: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman The fairy fucking godmother said it! Oh that's right, Private Pyle, don't make any fucking effort to get to the top of the fucking obstacle. Sgt. : Recruits : Private Cowboy : Move it up! Yes, sir! Lawrence? Gny. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : : This is my rifle. Then wipe that disgusting grin off your face. Recruits *bravo, ah mais t'es pas fou, je l'ai trouvé tel quel sur un site, ouais moi je dis qu'on devrait faire passer ce genre de test a tout les nouveaux membres du forum ca nous eviterait de nous retrouver avec des tantes et autres moux du genou!!! Sir, Leonard Lawrence, sir. Do I make you nervous? : Yes, sir! Sir, yes, sir! Quotes [first lines] Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. : [nearly in tears]  He'll teach you everything, he'll teach you how to pee! : : Taylor Sir, yes, sir. Jesus H. Christ! The private's weapon's name is the Bitch, sir! . Private Joker, why did you join my beloved Corps? Hartman Private Snowball, you're fired. : : Do you know that? Infantry. You mean to tell me you can't do one single pull up Pyle? Out-fuckingstanding! : Prepare to mount! And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps. Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy, and you don't look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down. All right, knock it off! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman [rest of recruits get in front-leaning-rest position, Hartman turns to Pyle]. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Holy Jesus! Now, you listen to me, Private Pyle. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. Sir, yes, sir. The fairy fucking godmother said it! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Sir, NEGATIVE, sir! : The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle. [Recruits grabs their rifles and holds them up]. You're not a writer. : Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gny. Four counts, sir! Engineers. Drop your cocks and grab your socks! Private Joker Is this me? Private Pyle, what are you trying to do to my beloved Corps? Infantry. Nobody, huh?! NOW GET ON YOUR FACES! : : Gny. : Hartman Hell, I may even allow you to serve as a rifleman in my beloved Corps. [CUTTING-ROOM FLOOR-LINE]  : Gunnery Sergeant Hartman What's your excuse? Port, hut! Filming & Production How tall are you, private? : Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Did your parents have any children that lived? : There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty! : Sir! What's your name fat body? Hit it, sweetheart. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Here you are all equally worthless. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : : Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Out-fucking- standing! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman *hahaha, Effectivement, ça se discute, notamment pour Legolas, mais pour Gimli je trouve que c'est mieux en français...Pour les autres personnages, je trouve que les doubleurs français ont vraiment fait un effort qui mérite d'être salué (notamment pour Gollum !!!). Private Joker is silly and he's ignorant, but he's got guts, and guts is enough in my beloved Corps! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman I must shoot him before he shoots me. : You climb obstacles like old people fuck. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. You're part of a brotherhood. Gomer Pyle. Sir! : You know that don't you? Pickett! Gny. : Sir, no, sir! : One for the Corps! : : Sgt. Sir, aye-aye, sir! : : MOVE IT! : I will motivate you, Private Pyle, IF IT SHORT-DICKS EVERY CANNIBAL ON THE CONGO! Hartman Bullshit. Hartman Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Private Snowball? Exercise! You're married to this piece. : : Nobody, huh? I think you've got a hard-on! Vous souhaitez réagir à ce message ? Why aren't you stomping Private Pyle's guts out? Gunnery Sergeant Hartman I'll bet if there was some pussy up there you would get up there, wouldn't you? Private Snowball God has a hard-on for Marines because we kill everything we see! Recruits Sir, because I was hungry, sir! Gny. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Joker and Cowboy GOMER PYLE! : In the Marines, Sir. *acdc. :

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