only sound his own footsteps and the soft drip of water from the ancient I really liked this story for it's foreshadowing, though the actual foreshadowing was invisible to me until the end when it was revealed who the killer was. What is the name of the college campus used in the story?-New Sharon Teacher's College. Imagine if the final line had instead been, "And I was; I killed her, you see. I think a case can be made for both "Cain Rose Up" and "Here There Be Tygers," which had appeared in the Spring 1968 issue of. a period of warm weather which comes earlier than expected and does not last, eventually giving way to another period of freezing cold. (4th for Night Shift overall and into the quarterfinals for all-King-short-fiction where it was knocked out by "The End of the Whole Mess.") -A girl was killed on the New Sharon campus near the Civil War cannons. thinks I was with another woman last night. suddenly find himself in a silent, muffled world of white drifting fog, the And so you had to go through the entire thing to be able to find out who the killer was and then finally at the end it had a good twist to it and like the narrator revealed himself as the killer and it was just a shocking ending, but it was a good story. This story, "Strawberry Spring", was actually a story in. -March 16, 1968. State Police cars crawled onto the campus, most of them parked in front of The campus is brought strawberry spring, a sort of "fake" spring. In that final line, we are given the perspective of someone who is almost certainly a serial killer, but one who is not entirely aware of his own actions. King's lyricism is so often overlooked, but he has certainly turned a small reservoir of great phrases.As a Northeasterner (albeit in exile) I can say I've never heard the term "Strawberry Spring," so I assume it's an "Alice" (i.e. By now, I've read a pretty large chunk into Night Shift and my thoughts about it have gotten better since last time, though I don't think a can really call it a horror novel anymore. gone, vanished, replaced by a foggy panorama of moors and yew trees and perhaps been thinking about the trunk of my car – such an ugly word. Beginning with that mention of a melting Lyndon Johnson, King introduces some mild political subthemes into the story. clever. In spite of all this I still enjoy some of the stories, and some of them don't make me laugh but rather enrapture me. When next we speak -- with the likely exception of the good old weekly. It would be perfectly possible to imagine some other writer ending the story in a manner that actually spelled things out more firmly. Great little story.I don't know what to make of the "the one without the fangs" bit either, but I dig it. I showed him the one without the The question that follows on the heels of this assessment is: does the rest of the story play true with the idea? Or some nonsense of that sort. coldest winter in twenty years broke on that day. That's a really nice quote you lifted there, at the end of this review. How does the author help the reader get a true feeling for the time period? the offseason hurricanes in "Duma Key") or another King-invented phrase, although I'll say that the slang up in Maine is probably different from county to county, much less from the rest of New England, so it's a possibility it's legit and just more localized.I had to see where I ranked this one when I covered the short stories, as it remains a strong finish in memory. When did this particular strawberry spring begin? walks ran with slush. (Perhaps even a. I first read the story toward the end of 1990, I believe, and since we're talking the better part of a quarter-century there, I no longer remember anything of what my reaction to it might have been. Here is a descriptive passage that comes early on in the story: This is lovely, lyrical stuff; not revolutionary in any way, but evidence that even this early in his career, King was already a more than competent stylist. I don't want to make a bigger deal out of it than it is; it simply struck me as being out of place, somewhat. "Strawberry Spring" is about life on a community college campus that is haunted by a serial killer dubbed "Springheel Jack". Much of that is due to the simple, effective way King presents it: So much of writing depends for its power on how the perspective is presented. Elsewhere, he mentions that a faction of the campus feels the murders to be a statement by the campus's wing of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), and that right-wingers immediately begin looking for "outside agitators." Not I, for I passed many shadows..." Another example from when the narrator was driving back home from college, "I had my own car on campus, and I took six people downstate with me, their luggage crammed in helter-skelter. "Between the sprawled legs of the dead girl lying in a shadowy corner of the Animal Science parking lot," "her throat out of the juke-thumping, brightly lit confusion of the Grinder, expecting the There are many things throughout the story that lead up to this twist ending. gutters. there may be a cycle for that, too, but if anyone has figured it out, they've never said." The narrator talks to his roommate on a few occasions, and I was reminded ever so slightly of "Cain Rose Up," which also involved college students having lived alongside a killer without suspecting a thing. I was asked to show my student ID. The next sentence involves the policeman asking our narrator if he has a knife, and the question is attributed with the addition, "the policeman asked cunningly." I was Judith Franklin Hall, where the Cerman girl had lived. And remember, this already comes in the context of looking back on things from a vantage point of eight years farther down the road. I believe the intent there is to imply that the question is not, in fact, cunning; that it is in fact the most obvious possible question. Stephen King published nine short stories while in college, and when the time came in the late '70s to compile his first story collection. miles west of the beaches. or Frodo and Sam go hurrying past, or to turn and see that the Grinder was For all any of us knew, Springheel Jack might have been in the car with us." I am reminded of a couple of things here, the first of which is the scene in. What did the killer take in the second murder? and instead he would The Winter . On my way past there to my ten o’clock class Irony Situational Irony is when an situation is expected to go one way, but goes complete opposite of expectations. A few paragraphs prior to these, however, there has perhaps been a clue that is stronger than it ought to have been. Or, perhaps, from becoming a murderer. That's right the killer is the narrator. She With that in mind, I assume that the narrator saying "I showed him the one without the fangs" is meant to be seen as a bit of ironic overstatement. Half a dozen The ending is a twist, of course, and I'd wager that it is what most readers remember about the story. What that tells me, though, is that I almost certainly got fooled by the story in 1990. I've posted that question at the forums; if that yields any sort of definitive response, I'll try to remember to come back and update this post. What did the narrator see as he walked at night? hard clear starriness of winter to clutch him . On a reread, there are clear signals that something is amiss; the narrator's headache, his description of the night as "beautiful" even with the retrospective knowledge that a brutal murder occurred that night and in that fog, his description of people as shadows. Many of the stories, like I said last time, are very bizarre and sometimes even hard to take seriously. poked through it like counting fingers and it drifted, slow as cigarette smoke, by the subzero temperatures, at last began to sag and slouch. oops. Perhaps her need was as deep and as ungovernable as her killer's, and just as far beyond understanding. with it, moving silent and white along the narrow college avenues and moment. It rained and you could smell the sea twenty What brought her?

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