"[120] Solidus Snake was voiced by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese version and by John Cygan in the English translation. Crying Wolf is voiced by Eriko Hirata in the Japanese version and by Debra Wilson in the English translation. The testing enabled the girl to create split personalities that people can mistake them as twins due to their different hair colors (Elisa has gold hair, where Ursula's hair is silver). Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. The End is voiced by Osamu Saka in the Japanese version and by J. [39] His "immortality" is revealed to be caused by nanomachines in his body that heal all of his wounds at an extraordinarily fast rate (augmenting his natural healing abilities). In the English translation, Naked Snake is voiced by David Hayter (for the Metal Gear Solid prequels) and by Kiefer Sutherland (in Metal Gear Solid V). He also uses his hornets to shield himself and create the form of a body double to confuse and draw his opponents into the open. This has utterly numbed her to bloodshed and has spawned an obsession with laughter, particularly during battle. Mei Ling is also one of Snake's support crew in Super Smash Bros. [87] Raiden reappears in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots as the new version of Cyborg Ninja who supports Old Snake. [97] Rosemary also supports Raiden by providing information about the Big Shell facilities and the other characters Raiden encounters in the game. Despite FOX being shut down, XOF continued in secret, carrying out ultra-sensitive and illegal operations as a covert division of Cipher. Amanda Valenciano Libre (アマンダ・バレンシアノ・リブレ, Amanda Barenshiano Ribure) assumes command of the FSLN after her father (their leader) is killed. Sunny Emmerich (サニー・エメリッヒ) is a gifted prodigy. The Pain (ザ・ペイン, Za Pein) has the ability to control hornets at his will, through the buzzing of a queen hornet that he keeps in his backpack. Its primary members consist of Solid Snake, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich and Mei Ling. The series follows mercenary Solid Snake given government missions of finding the Metal Gear weapon, resulting in encounters with Gray Fox and Venom Snake in Outer … His predictions also seem to be susceptible to change, stating that Snake has a large place in Meryl's heart, but cannot see if their futures lie together. His appearance enables him to convert the energy from firearms and explosive rounds into powerful attacks. [58], In the game of Metal Gear Solid 4, Johnny now has the nickname Akiba (アキバ) and is a member of Meryl's Rat Patrol Team 01. Raiden snipes Vamp, but before falling into the sea, Vamp fatally stabs Emma in the stomach. Khamsin’s body from the waist down is replaced with connectors to his mech suit, which wields a chainsaw/battle-axe hybrid heavy enough to require built-in rocket boosters to swing. Also, his face is revealed for the first time in the series. The Diamond Dogs' logo consists of a profile shot of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog sat upon a cut diamond, finished off with a yellow scroll featuring the words "Diamond Dogs.". Upon reaching a refugee camp, she was driven insane by her grief and by the cries of children. She later met Huey while working in the Mercury program. He is rescued by Venom Snake from Soviet forces, enabling him to help in the expansion of the new Diamond Dogs mercenary group, wearing a large trenchcoat and beret while walking with a limp having lost his left leg and right arm. In the Jetstream DLC, Armstrong is revealed to be the one who cut off Sam's arm. He is present when MSF is attacked by the XOF forces, though Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain confirms that Emmerich managed to escape the chaos, eventually developing a cybernetic leg-harness to gain the ability to walk. The organization is initially formed by Zero with Big Boss, Sigint, Para-Medic, Ocelot and EVA as founding members. Galvez helps out the MSF as they slowly uncover the Peace Sentinels' true motives in Costa Rica. In Metal Gear Solid, he is revived from death as the Cyborg Ninja to confront and aid Solid Snake several times before finally being killed by Liquid Snake via Metal Gear REX. However, since he is still a child, he is overwhelmed by these emotions and becomes a slave to the will of whoever is expressing them. Meryl returns in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots as Rat Patrol Team One's commander. Gray Fox (グレイ・フォックス, Gurei Fokkusu, spelled "Grey Fox" in the MSX2 versions), also known as Frank Jaeger (フランク・イェーガー, Furanku Yēgā, spelled "Frank Yeager" in the MSX2 version), the Cyborg Ninja (サイボーグ忍者, Saibōgu Ninja) and Null (ヌル, Nuru), was a high-ranking agent of FOXHOUND. As Raiden meets with him, Fatman reveals that he wishes to become the world's most famous bomber by surpassing Stillman. The President reveals that he was actually a willing accomplice in the terrorist act, his vital signs being the input codes to activate Arsenal Gear (the new version of Metal Gear housed in Big Shell), but was imprisoned after a conflict of interest with Solidus Snake as Johnson wanted power whereas his predecessor preferred rebelling altogether. His character was most likely named after a character in Paul Auster's New York Trilogy. An argument results in Chico wandering around the forest and his capture by the Peace Sentinels. Kyle Schneider (カイル・シュナイダー, Kairu Shunaidā) (known simply as Schneider in the original Metal Gear) is the leader of a resistance movement against Outer Heaven in Metal Gear, who helps Solid Snake as a radio contact alongside fellow resistance members Diane (ダイアン, Daian) and Jennifer (ジェニファー, Jenifā). In Peace Walker, the character, who is now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gets in touch with Big Boss when Peace Walker launches false nuclear launch data. Metal Gear Solid 4 revealed that the Patriots were created from Zero's paranoia in the form of four computer AIs: TJ, TR, AL and GW controlled by fifth proxy AI