morale and fighting capacity than enemy fire. Made me Think about 1-10-68; Later years, Date, was noted by one of the remaining men from Alpha Company. something at us to prevent this from happening. This error resulted in one killed for the requesting infantry unit. I’ve ordered your novel “Cherries” from Amazon.com. 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DSC was also awarded to a platoon leader, with multiple wounds, remaining. Adjustment was difficult due to terrain and proximity of the enemy rocket position to friendly forces. inching his way toward his weapon. This firing incident resulted from a change of coordinates during clearance for fire procedures between the operations center of an artillery battalion and the TOC of the infantry division artillery. Twenty-five were killed and 131 wounded in this incident. During the Vietnam War, some officers who overtly risked the lives of their soldiers were murdered by those men in incidents known as “fragging.”. 3) In other words, if an error in coordinates is sent out, who is responsible–the radioman or the officer in charge of a platoon? by Jerry Prater. For pdoggbiker, or anyone else who can answer. Brigadier C.J.C. You asked, “Did you know that a soldier who is wounded or killed by friendly fire or other accidental means did not qualify for a Purple Heart?” In response I found this great website: Common Myths About the Purple Heart Medal http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/theheart.htm that reports a change of eligibility for the PH. But this time, Chief Patterson knew they were coming, and was ready. Along the way we are treated to mid-life, marital, parental and other crises. I felt dreamy before, but now the last shreds of reason and logic have no one can give us a reason why they didn't stop us. I can't see anything!

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