Snake made his way up to the third floor of the main building, where Dr. Kio Marv's transmitter seemed to be located. Much like Metal Gear Solid's Meryl's codec frequency on the back of the case, these require you to have the game manual to get past certain parts in the game. Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 07, 18. Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 07, 100. Snake, shocked by this new information, was also told that the leader of Zanzibar Land was, in fact, Big Boss who was also the former leader of Outer Heaven. The driving element of the gameplay is to stay unnoticed. Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 09, 102. Snake would spend the next five years alone in the Alaskan wilderness; meanwhile, Big Boss’ body is recovered and placed on ice by the Patriots. Format: MSX (1990), Mobile (1994), PS2 (2005) Snake frees Dr. Marv but is attacked by Gray Fox in the cockpit of the Metal Gear D, and though Snake is able to escape he catches up with the doctor too late and finds him tortured to death. Snake was able to subdue Madnar and found the OILIX formula that Dr. Marv had hidden in a MSX computer game cartridge. Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 08, 59. Contacting Madnar again, Snake was told to look for an STB agent named Gustava Heffner, who was acting as their bodyguard. ( Log Out /  Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 04, 97. Extract the Highly Skilled Soldier 03, 14. Sneaking past the Green Beret, Snake made his was into the building only to find a large cell that was completely unoccupied. Snake tried to comfort her, but then Madnar returned and the three continued on out of the sewers. Snake, using advice from Johan Jacobsen, used one of the B3 ration units as bait for the hamster nest to come out before disposing of them, leaving him clear to enter their nesting hole and retrieve the OILIX formula. Such steps proved unnecessary when Czech scientist, Dr. Kio Marv, successfully bio-engineered a new species of alga, OILIX, that could produce petroleum-grade hydrocarbons with little expense and efforts. In 1999, a great scientist named Kio Marv invented "oilix", a special petroleum-purifying substance that was supposed to help in the upcoming oil crisis. Snake went to the hangar specified by the child and found the missiles, before returning to the Hind D's heliport to shoot it down and destroy it. Solid Snake was brought out of retirement by FOXHOUND's new commander, Roy Campbell, and sent into Zanzibar Land to rescue Dr. Marv. In order to aid Snake's insertion, a diversion operation was held simultaneously at the Chinese border. His viewpoint was cold, yet logical:  Start a war, fan it's flames, create victims, save them, train them and send them back onto the battlefield. After gaining its independence from Russia in the Mercenary War, Zanzibar Land began attacking nuclear weapons disposal sites around the world, seizing weapons left intact, and becoming one of the world's few nuclear powers. Marv revealed his location, so Gustava and Snake teamed up, rescued Dr. Madnar and were en route to Marv's position when they were ambushed by Metal Gear. Since he had no way to fight off the Hind, Snake had to retreat and used advice from Holly to locate Stinger missiles in a small armory located in the swamp. ... 1999 Zanzibar Riot —In 1999, Dr. Kio Marv, inventor of the oil-refining microbe OILIX, was taken hostage by Zanzibar, a heavily armed nation in central Asia ruled by a minority ethnic group. The worlds oil is running low, it is considered a major crisis. Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 01, 52. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is an action adventure game for the MSX2. She told Snake that she had a clue to Marv's whereabouts which came in the form of a carrier pigeon on the roof. The two fight in a live minefield and Fox “dies” by Snake’s hand just in time for Big Boss to arrive and ruminate on the nature of war, the way he usually does. Snake opened the message attached to the pigeon's leg, which said "Help! Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 03, 54. Gustava asked Snake if he was married and he admitted to never having a family; then Gustava continued about how she joined the STB and had even killed a man. 1999 - Game = Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Two out of the three parts in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake can be solved using the tap codes (see the Tap Codes section), and another requires you to refer to a picture in the manual.

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