Passenger services are very limited. Pay careful attention to the vehicle as well as the driver; see how well the driver looks after it.
There are a high amount of car jackings and other crimes related to vehicles that occur after dark. Almost all cities in the country have taxis that regularly work as part of the transport system. In fact, local people love children and will be very accommodating. For those who are really interested in nature and wildlife, it can be done, but it just takes a bit of planning. Casual clothing, not shorts and vests, is probably the best way to go. read about lockdowns and border restrictions. The private hospitals in Antananarivo are probably the best option for you, and closest to what you know. A good place to meet other travellers is in the vibrant bars and other hangouts in Nosy Be, Nosy Borha and there’s a travel community in Taomasina and Tulear, too. It is also important to take the weather into account, too, especially during cyclone season – from November to April – when strong winds and heavy rainfall effect (mainly) coastal areas. Make sure to always keep the windows to your room closed or you may find a bunch of your things missing at the hands of these cute but cunning little bandits. When you hire a driver, the car comes with them. It’s important, however, to really consider the safety of your children on a trip to Madagascar. Because of violent incidents in the area of north of Fort Dauphin, as well as along the west coast between Belo sur Tsiribihina and Toliara, as well as around the township of Betroka, there are armed forces involved in the area. There is a variety of things to use. Highlights are ile st marie, fort dauphin and the coast around tulear. These do exist and it is not a cop out. Surfers will enjoy the socialising in Antsiranana and Taolagnaro. Do your research to find good places to live and base yourself when in the country. Steer clear of street disturbances and keep in mind that large scale looting has been reported as a result of the political unrest the country is experiencing. The island of Madagascar, located off the coast of Africa, is an unexpected tourist spot that is worth visiting. There are lots of muggings and kidnappings after the 2009 coup. Make sure you pack plenty of medicines from home. Only eat things that you can cook and peel yourself. The local people will know where foreigners will be accepted, and where is safe (or not), and will be very worthwhile to your time in Madagascar. Eating things from market stalls that have already been peeled are a good way to upset your stomach. You should also be very careful when traveling in bush taxis as they have also been reported for robbing passengers. However, there has been some political turmoil that leads to massive unemployment which, in turn, lead to a rise in crime, especially petty crime and armed robberies. The intense nature, rich history, poverty, culture and endangered wildlife all make for a pretty intoxicating cocktail that would attract any adventurous traveller. The highest number of tourists ever recorded was in 2008 (the year before the coup), when the country saw 375,000 visitors to the country. In Nosy Be and Antsohihy, for example, robberies occurring in broad daylight have occurred on beaches.
Much of Madagascar is still wild and undeveloped, with mountains, lush forests and vibrant coral reefs waiting to be explored. It’s a real cocktail of culinary traditions, from the earliest Bornean influences and Arab twists on cooking, to French gastronomy later on.

We can’t stress this enough. However, it definitely is not a trip that is going to be in any way normal. Don’t let it pass you by! Madagascar is definitely a country of contrasts. If you need medical assistance, you should contact your embassy or consulate and ask them for a list of recommended medical practitioners and facilities; you should also make sure to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Therefore, in the world of money belts, our favourite is definitely the Active Roots Security Belt. The problematic spots where armed robberies have been reported are areas around the capital, Antananarivo and southern districts of Toliara and Fianarantsoa provinces. There is a lot about Madagascar that you have to watch out for.

When it comes to armed robberies, bear in mind that armed bandits tend to position themselves on major routes after dark in order to ambush vehicles, or even stage breakdowns, that way blocking the roadway and forcing drivers to slow down. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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