To me, “Manos” is the epitome of this kind of filmmaking. Whatever else they grow, every gardener has an opinion about tomatoes.

I’m not a medium, I’m a petite says: That would probably be Starfighters, or one of the Coleman Francis films. You could commit grand larceny and eat a Mentos and you would be alright. Didn’t he notice Torgo’s big knees/cloven hoof feet? I always thought those Mentos commercials were so bizarre. • Then topical: “The Tasters Choice saga.” Remember when people cared about THAT nonsense? • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Shorts Vol. “I remember one of the first things that Harry drilled into me…” A bonus disc featuring Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Shorts, Volume 3 ( Speech: Using Your Voice , Aquatic Wizards , Is This Love? