Germany, Phone: +49 / 86 71 / 7 34 11 4307, 41W220 Powers Rd Harrisville +44 (0) 1179 863051 Outdoor option for G-Flame incl. The Galaxis flame projector G-Flame is a new type of flame projector, which is extremely versatile in indoor, outdoor and special effects applications and is equipped with numerous features. Numerous control variants are available and in addition to the wired DMX512, wireless DMX receivers can also be powered via the XLR connection. Adaptor for liquid phase gasiform Rent or Purchase the GFlame from Atlanta Special FX for lighting and stage design. 4307, 41W220 Powers Rd 1 Charging unit 5 m gas hose, with pressure regulator and nozzle The G-Flame becomes completely self-sufficient when cans are used and the device is controlled either by radio using the Advanced radio module or wireless DMX receivers. Two solenoid valves connected in series additionally increase safety. 2.5 to 6.5 m depending on operation mode and nozzle Compared with other systems on the market the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a … +61 (0) 425 797 536 Details. 84524 Neuoetting Further still, the fluid is not classed as a flammable liquid making them perfect for sports pitches and festivals. Since 1992 we have been developing and manufacturing radio-operated firing systems and so we can offer you unlimited possibilities combined with the saving of material and working hours. We have been pioneering in the field of wireless firing techniques and are leaders in technology and innovation in this sector. With each control variant, different control times can be used for each triggering, e.g. The unit itself, the cartridge adapter and the hose are equipped with quick couplers, which significantly reduce the time required for set-up. PYROTEC Composer – Choreography Software PFM Advanced – Wireless USB Modem Since 1992 we have been developing and manufacturing radio-operated firing systems and so we can offer you unlimited possibilities combined with the saving of material and working hours. Phone: +49 / 86 71 / 7 34 11 Fax: +49 / 86 71 / 7 35 13. Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size M Electronic flame monitoring by means of ionization measurement ensures that the fuel supply is switched off within one second if the flame does not ignite. Thus, the cans are safely integrated into the device and are not visible from the outside. If the flame unit is controlled by DMX , the DMX signal turns on and off the flame units by writing an “on” value or “off” value to the DMX channel allocated to the G-Flame unit. The flame height can be determined by different nozzles during operation with cans. 84524 Neuoetting Output: approx. 2 A large rechargeable battery ensures a long, mains-independent operation time of up to 60 hours, and large power reserves for the reliable supply of the powerful high-voltage ignition and the solenoid valves. Our goal was the synthesis of advantagous wireless firing with reliability and safety. The half dozen or so example G-Flame effects in the Generic Effects provide some reasonable options, but you are free to create your own G-Flame effects with whatever durations you want, following the instructions below. For further information about the G-Flame units, see the Galaxis website ( and the User Manual. In the Galaxis ignition system show, each G-Flame unit is its own module; no safety channels are required; and no DMX settings like DMX Base Channel are required in the positions. G-Flame. In combination with the optionally available G-Flame Power Upgrade, even 4 aerosol cans can be used simultaneously. This means that no power supplies, batteries or rechargeable batteries are required for the DMX receivers. If you open the example files and look at the positions window (“Window > Position window” menu item), you can see the configurations of all the positions in one place. Flame Projectors; All our products are compatible with each other and can be combined. The fuel used is either the very cost-effective propane-butane liquefied gas mixture from commercially available gas cylinders of 5, 11 or 33 kg, which are connected via a hose. Harrisville They can be mounted into our pitch boxes and there is no need for pressurised gases. +61 (0) 425 797 536 Flamebar 8-edge Nozzle for operation with gas bottles, gas phase It can be used for indoor, outdoor and special FX applications This self contained unit holds the advantage of no extra cables, hoses, power supplies etc that may restrict other flame machines. Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size M +44 (0) 1179 863051 The pin number just starts at one and counts up, incrementing for each shot. When gas cylinders are used, the flame height can be changed via the adjustable pressure reducer. We created a custom flame bar for our G-Flames. The #1 Renting and Selling pyro flame Machine is the G Flame by Galaxis. Flamebar 2m Uses LPG Propane or … Flamebar 2m In comparison to other products on the market, the Galaxis flame effect devices achieve much higher flame heights and a much fuller and therefore more beautiful flame pattern with a low noise level (ideal for stage/TV)., Professionelle Funkzündsysteme für Pyrotechnik, Copyright Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH 1992 - 2020, Yes, with wireless option or wireless DMX, - LPG propane/butane gas in bottles with 5/11/33 kg**, Yes, hidden under the cover sheet of the housing and not visible from outside, approx. The new G-Flame is a very versatile flame effect that offers a number of interesting features. For example, several flame columns can be set to different control channels and a common