Doch in dieser Nacht tut sich dort nichts, weshalb Kameramann „Doc“ vom Sender kontaktiert und in einen anderen Teil der Stadt geschickt wird. [39] Harrington said it was "hardly a surprise that Bradley steals the film" and called Farrell "solid". Als der anfänglich schockierte JP Monroe mit einer Pistole mehrmals auf Pinhead schießt, stellt er fest, dass irdische Gewehrkugeln den bösartigen Nagelkopf nicht verwunden können. Komponiert wurde das Stück Hellraiser von Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde und Lemmy Kilmister. Hellraiser II – Hellbound (1988) | Following a misleading marketing campaign from Fox that promoted it as a slasher film, Nightbreed underperformed at the box office and caused Film Futures to go out of business. Hellraiser: Bloodline Hellraiser III ist ein Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr 1992 von Anthony Hickox mit Kevin Bernhardt, Lawrence Mortorff und Terry Farrell. Subsequent rewrites introduced the CD and Barbie Cenobites, Pinhead's deception as Joey's father, and a happier ending. Ferner befindet sich der Song zudem auf dem 1992 erschienenen Album March ör Die von Motörhead. Before she can flee, Pinhead talks her into feeding Monroe to him, promising to turn her into a demon in return. Starring [19] The film marked Barker's directorial debut. Die einzelnen Soundtrack-Titel sind: Der Film spielte in den USA mit 12.534.961 US-Dollar etwas mehr als der zweite Teil der Reihe ein. She is introduced to the pain the box can bring when she views a teenage club-goer being ripped apart by the box's chains in a hospital emergency room. The transformed Cenobites are fused with technology, which Kane compares to Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002) | Pinhead seeks to destroy the puzzle box so he need never return to Hell again. [47] At the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Thomas described the plot as "quite imaginative and even poignant" but said the violence numbs audiences looking for more than just gory special effects, unlike the first film. Als untoter Wiedergänger schließt sich der Boiler-Room-Discjockey, der seine Gegner mit messerscharfen CDs bewirft, den Zenobiten an. [17], During the sex scene between Aimée Leigh and Burnhardt, Leigh protested at having to appear topless. [33] Variety's review echoed this, calling it "highly commercial",[39] and Jack Yeovil of Empire said it is "a good horror sequel" that succeeds in its simple goal: to appeal to mainstream American teenagers. [30][31], Hellraiser III required several cuts before the Motion Picture Association of America was willing to grant it an "R" rating. [48] Chicago Tribune critic Johanna Steinmetz said that Joey and Pinhead do not have chemistry, and their back stories fail to mesh with the rest of the plot. Showing all 4 items Jump to: Summaries (3) Synopsis (1) Summaries. Marc Savlov, film critic for The Austin Chronicle, instead called the film "about as traumatic a… [11], For Joey's cameraman, Ken Carpenter, an actor friend of studio executive Kuppin, was cast, as he had the look they wanted: practical and hard-working. This was quickly abandoned after the software turned out to be too time-consuming. To defeat him, Joey must reunite Spencer's spirit with Pinhead and use the puzzle box to return him to Hell. [19], For Hellraiser III, Keen used a two-piece prosthetic where small plates in the makeup stood up the pins. Smaller roles were filled with friends-of-friends, local actors, and people who had appeared in prior genre films, including Hickox's Waxwork series. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (1992) is the third film in the Hellraiser series. [50], Variety called the film "an effective combination of imaginative special effects with the strangeness of author Clive Barker’s original conception". Terri fällt ebenfalls auf die verlogenen Versprechungen des Dämons herein – sie opfert ihm JP Monroe. Paul Jones replaced Geoff Portass as make-up coordinator. Hellraiser III homages war films like Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Born on the Fourth of July. Daraufhin lockt sie den Dämon auf die Traumebene des Captain Elliot Spencer. Hickox had previously sought her for a role in Waxwork II, but, when that become impossible because of a scheduling clash, he promised to cast her in his next project. New World Pictures and Film Futures, a production company owned by Clive Barker and Chris Figg, held meetings about a third Hellraiser film before Hellbound was released. [48] Writing for the Deseret News, Chris Hicks said the film is "one of the most gruesome and unpleasant horror movies", enjoyable only by fans of splatter films. [42] Yeovil praised Atkins' script for its "surprisingly careful characterisations" and abandoning the "waffling metaphysics" of the previous film. Der ehemalige Soldat, der im Ersten Weltkrieg an der Front diente, gibt sich ihr gegenüber als wohlwollender Geist zu erkennen. Preceded by ヘルレイザー3のネタバレレビュー・感想 ついに見ました。ヘルレイザー3です。1,2と見た後にどうしようと思いながら他のレビューアーの人たちがヘルレイザーは1で終わっている。2はもっと終わっている。3はもはや始まっていないという辛辣な評価を得ている作品です。 Hearing the news reports, Joey goes to the club to investigate. [33] Miramax released the film theatrically in the United States on September 11, 1992. ヘルレイザー3 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth 監督 アンソニー・ヒコックス 脚本 ピーター・アトキンス トニー・ランデル ヘルレイザー3』(原題:Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth)は、1992年に製作されたアメリカのホラー映画である。ヘルレイザー・シリーズの第3作にあたる。 