Her partner can really take her anywhere new and she will be thrilled to have an experience she’s never had before. Due to dual personality, you will love something one day and hate the same thing on other days. But that doesn’t mean that Gemini is easy. You love to have an adaptable life and are a socialist who prefers to spend time with people. Five Reasons Why the Gemini Woman Is So Lovable! They are eclectic in their tastes and find every new story and experience, whether positive or negative, fascinating in some way. You cannot tolerate monotony and mediocrity in. Her company is enjoyable and she will laugh and chat, have a lot of friends and probably fit in at any social event you can think of. Otherwise, that may be the end of her relationship. Tags: She could always use a new phone or a pretty case for it and it wouldn’t be a mistake to make her something childish and thoughtful. Gemini women thrive in public-facing roles such as spokespeople or development roles. How to Find Your Soulmate According to Your Zodiac Sign, Fustany Talks: How My Mom Taught Me to Take Care of My Curly Hair. The Gemini woman has to be doing a job that includes multitasking and communication. But it is all innocent. She yearns for tenderness given in a strangely distant manner and needs to sense things deeply beyond her mind. ", RELATED: 5 Reasons A Gemini Will Be The Most Interesting Person You'll Meet, "Geminis tend to fall for people who are somewhat opposite of them. Gemini woman has beautiful penetrative and almost hypnotic eyes. She will be an excellent press officer or public relations, a good trader unless she is tempted by journalism and the media world. Which Male Zodiac Sign Is the Most Compatible with You? While she appreciates good looks, if they don’t come with the chat to match, she isn’t interested. Female horoscope. You will act like a butterfly always moving from one place to another for enjoying and experiencing new things. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Your formidable intellect and intelligence will always be in a state of the action, flowing from one subject to the next. He probably won’t understand because we think we treat everyone the same. Since she usually manages to deal with a thousand of things at the same time, keeping a comprehensive overview of the situation, the only possibility that a man has to get her attention, is to do something extravagant. Almost as if she doesn’t really understand how she feels. But it will probably trigger a thought process in him and he will be able to grow with your support. Your heart, mind, and soul are wanderers. Even if she doesn’t like muffins, she will love the attention. The man who looks deep into Gemini’s woman eyes is destined to fall in love. Learn about their personality, characteristics and Gemini women in love. She changes her skin according to her needs. She enjoys men who know how to take her provocations with humor. Because of her active nature she tends to get restless pretty quickly and then it turns into inconsistency. Your thoughts are always wandering You are seldom bounded by commitment. Gemini Woman, although prone to extremes, do not care to see others prone to the same types of extremes. Gemini history - the history of Gemini and the stories behind it. If she likes you, you will be spending the longest nights of your life leapfrogging from one topic to the other because this woman will never run out of words to express. Quick Skincare Routine to Help Fix Dull, Tired and Dehydrated Skin! You are fickle and responsibility will not come to you easily. ", "A Gemini will always maintain a sense of wonder and a genuine enthusiasm for life. You are adjustable and accept the situation you are facing. Also, their knowledge while wide, isn’t always deep, as they often lose interest before giving themselves the time to become an expert. They are happy to experiment and indulge in playing out fantasies. Therefore, it’s plain stupid to say that she can't be loved by anyone or that no one loves Gemini female is restless, and she’s continually moving. You will simply and quickly change your mind for the good things you want in life. The way to her heart is plenty of laughs, and taking her to do something she has never done before. She can turn in a second from a sensual lover to a cold person. Gemini woman seeks true romance and expects men to be fun all the time and never lose interest in her. She is not prone to make a commitment and not inclined to settle soon. You can speak to strangers spontaneously and at ease. It is impossible to tie her down and protect her from the world, because this is the last thing she wants from a relationship. It is not easy to attract a Gemini woman as she is demanding based on her standards and quick to change her mind. She gouges the eyes, makes lips, and never holds the hands steady while chit-chatting with friends. She has got a lot of style, and she is full of life. However, she is a good researcher. What is there to know about the taurus man? He’s everything I didn’t want but now he’s become the only thing I want. Gemini might be the twins among the zodiac signs, but there is no doubt that a Gemini woman is always one of a kind. You have hit the jackpot! She has to be challenged or else she'll be bored and less productive. Living  The Gemini woman has a playful and flirty style, she likes to be noticed for her fun sense of fashion and she pioneers new looks. 4 Unusual Soup Recipes from Around the World, One of Them Is a Dessert! A Gemini woman is extremely clever and has the ability to discuss every subject under the sun – politics, religion, travel – then just as easily switch to talking about the latest celebrity faux pas. No one should withhold her of her friends, or deny her to keep on making new acquaintances. However, she is unpredictable and although it is the most wonderful thing about her, she cannot be trusted to be in the same relationship tomorrow, however intimate she might get.

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