| Spring Man | Link debuted on February 21, 1986, with the Japanese release of The Legend of Zelda. Great Fairy | [31] In the game, Link is a teenage farm boy leading a fairly normal life in the pastoral village of Ordon until two of his friends, Colin and Ilia, are kidnapped by monsters. Candy Kong | Since the first instance of voice acting in the series (in Ocarina of Time), Link has been voiced by eight actors: Nobuyuki Hiyama in Ocarina of Time (as adult Link); Fujiko Takimoto in Ocarina of Time (as young Link), Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past and Four Swords for the Game Boy Advance and Minish Cap; Sachi Matsumoto in The Wind Waker; Akira Sasanuma in Twilight Princess; Yūki Kodaira in Spirit Tracks; Takashi Ōhara in Skyward Sword; Mitsuki Saiga in A Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening (the 2019 version only); and Kengo Takanashi in Breath of the Wild. Presumably, because they were childhood friends, Saria was quite caring towards Link even after seven years had passed. The Zora Kings swore an oath to watch over and guard the reservoir to protect the area from flooding which has remained unbroken for ten thousand years. MC Ballyhoo | The existence of multiple Links is made obvious on many occasions in the comics; for example, the introduction sequence of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker refers to an ancient, legendary champion identical in appearance to Link, and directly mentions the "Hero of Time" (a title given to Link in Ocarina of Time) as a historical entity. Funky Kong | Indeed, Link in wolf form can howl other songs from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in order to meet the Hero's Shade, hinting he actually knew them (although this could be because he learned them from the Howling Stones). Spirit Tracks takes place about a century from where Phantom Hourglass left off. Rivan is pleased Link is alive after a century of believing he perished during the Great Calamity. The two Oracle games begin very similarly, with Link traveling to the shrine of the Triforce. Knuckle Joe | This caused Link to become sworn brothers with Darunia which shows the new found respect that Darunia gained for his friend. The Skull Kid makes off with Link's Ocarina of Time, and in the subsequent chase, Link is transported into the parallel world of Termina, where the Skull Kid uses his magic to turn Link into a Deku Scrub. Link is a child sailing with Tetra and her crew in search of the Ghost Ship. He has come to Hytopia wearing a disguise to hide his heroic origins. Befitting the game's title, Link lives off the land in a survivalist fashion during his quest to save Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. This would explain why Link faces other adversaries aside from Ganon, with Zelda (or other members of the Royal Family) sometimes not being present to support the side of good in games such as as Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening and Tri Force Heroes The original Japanese text that Demise states is that his hatred and the Demon Tribe will go under an "evolution", which may mean the curse could involve other villains apart from Ganon himself. Learn more Go to official site for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch. After being frozen in time and allowed to age for seven years, Link has finally become old enough to hold the title Hero of Time. Zelda and Hilda are restored, though Hilda does not relent until Ravio appears. Link is the hero and primary protagonist of A Link Between Worlds. Though reluctant, Link eventually reveals to Zelda that with so many eyes on him, he felt he had to stay strong and silently bear the burden, a feeling that Zelda herself knew all too well. The group is forced to escape area in order to not be sucked into Subspace.

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