In 1980, the efforts of AKFI were reflected with the introduction of the first Asian Kabaddi Championship. It is also famous by different names such as Hututu, Do-do, and Ghidugudu in the different regions of the Indian Sub-continent. Each are on opposite halves of a field of 10 m × 13 m in case of men and 8 m × 12 m in case of women. The first known framework of the rules of Kabaddi as an indigenous sport of India was prepared in Maharashtra in the year 1921 for Kabaddi competitions on the pattern of Sanjeevani and Gemini in a combined form. Copyright ©: 2017 Kabaddi!!!! The game, known as Hu-Tu-Tu in Western India, Ha-Do-Do in Eastern India and Bangladesh, Chedugudu in Southern India and Kaunbada in Northern India, has changed through the ages. Later in 1990, Kabaddi was included as a discipline in the 11th Asian Games Beijing where India won the lone Gold Medal of Kabaddi. In the epic age, different team games such as Kabaddi and hide and seek came into the fold and became famous. In 1950, the All India Kabaddi Federation was formed to look after the promotion of the game in the country and the Senior National championship was introduced from the year 1952.

The Indian contingent was presented with a medal of appreciation on the concluding day of the Berlin Olympics. Each has three extra players held in reserve. The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes the battle between the Pandavas and the Cauravas and how Abimanyu managed to penetrate the Cauravas seven tiered defense, but died because he did not know the way out. It is also mentioned in Indian Mythology. India won the championship defeating Iran in the finals gold. In India, kabaddi was primarily devised as a way to develop the physical strength and speed in young men. In the Gaminee format, a player touched, caught or out of bounds, has to remain out until all his team members are out. From the early times, Kabaddi has been a significant part of the tradition of modern India. Kabaddi (Hindi: कबड्डी, kabaḍḍī) is een sport die is ontstaan in India. The game was included in the South Asian Federation (SAF) games from the year 1984 at Dacca, Bangladesh. Teams take turns sending a "raider" to the opposite team's half. The 1st Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in the year 1980 and was included as a dem¬onstration game in the 9th Asian Games, New Delhi in the year 1982. Kabaddi is played in three styles – National Style Kabaddi, Beach Kabaddi and Circle Kabaddi. When any player is touched, goes out of bounds or is caught, he is not sent out of the court but point is awarded to the rival team. The modern game of Kabaddi has been played all over India and in some parts of South East Asia from 1930. Sports Magazine For Latest News & Updates – Live Scores. Holding the breath during the raid was an added element with many other rules and regulations as the modern game of Kabaddi evolved.

But, kabaddi has a more tragic history and is said to have its beginning some 3,000 to 5,000 years ago during the Kurukshetra War. Yes, this was the excitement after Jaipur Pink Panthers won. The Women's Kabaddi World Cup was first played in 2012 in Patna, Bihar, India. In Tamil Nadu, it is known as Kabaddi or ‘chadukudu,’ in Andhra Pradesh, it is prevalent as, ‘chedugudu.’ In the north in Punjab, it is got a name ‘kauddi,’ and in the eastern part of the country, it is popular as ‘hu-tu-tu.’. So far India is the unbeaten champion in Kabaddi World Cup. This is to win points by tackling members of the opposing team. If the raider is not able to get back to his own side, then he is considered "out". The game is played for a period of 40 minutes in 2 halves of 20 minutes each with a 5 minutes break (20-5-20). All rights reserved. Kabaddi is a contact team sport played between two teams of seven players each. It always irks me that almost nine out ten people I talk to about kabaddi have almost no inkling to the origin of kabaddi. India is the reigning champion in the succeeding Asian Games held in Hiroshima 1994, Bangkok 1998, and Busan 2002 & recently at Doha 2006 and created history in Indian sports by winning five consecutive Gold medals in the Asian Games so far. What was once considered a game of brawn is not so now.

Two ‘Tissot’ plasma scoreboards, info terminals for the presentation crew, the ceremony crew and the media were provided. Then the raider tries to return to his own half. Origin The origin of kabaddi can be traced to the pre-historic times. Read on to explore the history of kabaddi in India. Kabaddi gets its first international exposure in Berlin Olympics during the Hitler regime., Wikipedia:Lokale afbeelding anders dan op Wikidata, Wikipedia:Commonscat met paginatitel zelfde als op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. game of kabaddi in India. The core idea in the game of Kabaddi is to out-scoring the opponent on the scoreboard. The points can be scored by raiding into the opponent’s court and touching as many defensive players as possible in the opposition half without getting caught in a single breath. In 2008, both categories of Kabaddi, Men & Women were included in 1st Asian Beach Games, which was hosted by Indonesia at Bali. Points are awarded to the rival team in addition to having their out players being revived. In our country, sports have always been an important part of our culture. Women Kabaddi was included for the first time in the South Asian Games held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2006. As we know it, Modern Kabaddi is a synthesis of all these forms. Kabaddi Men & Women both was included in 1st Asian Beach Games being hosted by Indonesia in 2008 at Bali, India Won Both the Gold Medals of Men & Women Events. As the word spread, it reached the ears of Hitler’s minister Joseph Goebbels, who then convinced the Fuhrer to grant the Indian contingent a 20-minute audience to display their talent and the game of Kabaddi. It has earned itself different names in the different regions of the country. During its inception, kabaddi was played to boost the self-defense skills and to develop quick responsiveness to attacks. The boy who was hit chased the boy who hit him before hitting back and running away. According to the studies, people in ancient civilizations such as Chinese, Indus, Greek, Egyptians, and Mesopotamia always considered sports as an essential part of their lifestyle. Thereafter a committee was constituted in the year 1923, which amended the rules framed in 1921. the modernised version of Game was founded in Maharashtra. The game which once was considered a game of brawn is now viewed as a game of strategies and planning.

  Quetta Gladiators beat Islamabad United by 3 wickets, Karachi Kings beat Peshawar Zalmi by 10 runs, Multan Sultans beat Lahore Qalandars by 5 wickets, Peshawar Zalmi beat Quetta Gladiators by 6 wickets. India has been the torchbearer of this sport, but now it is played with equal fervor in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and several other countries.

The Circle Style Kabaddi was demonstration during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Kabaddi was included in the 2nd Asian Indoor games held at Macau from 25th October to 3rd November 2007. Another mention of Kabaddi can be found in Buddhist literature too, which further establishes the fact that the game of Kabaddi has always been played and practiced with much enthusiasm in ancient India. It is also said that Subadhra Devi decided to retire when Krishna was explaning the method of escaping from the Chakravyuha. The new body, Ama¬teur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) came in to existence from the year 1972 affiliated to Indian Olympic Association (IOA) with a view to popularize the game in India & neighboring countries of Asia. The extras in the scene were Nepalese kabaddi players and officials, who still talk about it fondly. The demonstration was made possible by the Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amaravati, Maharashtra.

They were left desired to introduce the sport in their countries as well due to thrill the game of Kabaddi provides.

The game in popular and played in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Korea, Argentina, Canada, U.K, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Indonesia and many more countries. It is said that Abhimanyu was the son of Arjuna and he learned the technique of attacking at Chakravyuha when he was a fetus in Devi Subhadra’s womb. It is an ancient game based on mass group strategy which is played in most of the countries in South East Asia.

There has been a gradual but significant change in the trends of the game since the past 50 years.

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