Hoo boy, Craven and company stumbled across a deep, fetid swamp of teenage terrors. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Before the show’s second season — cheekily titled Stranger Things 2, like the second in a slasher series — finally shows up on October 27, why not sate your Stranger thirst by watching the works in its (jugular) vein? Please click the link below to receive your verification email. — and a murderously good soundtrack (including the shirtless sax anthem “I Still Believe,” the inspiration for Jon Hamm’s SNL skit “Sergio”), it may well be the most enjoyable “teens vs. monsters” flick on this list, which is saying something. While elements of the film’s gender politics have aged poorly, it remains one of the tightest combinations of big-idea science fiction and down-and-dirty belly laughs ever put onscreen — thanks largely to co-writer and star Dan Aykroyd, both a Saturday Night Live co-founder and a real-life paranormal expert. One of the all-time great King adaptations, it’s based on his debut novel about a religiously repressed teen outcast who discovers she has incredible telekinetic powers, but wants nothing more than to fit in — until bullies provoke her into a murderous rampage. A Spooky Guide to All the New Horror Streaming This October. The mother-daughter material here is white-hot with emotion, particularly when you factor in older investigators played by Beatrice Straight and Zelda Rubinstein; unlike Stranger Things, Poltergeist directly indicts the American Dream, laying the blame at the feet of the rapacious real-estate developer who built the family home. |, July 25, 2020 “They’re heeeeere …” At the same time Spielberg was working on the wholesome science-fantasy of E.T., he was also collaborating with Texas Chainsaw Massacre auteur Tobe Hooper on this nightmarish demolition of the Reagan-era nuclear family. is its John’s Gospel: It may be less directly influential than other films in terms of the show’s surface-level horror-film aesthetic, but it has the heart and soul that moved people more than its more straightforwardly spooky analogues — and which ST is clearly attempting to evoke. With a vibrant cast from across the entertainment spectrum — Kiefer Sutherland! The sentient-plant biology of the Demogorgon owes a hell of a lot to the so-called “pod people,” as does the horticultural hellscape of the Upside Down. It’s neither one of King’s best books, nor one of his most highly regarded film adaptations. | Rating: 3/5 During the long, hot summer of 1948, Dr. Faraday travels to Hundreds Hall, home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries. A guide to the horror-centric streaming service’s most chilling offerings. Paperhouse is what I think of when Stranger Things is at its best. | Rating: 4/5 He's made a movie that's a Brexit Britain parable about the intoxicating, if futile, allure of national identity. Here Are All the Movies Delayed Because of the Coronavirus. But it influenced Stranger Things in at least two distinct ways: The maverick researcher played by William Hurt subjects himself to sensory-deprivation experiments similar to those that help Eleven unlock the voidlike pathway to the Upside Down, while the stunning title sequence by Richard Greenberg (Alien, The Dead Zone) was a direct reference for the series’s own memorable opening credits. (He’s a way less wacky guy in the original than he becomes in subsequent installments, for what it’s worth.)

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