Proto is Section 9's only (prototype) bioroid member and was also the Tachikoma's maintenance technician (before becoming one of the new recruits). He also had a fascination with J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, his own alias coming from Salinger's short story, "The Laughing Man". In the manga, it is unclear as to what extent he has undergone cybernization, although in both anime films and television series he only has cybernetic memory upgrades and other small communication brain implants like all other members. When Project 2501 went rogue, Section 6 was able to trap it in a firewalled system, but it escaped after using a factory to produce a robot body that gets hit by a truck and taken in by Section 9. | Borma is the only Section 9 operative with similar height and enhanced strength to Batou. Female Prime Minister of Japan at the time of 2nd Gig, Yoko Kayabuki is more then just a pretty face in the government. (as Joe Naufahu), Aramaki's Assistant #1 It isn't made clear whether or not the victim was the real Paz or the impostor (Kaori), as they both have cuts across their torsos, and the surviving "Paz" says nothing. In both the manga and television series, one spider-tank is preferred by Batou who uses a natural oil to lubricate its parts, and this usage of natural oil and its experiences with Batou begin to disseminate through the others, slowly causing the whole group of them to develop their AIs into separate identities, which Kusanagi begins to suspect are unique Ghosts. Kayabuki becomes a victim of the Individual Eleven and is involved with Section 9's investigation into the case. In the first Stand Alone Complex series, the Laughing Man hacked into his eyes so that Batou could not see him. In the 1st episode of the series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, Kayabuki appears in portrait form on the wall of the Public Security Bureau, while Aramaki makes a telephone call to Togusa. A silent and reclusive character, Pazu is rumoured to have been a Yakuza gangster before he joined Section 9, as well as having a reputation with women. A deadly and fearless soldier at close and ranged combat, Kusanagi can master all weapons, material or virtual, in part due to her total control over her prosthetic body. Batou keeps his private life away from work and his background are mostly unknown. Ishikawa is especially well known for his frequent, long-winded and often rather complicated expository speeches to the other characters, in order to inform them (and the show's audience) of new story developments. Though he's "kind of the silent type," he also packs some of the most explosive weapons of the Section 9 team. Kaoru Yakushima(S.A.C.) "He originally was basically "the backup", and meant to be carrying the large caliber heavy assault weapons. Still, the tanks are easily recognizable as descendants of the original Fuchikoma. Proto | It should be noted that in order to list all characters and their positions or roles in the universe, it is necessary to include information that is very relevant to the plots of the various Ghost in the Shell media, information which can be considered as spoilers. Borma was in the JSDF as a demolitions expert, possibly hinting that he was either a combat engineer or a special forces operative. Unbeknownst to officials and almost everyone, he shares a secret relationship with the Major. He also gave his favorite Tachikoma an unapproved, non-synthetic oil until the Major caught him. Yoko Kayabuki (茅葺 よう子, Kayabuki Yōko) is Japan's newly elected prime minister in Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG. His appearance is characterized by a large beard and perpetually unkempt hair, and he is the oldest of Section 9's field operatives. Samal regards Ladriya as "one of the more intuitive of the gang. It is revealed in Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell that Aramaki, together with Togusa, are the only fully human members of Section 9 (aside from a cyberbrain). Prime Minister(S.A.C.) He is in league with Kazundo Goda and helps to further the CIS's aims.

Kazundo Gōda (合田 一人, Gōda Kazundo) is head of a data manipulation division within the Cabinet Intelligence Service and is one of the primary adversaries of Section 9 during the second anime series 2nd GIG. The Commanche Club's Chief often brings the boys to Central Park for baseball games, and these games are the source of the baseball cap featured in the logo. Ran is dark-haired; during episode 5, Kusanagi was in Kurutan's apartment, borrowing her virtual reality equipment to review the "Laughing Man" case. Golder), Dialect Coach: Juliette Binoche / Dialect Coach: Kaori Momoi, body double: Juliette Binoche (as Danielle Parsons) / hand double: Scarlett Johansson (as Danielle Parsons) / stand-in: Juliette Binoche (as Danielle Parsons), production finance coordinator: Paramount, accountant: Berlin / location accountant: Hong Kong, office production assistant: additional photography, fit model: Scarlett Johansson (uncredited), executive post production assistant (uncredited). [9] Ishikawa is a master at recognizing data manipulation, along with being highly skilled at hacking in general. Togusa is openly suspicious and has reservations regarding technology; while Section 9 agents may respect Togusa's rejection of cybernetic enhancements, the rest of society views people like him as a Luddite. The virus only affects those who possess cyberbrains, and, in addition, it is suggested by Kazundo Goda that the virus affects only those individuals who were virgins prior to undergoing full cyberization.[24]. Since then, she has been working for Section 9, where she has proven both resourceful and deadly.[17]. Kayabuki displayed great wisdom by selecting Daisuke Aramaki and Major Kusanagi as personal advisors that prevented potentially cataclysmic events during the beginning of her premiership. He is usually teamed with either Saito for sniper team duties, Paz for general operations and Ishikawa for cyberweb research and viral warfare. A character sheet for the Cyberpunk Anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. He served in the military with Motoko and Ishikawa (under both of them), and has cybernetic eyes that are used by Rangers, improved strength from cybernetic arms, legs, and also contains other unlisted parts (these parts are not stated, but rather implied). With the return of Kusanagi during Solid State Society, it is revealed that the Tachikoma's AIs were spared from destruction, with Kusanagi accompanied by the "ghosts" of two of them, now calling themselves Max (マックス, Makkusu) and Musashi (ムサシ). Kayabuki first appears in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG and is elected as Japan's first female prime minister. In the second series of Stand Alone Complex, it is alluded to that Batou was a ranking member of the military Rangers before he joined Section 9. Serving as an important antagonist during the second season, Kuze is seen as a legendary figure by the refugees living in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, seeking to become more than a mere man. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This character's name is often pronounced as its Japanese counterpart as Boma. Following this he is seen hospitalized and wearing a bandage on his left arm, this lends credit to the theory that he has little external cyberization, especially when in contrast to Batou's quick recovery from wounds in the same episode.

Tachikomatic Days are not meant to be taken seriously, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 02:45. A very shady bureaucrat, Gouda is most recognizable for his horribly scarred face and rare name. In the manga he was killed by a Russian named Koil Krasnov, whom he was tailing as his first assignment. Saito | [22] The virus remains dormant up until the user downloads all of the other ten essays by Patrick Sylvestre (a fictional political theorist), when it programs the person infected by it to commit suicide. Ishikawa | Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Charismatic, tactical and efficient in combat, he quickly becomes the leader of the refugee revolution in 2nd GIG, fighting against the forces of Japan. (uncredited), Section Six Soldier

In the original manga, the think tanks used by Section 9 are the Fuchikoma (フチコマ).

The cast of Section 9 is a group of extremely competent and skilled operatives: Kurutan is a bright-haired nurse featured in Stand Alone Complex, episode 8, where an organ trafficking case involved two of her patients. | (uncredited), Riot Police Officer Togusa is a clever thinker and skilled agent, and is famed for his use of an 'outdated' revolver. He assists Section 9 in averting the nuclear strike aimed at Dejima and is subsequently arrested. Alternatively, it is suggested by Batou that The Puppeteer may have been the personification of the collective consciousness of the Noble Rot Senior Citizens.

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