Il analyse également les commentaires pour vérifier leur fiabilité. Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon : Comment les évaluations sont-elles calculées ? Edition 07/2019, Times Booksin association with The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston128 pages | 31 x 26 cmHardback / Clothbound05/1987ISBN 978-0-81291-659-1, Knopf129 pages / 11.5 x 12.5 incHardcover09/1992ISBN 978-0-67941-578-7, Chronicle Books01/199725.5x27.5cmISBN 978-0-81181-437-9, With Melinda HuntScalo Verlag119 pages / 11.2 x 10 inHardcover12/1998ISBN 978-3-93114-190-5, BulfinchBook / Clothbound03/2001ISBN 978-0-82122-752-7, Steidl Verlag72 pages / 26 x 21.5 cmClothbound12/2001ISBN 978-3-86521-982-4, Steidl Verlag132 pages / 9 x 11 cmSoftcover04/2003ISBN 978-3-88243-837-6, Privately published by Sunparks Art Projekt IVPrinted by: Steidl Verlag32 pages / 25 x 30 cmHardback / Clothbound11/2003, Steidl Verlag132 pages / 30.5 x 25.5 cmHardback / Clothbound2006ISBN 978-3-86521-124-8, Steidl Verlag112 pages / 22 x 15 cmPaperback / softback / Softcover04/2008ISBN 978-3-86521-278-8, Steidl Verlag144 pages / 28 x 31 cmHardback / Clothbound09/2008ISBN 978-3-86521-786-8, Steidl Verlag96 pages / 22.8 x 12.5 cmBook / Hardcover06/2010ISBN 978-3-86521-916-9, Steidl Verlag112 pages / 29.5 x 24.7 cmHardback / Clothbound03/2012ISBN 978-3-86930-434-2, Steidl Verlag326 pages / 29.5 x 24.5 cmBook / Clothbound03/2012ISBN 978-3-86930-309-3, Steidl Verlag132 pages / 34 x 29 cmBook / Clothbound08/2012ISBN 978-3-86930-499-1, Steidl Verlag134 pages | 39 x 30.5 cmHardback / Clothbound08/2012ISBN 978-3-88243-915-1, Steidl Verlagphotographs by Frank Gohlke and Joel Sternfeldtext by Suketu Mehta156 pages / 32 x 28 cmHardback / Clothbound12/2016ISBN 978-3-95829-032-7, Hilmer Publishersintroduction by: Lynn GumpertWith texts by Dale Jamieson, Chris Wiley and Joel Sternfeld160 pages, 80 colour illustrations25,5 x 28 cm, hardcover04/2018ISBN 978-3-7774-2989-2, Steidl Verlag112 pages / 48 x 40 cmHardback / Clothbound07/2018ISBN 978-3-95829-263-5, A Review from French Newspaper Libération, An article from Vogue by Rebecca Bengal and Joel Sternfeld, Our Loss featured on LensCulture Favorite Photobooks, An Article from Financial Time by Madeleine Pollard, An Article from The New Yorker by Chris Wiley, An article from Washington Post by Kenneth Dickerman and Joel Sternfeld, An article from Wide Wallsby Angie Kordic, A review from White Hot Magazine by Deborah Krieger, An article from the British Journal of Photography, An article from T Magazineby Hattie Crisell, Commentary from The Open Road by David Company, A review from Capital New Yorkby Rozalia Jovanovic, A review from The Wall Street Journalby William Meyers, A review from Time Magazineby Phil Blicker, A review from The Guardianby Sean O'Hagan, A review from Daylight Magazineby Chris Wiley, Looking East on 30th Street on a Morning in May, 2000, Looking South on a May Evening (the Starrett-Lehigh Building), May 2000, Looking South on an Afternoon in June, 2000, Looking South at 27th Street, September 2000, Looking Northwest from 29th Street, June 2000, Looking West on 30th Street on a September Evening, 2000, Looking East on 30th Street on a Late September Morning, 2000, Looking South towards Chelsea Markets, December 2000, A View towards the Empire State Building, November 2000, Ken Robson's Christmas Tree, January 2001, A View towards the Hudson, Late February, 2001, Campagna Romana: The Countryside of Ancient Rome, Hart Island a potter's field in New York City, Sweet Earth: Experimental Utopias in America, To Joseph Palmer - text by Stewart Holbrook, Landscapes after Ruskin: Redefining the sublime, Favorite Photobooks of 2019 | LensCulture, The site of an environmentalist’s deadly act of protest, Despairing for the planet, a man took his own life in a Brooklyn park.

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