safety channel. The Galaxis H-Flame is a very versatile backpack and arm mounted flame thrower that offers a number of important safety features. A holder for up to four nozzles is integrated in the unit. A great number of systems, which operate absolutely reliable, prove that this goal has been achieved. All rights reserved. Exported GS2 and CSV files for the two firing systems, respectively, are also available for download in the table. Details. It can be used indoor and outdoor, for any special effect application.Compared to other systems on the market the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a … When you design a show in Finale 3D for G-Flame units, you add safety channel “effects” to the show and adjust their durations to cover the periods for which you want the G-Flame units to be armed. After closing the solenoid valves, the flame vanishes very rapidly, even if the fuel is drawn in the liquid phase in gas cartridges operation, which also enables very fast step sequences here. Flamebar 8-edge Gas cartridges for G-Flame, Bi-directional System Various battery test functions are integrated. Voltage: battery powered Huntley Lohgerberstr. Operating the device is very simple. Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH The flame monitoring can be deactivated in the menu. The Galaxis G-Flame unit is a vertical flame projector that can be controlled by the Galaxis ignition system, or by any of the DMX-capable firing systems, such as Piroshow, Pyromac, PyroSure, and FireTek.  – PFS Pocket Nozzle for operation with gas bottles, liquid phase contact, radio and RS485, No mains voltage required, thanks to the integrated battery solution with up to 60 h stand-by time, Extremely weatherproof, can be used even in heavy rain without any problems, Operation with inexpensive aerosol cans, gas cans or gas cylinders possible, Fuel cans are completely encased in the housing and therefore well protected, Cartridge holder comes with non-return valves, All components are equipped with quick couplers for extremely assembly, Fully autarkic operation if the optional Advanced radio module or wireless DMX receivers are used, Integrated fine filter prevents leakage of solenoid valves, Equipped with two solenoid valves connected in series for double safety, Electronic flame monitoring by means of ionization measurement, Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced and USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and remote data requests, Prepared for quick mounting on stands and truss elements, Illuminated text display with convenient menu navigation, Fast step sequences possible because the flame extinguishes within a short time after closing the solenoid valves, even during can operation. Manufacturer: Galaxis Effect Type: Flame Power: Battery 12v 7ah Voltage: 18v DC Max 400ma Weight: 10.50kg Control Type: Galaxis, DMX Consumption: Gas cartridges 600ml, Aerosol 500ml LPG propane Effect height: Up to 8m Effect duration: Dependant on set up Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 350mm, Atmospherics – Snow, Smoke and Water Effects, Bespoke Effects, Set Pieces and Scare Attractions. Service: Wireless & DMX-512 Notwithstanding the use of safety channels to arm the G-Flame units, errors in DMX signals are still possible. Size: 30 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm Our Galaxis L Flames are truly unique, they are the world’s only completely self-pressurising, pump based, truly wireless and battery powered liquid flames. The Galaxis G-Flame is a very versatile flame projector that offers a number of interesting features., USA: ... Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH Lohgerberstr. Compared with other systems on the market the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a much nicer overall appearance. These cans and the cartridge holder are located under a cover on the rear side of the unit. IL60142, UK: The device is equipped with a holder for direct and quick mounting on stands. Instructions for designing G-Flame shows controlled by the Galaxis ignition system. The device is equipped with a tilt sensor. connector for gas cartridges, size XXL Germany, Phone: +49 / 86 71 / 7 34 11 2.5 to 8.0 m depending on operation mode and nozzle, Yes, largely prevents that foreign particles enter the system which could cause leakages of the valves, Yes, by measuring the ionization, user can disable this function, - wireless control option together with PFC Advanced (Wireless and RS485), Yes, control and safety channel can be freely assigned, Integrated power supply for wireless DMX devices, 60 h continuous stand-by; permanent operation is possible if the device is being charged all the time, Prepared for the fast and easy mounting on truss elements, Yes, 3-point and 4-point (300 mm), including safety eye, Prepared for the mounting on light and speaker stands, Flame duration programmable for each firing cue, Wireless option fully integrated in the housing, Very versatile usage due to various control inputs: DMX, 12-24V, ext. Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size L For cartridge operation an adapter piece must be used at a tilt angle of more than 70° so that the fuel is taken from the gas cans in the liquid phase. Outdoor option for G-Flame incl. Flame Projectors. The device has been designed to be used in dry environments. The example files in Table 1 include G-Flame show files configured for the Galaxis ignition system, and for DMX using the FireTEK ignition system (see FireTEK). Nozzle for operation with gas bottles, liquid phase

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