Simon for the most part doesn't mind, but still regarded him with concern. Simon the Digger, pilot of Lagann, is the main protagonist from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

), nicknamed "Ron", is the village mechanic of Littner, who is able to repair and scavenge the various Gunmen he and his group encounter.

After the war, Leeron became the Chief of the Science Bureau of Kamina City, and his team even succeeded in launching a rocket to the moon in order to investigate it and confirm the veracity of Lordgenome's ominous prophecy.

However, Lordgenome's plans go awry when Team Dai-Gurren is formed, and he is eventually forced to fight Gurren Lagann in Lazengann to put an end to the human resistance.

However, upon learning the truth, a shocked Viral focuses his frustrations on Simon before refusing to kill him on Cytomander's orders when he holds Yoko hostage. He is seen beginning to say "Just who the hell do you think I am?!"

He also resembles Triple Seven from Dead Leaves. is the chief engineer of Team Dai-Gurren and Leeron's direct subordinate.

But once overcoming the Anti Spiral's second trap, Team Dai-Gurren rescues Nia and defeats the Anti-Spirals, with their avatar "killed" by Simon. Just like Kiyoh, she was helping out in Dai-Gurren's control room until episode 13, when she starts aiding in the frontlines piloting a customized Gunmen, Kiyalunga (named after herself), which can transform into a shield and lance that are wielded by Kittan's Gunmen, King Kittan. Although he tricks the group into entering the Beastmen's trap, he helps Kamina later on by letting him onto the Beastmen Gunmen. Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, unable to escape the incredibly dense space sea produced by the Death Spiral Machine, is ordered by Simon to move towards the center of the sea, where the Machine rests surrounded by a powerful shield. Guame is the representation of the classical element of earth.

are the towering, twin brothers of Team Dai-Gurren, piloting the two-faced Gunmen, Twin Boukun.

Simon was able to trick the Dai-Gunzan and collapse it into the bottom of a gorge, and returned to find that people had heard of Kamina stealing a Gunmen, copied him, and assembled to join the team. Those traits helped her to cope with Kamina's death although she remained affected by it. ), the series' lead female character, is a young woman from the village of Littner. In episode 26, Boota stands to protect Lordgenome from the Anti-Spiral trying to attack him, and when their Spiral Energy resonates, he is transformed into an anthropomorphic humanoid. After the ship's weapons fail to get anywhere near the shield, Kittan offers to take the Space King Kittan on a mission to destroy the shield and fire spiral-based missiles at the core of the Death Spiral Machine, but not before stealing a kiss from Yoko, and apologizing for "[his] selfishness". However, at that time, it was made up of a few boys from the village, as well as Simon and Kamina, who tried various attempts at getting to the surface. In Episode 1 a Gunmen crashes through the roof of Giha village and prepares to attack the populace when Yoko, who has been tracking the Gunmen, rappels down a cliff whilst firing her electromagnetic rifle. The resulting explosion engulfs and kills Kittan, who acknowledges his interest in Spiral energy before his demise, but also frees the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren from the space sea, allowing Simon to transform it into Super Galaxy Gurren-Lagann and fulfill Kittan's dying wish.

25 Best Ghost Anime & Paranormal Anime Series, 40 Best Cute Anime Girls that are so Damn Cute, 15 Cute Anime Girls With Glasses Chosen by Japan, 39 Most Hated Anime Characters Of All Time. She decides to accompany Simon and Kamina on their quest.

It is also shown that his deepest desire is to get married and have children, but cannot do so as Beastmen lack the spiral energy necessary for reproduction.

In a world where humanity is forced to live underground by creatures called Beastmen, a young boy named Simon found two strange things while helping to expand his underground village; a small drill and a machine with a face on it. He also usually kept with him a large knife, resembling that of a butcher’s, with which he was very proficient.

Later, she joins Team Dai-Gurren, assuming a position at Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren's bridge.

Blocked multiple beams shot by the Moon simultaneously and deflected them back at it.

This breaks the Alternate Multiverse Labyrinth, allowing Simon to reassemble Team Dai-Gurren and face the Anti-Spirals for the final time.

The Giga Drill can also be used to reflect energy attacks back at the person who fired them.

She wears a variety of outfits, mostly pink and white.

Defeated many of the Anti-Spiral's ships. He tends to fire at enemies or move Dai-Gurren without warning.

The pair of twins have a very good bond with each other, and were often left to their own devices around Dai-Gurren, except when they were with older girls, such as Yoko or Nia. She is Gimmy's twin sister and has a good bond with him.

He also created "Beauty Village," a village made up of girls abducted from other villages, in order to stop the birth of an Anti-Spiral scout.

Tetsukan Littner (テツカン・リットナー, Tetsukan Rittonā?) This anime series has the incredible soundtrack comprising all sorts of genres that you would not expect to mesh well like opera & rock …. This happens 3 times in the case of Gimmy and once with Viral.

Heavily wounded, Kamina combines with Simon to form Gurren Lagann and defeats the Beastman General with his signature move: "Giga Drill Breaker."

Lordgenome originally engineered the Beastmen as soldiers against the Anti-Spirals, because the substitution of animal genes distorted the shape of human spiral DNA and rendered them invisible to detection.

Its main pilots are Simon the Digger, and Viral.

Overpowered the combination of sixteen Gunmen.

Thymilph the Crasher (チミルフ, Chimirufu?) Simon is quite shy with love, having gathered the courage to propose marriage to Nia seven years after Part II. Yoko is shown to be a very mature and quite knowledgeable Gurren Lagann Characters, especially when it comes to survival and general common sense.

He is good friends with Adiane, though Guame insinuates a closer relationship.

As a boy, Simon is physically underdeveloped for his age, standing at little more than 4-feet tall.

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