JD. In Metal Gear Solid 4, Solidus's brain-dead body is used, along with fellow clone Liquid Snake's remains, to reconstruct Big Boss's comatose, severely burned body to its original appearance, and later as a decoy to protect him. [6], During their debuts, player-characters Solid Snake and Raiden are meant to represent the player while in the following titles they acquire more defined personalities. Johnny's character is never named in the game and is listed only in the ending credits as Johnny Sasaki. Jonathan's death comes to traumatize Snake deeply, further shaping the ideals and principles that Snake comes to uphold as Big Boss. Sundowner is voiced by Ken Nishida in Japanese and by Crispin Freeman in English. Gene is the commander of FOX and the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Initially, Skull Face became an agent of the XOF organisation created by Zero to covertly help the FOX unit in mission providing Intel, providing support in Naked Snake's missions in 1964 but he grew resentful of the accumulated fame while a lowly information officer would not be remembered due to Cipher keeping him in the shadows. He has a pet parrot (an Alexandrine parakeet) who can alert him to Snake's presence. His identity and nationality are initially unknown, and he claims to have forgotten his native language, though he is able to speak Hungarian and is later revealed to have been born in Transylvania before reverting to Romanian control. [191] In 2013, GamesRadar praised the character roles of Steven Armstrong, The Boss, Psycho Mantis and Revolver Ocelot/Liquid Ocelot, placing them in their list of 100 best villains in video games. The End is the only member of the Cobras who will not kill the player under any circumstances; he only uses tranquilizing rounds and will throw Snake in a jailcell when he is defeated. Paz hijacks Metal Gear ZEKE and tries to launch a nuclear warhead at the US East Coast with the intention of framing MSF as being an extremist cult under Cipher's orders. [62] During the game, Raiden can hear Johnny talking using a directional mic in Big Shell. [18] Solid Snake is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese version and by David Hayter in the English translation.[11][13]. After her fight with Solid Snake, it is revealed that Psycho Mantis was controlling her mind as a result of her insanity. Colonel Skowronski is voiced by Tetsu Inada in Japanese and by Nick Jameson in English. Vamp is voiced by Phil LaMarr in the English translation. During Peace Walker, he tries to prove himself to his sister and the FSLN rebels despite his age. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he came to America looking for a job. After a series of ordeals, Raiden finally meets the President in the Shell 2 Core. Dr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich was the chief engineer of Metal Gear REX. He possesses a red bionic right hand with built-in lighter and also can be launched like a rocket. His most prominent ability is to magnetically dislocate his entire body to attack from a distance. His remains are cremated when his body's parasites still exhibited life signs, ultimately ending him. Vladimir Zadornov is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka in Japanese and by Steven Blum in English. Formed by then-President George Sears (Solidus Snake), Dead Cell's original purpose was to prepare military bases for surprise attacks by holding unannounced training sessions. In Metal Gear Solid, she gives Solid Snakefamous Chinese proverbs when he saves his game, such as "You must cross the river before telling the crocodile it has bad breath." During her interrogation she undergoes extreme torture, and the surgical implanting of explosive devices in her abdomen and womb. The original iteration that appeared in the original Metal Gear game is located 200 kilometers north of the fictional region of Garzburg, South Africa. Peter Stillman (ピーター・スティルマン, Pītā Sutiruman) is a former NYPD bomb disposal expert working for the Bund Patrol and the former mentor of Fatman. He uses nanomachines to enhance his strength and change his skin to metal, reducing the effectiveness of attacks. Outside of video games, the team has inspired a New York rock-jazz fusion band to take FOXHOUND as their name, as well as inspiring replica clothing company AbbyShot Clothiers to create the "Foxhound Coat", a replica of Liquid Snake's trench coat from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.[176]. Decoy Octopus (デコイ・オクトパス, Dekoi Okutopasu) is a member of FOXHOUND seen in Metal Gear Solid. Some of her other well known roles include Lian Xing in the Syphon Filter series (since Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain ), Katma Tui in the Justice League and Charisse in Charizard The Dragon EX: Revolution and WindFlash Heroes . [101] Vamp was originally designed as a woman, but when the character of Fortune was introduced, the design was changed to that of a man, although the long black hair was retained,[102] with the finished model being based on dancer Joaquín Cortés. Following the Guns of the Patriots Incident, he became the adoptive father of Sunny. Gustava Heffner (グスタヴァ・ヘフナー, Gusutava Hefunā), originally named Natasha Marcova (ナターシャ・マルコバァ, Natāsha Marukobaa) in the MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2, is a former professional figure skater. Master Miller (マスター・ミラー, Masutā Mirā) is a drill instructor and survival coach. Chico has an interest in cryptozoology, is the one who briefs Snake on Monster Hunter missions and is in love with Paz Andrade. Mei Ling first appeared in the game Metal Gear Solid. [181] Solid Snake has also appeared in multiple lists of best characters in gaming history,[182][183] while Raiden and Revolver Ocelot were found as characters who should have their own spin-off games. A doctor by trade with a moderate degree of political science knowledge, he gradually undermines Major Zero's authority and prepares his own rebellion.

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