This system is likely twice the age of our own solar system. The way that this planet was found – by double-checking the false positives predicted by their algorithm- is interesting indeed. Een vergelijking tussen de aarde en Kepler-1649c. Now there are Earth-sized, Earth-temperature planets falling through the cracks in algorithms! Hipparcos reached a sensitivity level of milliarc seconds – unprecedented at the time and orders of magnitude better than could be achieved from the atmosphere swamped ground. De onderzoekers kwamen de bijzondere exoplaneet op het spoor door handmatig door oude Kepler-data heen te spitten. We already have a Mars in our system, why go 100 Parsecs to another one. Ashley. While previous searches with a computer algorithm misidentified it, researchers reviewing Kepler data took a second look at the signature and recognized it as a planet. “There is a planet on an orbit interior to Kepler-1649c, a super-Earth standing in relation to the former much as Venus does to the Earth.”. That requires sensitivity approaching sub microarc second levels ( < 0.3) . Everybody involved should give themselves a big pat on the back … then get back to poring over those files. But only examining such planets from (at least) flybys, orbit, and (best of all) their surfaces can give us detailed information, such as the chirality (“handedness”) of any organic compounds–or life–there. Day 23 of lockdown and I must be getting forgetful. For instance, giant moon that we’re not tidally locked to, so we get tides. As if that means we can draw all the conclusions we want . What’s going on here, I think, is mainly that our techniques for finding planets work best for low mass stars. If the planet has an inner core with its own rotation like Earth, what would repeated shifts of rotation speed and axis do to the outer core and magnetic field? The effects of the greater bombardment will also cause a larger percentage of volatiles to be buried deeper in the planet’s mantle. Het systeem blijkt nog een rotsachtige planeet van ongeveer dezelfde grootte te herbergen. Het team zocht daarnaast naar bewijs voor mogelijk een derde planeet, maar helaas nog zonder resultaat. The violent events leading up to the death of a star would likely drive away any planets. Kepler searched for planets using the transit method, staring at stars, looking for dips in brightness as planets passed in front of their host stars. I disagree with this because it runs up against the mediocrity. Reflecting on what you are saying about early phases of planetary existence ( vs. “life”) in a habitable zone: Would not the Earth as well experienced early cataclysmic conditions on its surface? But there is no other exoplanet that is considered to be closer to Earth in both of these values that also lies in the habitable zone of its system. That team reviews Robovetter's work, going through each false positive to ensure they are truly errors and not exoplanets, ensuring fewer potential discoveries are overlooked. When I think about this in terms of still turning over remaining rocks, the first thing that comes to mind, is what else can we extract from looking at Earth and the other terrestrial planets from deep space? And we still might be differing as to whether we are talking about microbes or little green men. 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