Numbers produce anxiety and confusion in many people. It can mean “billion” there. How would you write out large numbers (for currency)? ugh just use mil. Extremely informative!! ODT abilities and working knowledge in PD/AA systems….. that can work if you don’t have space. If you’re talking thousands, use the number: $1,000. Although the safest of all options, as with the abbreviation for million, is to actually spell out the word billion. However, someone in a different country (I’m in the US) or a particular industry might interpret it differently. Your resume should communicate information clearly and succinctly. Or I’m just a geek. A single “M” can mean either thousand or million. For example, I asked Google for guidance on how to abbreviate million here and got a page full of conflicting search results. For example, I asked Google for guidance on how to abbreviate million here and got a page full of conflicting search results. Your email address will not be published. “M” is NEVER confused for thousand. Spell out months when listing them on your resume. So good to know John. But ‘M’ is also the Roman numeral for ‘thousand’, and has been used in the past as the standard abbreviation (hence the ‘MM’ as an abbreviation for ‘million’). “Managed orders worth £850k per month” or “Managed delivery of 10k widgets per month”. We don't spam and you can unsubscribe at anytime. When writing your resume you want to save precious space in order to include all your achievements and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job. Spell out months when listing them on your resume. When it comes to creating your professional resume, it is very important to know proper formatting and how to word each section. Donna Svei, an executive resume writer and former C-level executive, retained search consultant, and CPA, authors all of AvidCareerist’s posts. Oil and gas standard is “$MM,” but if you have the room, always better to spell it out. Spell it out. Resume Format – Everything you need to know, How to write a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed, Elevator pitch: Three things to mention to really sell yourself, 7 ways to stand out in the online job search. The last thing you want is for a prospective employer to stumble as he reads your resume and compares it to others. If all else fails use scientific notation. Thanks a million (or a billion!) We can’t even agree on what a billion is numerically let alone abbreviated. Do not abbreviate, such as “Dec. (see attached regarding the long system vs the short system.) Well… consider yourself added to my blogroll. I thought we abandoned roman numerals for industry and commerce once the zero had been invented in India. Most people understand that “K” means thousand. I understand. First, global unity on how to abbreviate million and then on to other issues. As a lawyer dealing with large numbers in email and such, its always $5k for $5,000 and $5m for $5,000,000. Cover Letter Vs Resume: What is the Difference? was helpful. That’s a huge difference ($999,000 to be exact). Get the most popular abbreviation for Resume updated in 2020 Tweet . Living in the U.S., I’m inclined to regard m as a thousand and mm as a million, and to treat m and M as the same (unlike the Economist style guide). I work with German and English (as a translator) and there is plenty of room for confusion, so I am all for solutions that make things extra clear. Therefore the safest approach you can take is to spell out the word million, and to not abbreviate it at all. Despite the options, ‘K’ is widely recognised as a standard abbreviation for thousand now. My suggestion is, lets decide what we are going to use globally so everyone understands and leave it at that so there is no confusion. In this instance, the approach is to spell it out the very first time you use it, then add the abbreviation immediately afterwards in brackets. That looks like 1.99 trillion, or 2 trillion, to me. As mentioned above, in the past ‘M’ has been used as the abbreviation for thousand as it is the Roman numeral for ‘thousand’. You go from being a hero to being perceived as an underperformer without even realizing it. Donna, Thank you Grant. Apart from historical uses (e.g. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Beyond that, if you have a young HR professional doing the first review of your resume, that might not understand it all. Thanks Donna! 2009.” Instead write the full “December 2009.”, Add your month and year of graduation from any academic programs or when you received any certifications, such as “September 2005.”, Include the time frames when you work in a certain position, whether it’s a professional job or volunteer work, such as “April 2001 – May 2006.” If you still hold the position, write “April 2001 – Present.”. The abbreviation ‘B’ or ‘Bn’ is often used to abbreviate billion and these would generally be recognised. I just found this because I hadn’t a clue was $1MM meant in an advertisement. Let her expertise inform your job search strategy and decision making. For example: As a general rule, try to avoid resume abbreviations and acronyms where possible. Keep writing! Not all of them make sense to me either. 2009.” Instead write the full “December 2009.” Add your month and year of graduation from any academic programs or when you received any certifications, such as “September 2005.” Love it! Contact Donna here to learn more about her resume and LinkedIn profile services and fee structure.

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