However, this plan backfired when the criminal Jane Doe—a woman who lost her face in an accident and had resorted to cutting off the faces of others—became obsessed with 'Bruce Wayne' after he had her released. ", Hush was portrayed in a slightly different thematic fashion than in his prior appearances. At the Joker's mercy and unable to remove the device himself, Hush turned to the one man he felt he could trust (or rather, predict): Bruce Wayne. He's implied to have removed the pacemaker installed on his own heart by himself, and has shown the ability to grant himself the appearance of someone else, such as Bruce Wayne, using only a long series of planned surgeries on his own face, with the aid of a simple mirror. "[20], Hush was then kept as prisoner in the Batcave, but broke out with the help of the then unknown mastermind behind the current threat. With Batman severely injured and not on good terms with the police, he left Hush's body without examining it himself. Confirming that Tim Drake was under constant physical and psychological observation since his time as the Joker, Terry eliminates Drake as a suspect and proceeds to confront Dick Grayson. (content was: "'''Brant Jones''' was the former mayor of Gotham City and a serial killer known as Hush who has a grudge on Bruce Wayne since Thomas Wayne saved the life of his mother Marla Jones. [32], In an alternate timeline where Batman saved his parents while travelling back in time, Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliott were still friends as adults. [24] Later, Hush is shown to be a member of Bane's police force after he had taken control over the institutions of Gotham. Hush ambushed Batman by showing him the room containing Catwoman's heart, alive and pumping, at which time he pumped Batman with a paralyzing gas. The new Hush is subsequently revealed as a clone of Grayson. Batman, Nightwing, and Robin could find no trace of Hush, save some bloody bandages, and concluded that he was dead. The wounded Terry is aided by Dick Grayson despite Bruce and Terry's concerns about his old injuries. Hij moet dieper dan ooit graven om de ware identiteit te ontdekken van het mysterieuze meesterbrein Hush, voor het te laat is. Hush proceeded to sabotage the equipment of several members of the Batman Family via the Batcomputer as they fought various villains, including crashing the Batwing with Batman still in it. Shortly before Bruce returned to Gotham City, Tommy befriended a young woman named Peyton Riley (who would later become the second Ventriloquist) – a relationship of which his mother never approved. HUSH laat lezers met frisse, enthousiaste ogen naar Batman en zijn collega's kijken.' In the first issue, Hush revealed that his return was hastened when he began to hear whispers of the Black Glove's upcoming attack on Batman. [25] He was likely kept obedient through hypnosis by the Psycho Pirate.[26]. He has performed breakthrough medical operations, such as removing Harold Allnut's hunchback and giving him the ability to speak, repairing Harvey Dent's face, inventing a virus which accelerates Killer Croc's devolution, and tearing out Catwoman's heart without doing any lasting damage. When Tommy finally revealed himself to a worn-out Batman, the Dark Knight was saved only by the intervention of Harvey Dent, whose Two-Face persona had been unwittingly wiped out by Tommy when he repaired Dent's disfigured face. He is released by an intern named Jonathan Crane, who becomes the villain Scarecrow. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, and was also born into a wealthy family. Hush agreed, and then immediately escaped after being told that the surgery had been a success. Although Alfred disarmed Elliot, Hush managed to get into the Batcave where he nearly killed Batman, but Alfred's continuing interference and the arrival of Nightwing and Robin turned the tide. Driven by his desire for independence and wealth, Tommy severed the brake line of his parents' car, causing a crash that killed his father and injured his mother; his mother, however, was saved in an emergency operation by Dr. Thomas Wayne, which enraged young Elliot. He was created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. The character has been portrayed in live-action as a kid by Cole Vallis and Gordon Winarick in Gotham, and by Gabriel Mann in the television series Batwoman which marks the first live-action appearance of the Hush persona. In return, Harold 'bugged' the Batcave with several devices that altered Batman's mind, but nevertheless remained loyal to the Caped Crusader; he was certain that Batman would triumph over whatever followed. He was captured by Catwoman, who knew perfectly well he was not the real Bruce Wayne. The three track down Hush, but are unable to convince him that he is merely a clone. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, his mother had died of a household accident. Realizing that they shared a common hatred for Wayne, Tommy and the Riddler decided to pool resources to bring him down. [22], Then, in the one-shot Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1, Hush is "tipped off" to Batman's upcoming wedding by the Joker. Hush unmasks himself, appearing to be a bitter and enraged Dick Grayson. Wees dan gerust… met een cadeaubon van De Poort slaag je namelijk altijd! Before even his teenage years, he was already operating on a high level of sociopathy, going so far as severing the brake line of his parents' car to gain independence from them and inherit the Elliot family fortune. Ironically, Bruce Wayne learned his strategic skills from Elliot in childhood before their respective parents' deaths. Catwoman was zelden zo verleidelijk en Batmans heroïsche maar angstaanjagende imago was zelden zo goed getroffen. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference. In Streets of Gotham, Batman's biological son Damian Wayne visited Hush in his cell as the new Robin, and they played chess. [3] The two boys often played a Stratego-esque minifigure game together, and Tommy taught Bruce to think like his opponents and to use their abilities against them in order to win, which proved useful years later when he became Batman. Nightwing, despite feeling some sympathy for Hush, nevertheless leaves him behind in the pocket dimension while he escapes back home.

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