She tracks the box and a young woman named Terri ('Paula Marshall') down to a famous club called the Boiler Room, owned by the spoiled playboy J.P. (Kevin Bernhardt), who feeds Pinhead, trapped in a marble pillar, blood from club members so he can escape from his prison. Hickox said he found the casting process for a Hellraiser film both exciting and frightening. [12], Most of the crew were new to the series, too. Hellraiser: Bloodline ist ein Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr 1996 von Alan Smithee und Kevin Yagher mit Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas und Doug Bradley. [34] The film grossed $12.5 million in 898 theaters across the United States and Canada,[4] making it second-highest-grossing film in the Hellraiser series. Sie flüchtet und wird von Pinhead und von schauerlichen Monstern verfolgt, den neu geschaffenen Zenobiten, zu denen Terri, JP Monroe und ihr Kameramann „Doc“ gehören, die als boshafte Reinkarnationen von den Toten wieder auferstanden sind. Zudem wurde er für einige Preise nominiert, u. a. für den Saturn Award in den Kategorien Best Horror Film und Best Make-Up. [42] In a retrospective review from 2006, Steve Barton of Dread Central called it "just plain goofy" and a low point in the series. Parents Guide. They instead had to depend on storyboards. At an antique shop in New York, a night club owner named J.P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) purchases an old statue pillar for his private collection. An ambitious young television reporter, Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrell), slowly begins to learn about Pinhead and the mysterious puzzle box. J. P. Monroe, the womanizing owner of a popular nightclub called The Boiler Room, buys the pillar. Former New World executives, including Lawrence Kuppin, established Trans-Atlantic Pictures, and the rights were transferred to them. Bradley said that he worked for seventeen hours straight one day, and the large number of scenes shot daily meant they had little time to perfect them. Kane attributes this to the film's more commercial aspirations than the previous two films. [47] Bradley was also highlighted by Thomas, who called him "a fine actor of much resonance"; Thomas wrote that none of the other cast members are as good, describing them as "callow". Hinter dem Altar stehend zieht sich Pinhead zwei lange Nägel aus seinem bleichen Schädel und bohrt sich diese selbst in seine Handflächen, ähnlich wie die Wundmale von Jesus Christus. They are led by the Lead Cenobite (played by Doug Bradley and identified in the sequels as "Pinhead"). Joey soll den Dämon mithilfe des Würfels in die Traumdimension locken, damit Captain Spencer dem Schrecken ein Ende bereiten kann. Through video tape interviews with Kirsty Cotton recovered from the Channard Institute, Joey and Terri learn about the demonic Cenobites and the power of the Lament Configuration, the only means of sending Pinhead back to Hell. D… She also criticized the dialogue as "rejected first drafts of a True Detective episode". [45] Maslin's review described the special effects as "commendable" for bringing sophistication and "helping to usher in the age of high-tech horror". Joey breaks free and uses the puzzle box, which has transformed into a dagger, to stab Pinhead through the heart, sending him back to Hell. Though her dreams of getting the story of her life come true, she is left no better off, as there is no evidence. Als Joey erwacht, ist ihr Fernsehgerät eingeschaltet, es läuft ein Bericht über das Massaker im Boiler Room. [14] Barker directed the Motörhead video for "Hellraiser", featuring Lemmy and Pinhead playing a game of cards and varied clips of the film. Joey has recurring nightmares about how she presumes her father died in Vietnam. Hellraiser IV – Bloodline (1996) | She solves the puzzle box, and they are sent to Hell. Pinhead is stuck in a block after the Big Confrontation in "Hellbound," The block containing Pinhead and the puzzle cube is bought by a young playboy as sculpture. [2] Die Europapremiere des Films fand in Frankfurt am Main im Kino Harmonie im Rahmen des dortigen Fantasy-Film-Festes statt. Series creator Clive Barker reprised his role as executive producer, though he was largely uninvolved until post-production. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth is a film released September 11 1992, directed by Anthony Hickox. Heavy metal band Armored Saint cameo as themselves, performing their song "Hanging Judge" at The Boiler Room nightclub. Hickox had previously established a very fast shooting schedule that used long hours, which meant the Hellraiser III cast had to adjust to his unorthodox style and the studio's demands. [15], Trans-Atlantic gave Hickox six weeks to shoot the film. Editing By [39] In a pun on special effects supervisor Bob Keen' s name, Harrington called the effects "peachy Keen" and said Pinhead is Keen's masterpiece. Ketten ragen aus seinem Körper heraus, sie sind mit Haken in seinem Fleisch verankert. This resulted in an early use of computer-generated imagery – the first in a horror film – to add several gory scenes. After the confrontation in Hellraiser II, the Cenobite named Pinhead is trapped, along with the puzzle box, amongst the writhing figures and distorted faces etched into the surface of an intricately carved pillar - The Pillar of Souls. [44], Writing for The Washington Post, Richard Harrington described the plot and themes as faithful to the previous films. Anthony Hickox Country Der Soundtrack zum Film wurde 1992 bei dem Label Victory veröffentlicht und enthält 12 Songs, die im Film gespielt werden, darunter den von der britischen Band Motörhead gespielten Titelsong Hellraiser. Language An investigative reporter must send the newly unbound Pinhead and his legions back to Hell. J. P.'s club was set in a furniture factory in neighboring High Point. With New World's own bankruptcy troubles, Hellraiser III went into development hell. After Miramax become involved, Barker says Weinstein asked for his honest evaluation of the film. Randy Miller was brought in to compose a more traditional, orchestral score within three weeks. In return, Pinhead promises Monroe power and unnatural delights.

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