Although he is successful, IT bites off Eddie's arm, and Eddie bleeds to death almost instantly. In the Federal army there were of Southern blood and lineage Generals Thomas, Sykes, Reno, PAGE581 THE BATTLE OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN, OR BOONSBORO. He is a Methodist. The Losers fight back against Bowers and his friends in the apocalyptic rock fight. Spying on them, Beverly witnesses one of the bullies, Patrick Hockstetter, trying to empty a refrigerator which he had been using to trap and kill small animals, only to be killed by IT in the form of flying bloodsucking leeches. – We went out to an Indian restaurant on Wednesday night and at our fill of sweet Naan bread and curry. However, the contacts begin burning his eyes upon his return to Derry, and he is forced to wear glasses again. It fell to earth from outside the universe (yet still within the greater expanse of the macroverse) in prehistoric times, as witnessed by Mike Hanlon and Richie Tozier in a smoke-induced vision in 1958. She explained that she’d been… Read More. Startled, Georgie is suddenly confronted by a man dressed in a silver clown suit who introduces himself as "Mr. Bob Gray" a.k.a. Upon seeing It in Its true form, Tom drops dead from shock. He physically abuses Bev; it is implied that he does this because of his incestuous feelings toward her (IT states this to her outright when she returns to Derry as an adult). The seven Losers are the children united by their unhappy lives in Derry Maine during the summer of 1958. But, from whatever standpoint it may be looked at, the battle of South Mountain must be of interest to the military reader as showing the effect of a hallucination in enabling 9000 men to hold 30,000 at bay for so many hours, in robbing victory of its fruits, and in inspiring the victors with such caution that a simple ruse turned them back in their triumphal career. Moreover, the South had three hundred thousand of her sons in the Federal army in subordinate capacities. He soon comes to realize that there is a deep racial divide within the army and within Derry (although he does admit that there are a large number of good citizens in Derry as well as bad, and it might actually be the place itself that causes such divides between its people). Reginald "Belch" Huggins:  Another sidekick of Henry's who earned his nickname due to his ability to belch on command. Stanley 'Stan' Uris:  Also known as "Stan the Man." She and Bill have an occasional working relationship: she is set to star in an adaptation of a novel he wrote. He is seriously wounded by Henry Bowers and nearly dies as a result of Henry piercing an artery in his leg. Newton, J. J. Reynolds, Canby, Ord, Brannan, William Nelson, Crittenden, Blair, R. W. Johnson, T. J. When he awakens, It begins to feed on him. After It kills Vic and goes after Henry, Belch defends him and attacks It. Since the book's publication King's story has been adapted several times for TV and film.

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