The leading exponent  of Baroque painting in Cordoba maintained a close relationship with the Cathedral throughout his life. He was also author of the three large works found in the chapel of Santa Teresa: Martyrdom  of Saints Acisclus and Victoria, Appearance of Saint Raphael to Father Roelas and Delivery of Cordoba to Fernando III "the Saint". Antigua Conception Chapel, also called Capilla del Rosario. Ne... ESPAÑOL "The notion that our work is an integral part of what we achieve takes us to the very limits our musings about the valu... VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL "A building becomes iconic when its form is simple and unique. One of the main features of the mosques is the placement of the mihrab, the sanctuary qibla pointing in the direction of Mecca. CORDOBA Plaza de San Juan, 4, Córdoba 14003. The second part of the mosque is the interior of it. His memory is also embodied in two inscriptions located at  the site. However, this decision was made not only for religious reasons but also for political ones, as a demonstration of the power of the emirate of Cordoba. The shafts of pink and blue marble are alternated. It is also the only intact minaret of Qurtuba; The rest, such as that of Santa Clara or San Lorenzo or that of the Alhama Mosque itself, were so modified over time that it is difficult to ascribe them to the emirate or caliphal art. 1238: Consecration of the temple and cathedral. Carlos V and Bishop Manrique agreed on the need to preserve the mosque for its great architectural value. Raphael appeared to a local priest in 1578 and named himself the town guardian and promptly saved the place from the plague. The origin of this type of action seems to be in the Roman aqueduct of Los Milagros, Merida. In. Meanwhile, with regard to the Bishops Agapio and Eleuterio, we know of their attendance at the 3rd Council of Toledo. . Under the patio of orange trees a large cistern that provides and ensures the necessary water for the purification of Muslims before entering the mosque is located. At the end of the century X Almanzor conducted the last major extension of the building of the mosque of Córdoba. The inner area is divided into five parts, each corresponding to the successive enlargements that the mosque has had throughout its history. The early death of Al-Hakam II led to Prince Hisham II coming to the helm of Caliphate power, although at that time was only eleven years old. The mosque was founded in 1147 by the Almohad caliph Abd al-Mu'min right after he conquered Marrakesh from the Almoravids.A second version of the mosque was entirely rebuilt by Abd al-Mu'min around 1158, with Ya'qub al-Mansur possibly finalizing construction of the minaret around 1195. This time specially commissioned materials were used for the work, instead of reusing materials from other buildings. In this way the Visigoth site and the exact location of the Basilica of San Vicente Martyr was demonstrated. The site of the original mosque and the Patio de los Naranjos were two of the areas where this action was focussed, On 2 November 1984, UNESCO declared the Mosque-Cathedral a "World Heritage Site". Currently the minaret is inside the Christian bell tower, and although no longer can see their appearance, the drawings and by the testimony left by the relief of the spandrels of the Puerta de Santa Catalina is known. Some of its remains are still preserved inside the current tower, This is the material witness to the splendour of Caliphate of Cordoba. The courtyard of ablutions was expanded at the same time, A new minaret was built, which according to sources reached a height of 47 metres. Because of the pressures facing this wall was built from the beginning doubly to ensure its robustness. Later in the century, under the Caliphate of Al-Hakam II, culture and the aesthetic and literary arts was encouraged. In the early days of the Oratory arches they were open, creating a patio. Another testimony of his contribution to the building is the Processional Cross which is preserved in the Cathedral Treasury. It is a square tower built of solid stone blocks (ashlars), but its most notable decorative features are the twin horseshoe arches with marble columns. In this complex you can see the extensive life and history of architecture. This humanist and Renaissance painter held the position of prebendary of the Cathedral from the year 1577 to 1608. Combines both the Umayyad style Spain as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles of the Christian tradition because of its long history and evolution over time. This first body was a line of blind caliphs, which are not appreciable except for the three columns that are still visible. Qibla no longer built double. patio. enlarge the complex to the east, adding eight new naves and expanding the Some places in the world take you back to times past and this one is among them. It consists of a base of marble, stucco and richly colored on a background of gold, bronze, silver and copper Byzantine mosaics. Damaged after a storm, it was arranged by the Cathedral Chapter in 1593. This first body was a line of blind caliphs, which are not appreciable except for the three columns that are still visible. The Alminar de San Juan is a minaret of a primitive Islamic mosque located in the San Juan Square. One of these skylights is located on the Chapel of Villaviciosa. His contribution is also evident in the configuration of the courtyard, where he introduced an innovative garden concept meaning that from that moment it was called "Patio de los Naranjos", in reference to the orange trees. 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This could be due to the terrain along the river Guadalquivir, to the influence of the Great Mosque of Damascus, Syria; or the location of the Roman Cardo of Córdoba. Moreover, one highlight in his role as painter was the creation of the Holy Supper, although also attributed to him are the Baptism of Jesus in the chapel of the Holy Spirit and the paintings on the altarpiece in the chapel of Santa Ana. The original Muslim chapel was built following a Basilica layout and was structured into eleven naves perpendicular to the Qibla wall, The need to call the faithful to prayer is embodied in the construction of a minaret, the first in al-Andalus. The architect enveloped the old minaret in a thick wall and built the body of bells, Bishop Francisco de Reinoso suggested a courtyard-garden concept, arranged in three squares that are structured through paths. The Sevillian sculptor, after making a life-sized chair model, won the competition which allowed him to create the choir stalls.

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