He uses narrative to emphasize this motif, while presenting several visual elements. I realized that this was just so much more compelling.”, Your email address will not be published. He instead impressed him with Girl with Ball, and Karp decided to represent Lichtenstein a few weeks later. The impetus for Look Mickey began four years earlier. In 1957 he used a projector to trace a large image of Mickey Mouse on his son’s bedroom wall. ), Look Mickey, with a subject looking at his reflection in the water, is a prominent example of the theme of vision. Artists such as Warhol continued to hold a presence in the art scene until well into the 1980s, and pop art is still a popular movement today. Look Mickey (also known as Look Mickey!) Ben Day dots were purchased as sheets of transfers and applied to drawings, and artists would use dot-grid screens to create depth and differing tones in their images. The characters of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Bugs Bunny were featured in earlier works: a series of paintings that were later destroyed, and drawings like Mickey Mouse I (1958) that mixed coarse strokes of pastel, crayon, and ink.In Look Mickey, Lichtenstein explored the idea of mechanical reproduction in the printing process, imitating the technique through the language of painting. One of the defining features of Lichtenstein’s work is his use of Ben Day dots. Finally, in 1961, this painting was fully realized, based on an illustration from the Little Golden Book Donald Duck Lost and Found (Golden Press, 1960). Lichtenstein admitted that the painting reflected his feelings on his professional status: “The subject of the painting is me”. The Making of a Masterpiece: Vincent van Gogh̵... Log in for artists (Singulart artists only). The following six years he worked in Cleveland as a draftsman and graphic designer. Soon to come would be the heavy black outlines and uniform dots that are the trademark of Lichtenstein's Pop Art style, and by 1964 he would have Life magazine, where Look Mickey was first "shown" to the world, asking, "Is he the worst artist in the U.S.?". Building on his late 1950s drawings of comic strips characters, Look Mickey marks Lichtenstein's first full employment of painterly techniques to reproduce almost faithful representations of pop culture and so satirize and comment upon the then developing process of mass production of visual imagery. Look Mickey, 1961. Sherman used a flash lab—a series of quickly rotating images—to teach students automatic recall to draw, stressing the connection between seeing and drawing. And as I was painting this painting I kind of got interested in organizing it as a painting and brought it to some kind of conclusion as an aesthetic statement, which I hadn’t really intended to do to begin with. In Look Mickey, Lichtenstein explored the idea of mechanical reproduction in the printing process, imitating the technique through the language of painting. In 1958 Lichtenstein created a series of five drawings (two of which appear in the gallery devoted to works on paper) featuring Mickey, Donald, and Bugs intermingled with brushy markings of pastel, crayon, and ink. All Rights Reserved. Is Lichtenstein attempting to affront fine art? During the late 1950s and early 1960s a number of American painters began to adapt the imagery and motifs of comic strips into their work. Lichtenstein’s image is ambiguous, the viewer can identify both with the narrator, Mickey, and the victim, Donald.The painting represented a radical stylistic shift in Lichtenstein’s art, who hoped that by presenting something completely different he would break through to the forefront of mainstream art. Roy Lichtenstein, Brushstroke, 1965, color screenprint on heavy, white wove paper, Gift of Roy and Dorothy Lichtenstein, 1996.56.139, Andy Warhol, Green Marilyn, 1962, acrylic and silkscreen ink on linen, Gift of William C. Seitz and Irma S. Seitz, in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art, 1990.139.1, Claes Oldenburg, Untitled (Ice Cream Cones), 1968, color lithograph with embossing on Rives BFK wove paper, Gift of Gemini G.E.L. Lichtenstein frequently explored vision-related themes after he began to work in the pop art genre; early examples include I Can See the Whole Room...and There's Nobody in It! Named after illustrator and printer Benjamin Henry Day Jr., the printing technique employs small colored dots grouped together as a way to inexpensively create a dominant color – for example, magenta dots are widely spaced in order to create the color pink. Walt Disney said about Donald Duck: "He's got a big mouth, a big belligerent eye, a twistable neck and a substantial backside that's highly flexible. I would just want to see what it looked like. In 1960, Allan Kaprow, an old friend and organizer of art “happenings,” introduced Lichtenstein to other artists with similar interests, including Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. By now the origins of the painting are legendary. Reflecting on the painting, Lichtenstein said: “The idea of doing [a cartoon painting] without apparent alteration just occurred to me… and I did one really almost half seriously to get an idea of what it might look like. According to the Lichtenstein Foundation, Look Mickey was based on the Little Golden Book series. American painter Allan Kaprow once stated, in reference to a Bazooka Double Bubble Gum wrapper, to Lichtenstein, "You can't teach color from Cézanne, you can only teach it from something like this." Behind him stands Mickey, stifling a giggle at his friend’s mistake. It was in the wake of the neo-dada movement that artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein emerged. Artist's Studio—Look Mickey (sometimes Artist's Studio, Look Mickey, Artist's Studio – Look Mickey or Artist's Studio No. Lichtenstein's 1961 works, especially Look Mickey, are considered a minor step from his earlier comic strip pop art. This is viewed as an allegory of Lichtenstein's position as an artist trained to develop his realist instincts despite the prominence of abstract expressionism. In the painting, Mickey and Donald are on a pier: Donald swings the fishing pole above his head thinking he caught a fish when in fact he snagged his coattail. Look Mickey has reflective elements that call upon Caravaggio's Narcissus. Widely regarded as the bridge between his abstract expressionism and pop art works, it is notable for its ironic humor and aesthetic value as well as being the first example of the artist's employment of Ben-Day dots, speech balloons and comic imagery as a source for a painting. The duck comes near being the animator's ideal subject.". In the image, Disney icons Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse stand on a pier. Loggy and Alex’s friendship in Miami’s redeveloping Liberty Square is threatened when Loggy learns that Alex is being relocated to another community. Or tried to. Although Lichtenstein continued to work with comic sources, after 1961 he avoided the easily identified sources like Popeye and Mickey Mouse. The painting was bequeathed to the Washington, D.C., National Gallery of Art upon Lichtenstein's death. August 21, 2011 by The Belated Nerd The above painting is widely recognized as Roy Lichtenstein ‘s first work to employ cartoon or comic book imagery. Stay up to date about our exhibitions, news, programs, and special offers. In 1940 he entered college at the school of fine arts at Ohio State University, where he was influenced by teacher and artist Hoyt Sherman. A common misconception about Lichtenstein comes from the fact that in his best known works, his meticulous approach to painting is purposely disguised because he superficially seeks his paintings to appear as if facsimiles of industrial produced pop culture icons. In Look Mickey, Lichtenstein confronts us with a scene in which the punch line comes at the expense of a popular icon—the ever-irascible Donald Duck. Widely regarded as the bridge between his abstract expressionism and pop art works, it is notable for its ironic humor and aesthetic value as well as being the first example of the artist's employment of Ben-Day dots, speech balloons and comic imagery as a source for a painting. He included the painting in his Artist's Studio—Look Mickey (1973), showing it hanging prominently on the wall of the pictorial space intended to depict his studio as the ideal studio, and implying that his popularity with critic and public ratifies his choice of popular culture subject matter. Textile Art: From Ancient Tapestries to Modern Politics, Susanna and the Elders: Gentileschi’s Dramatic Feminist Masterpiece, When Women Build: 4 Famous Women Architects and Their Work.

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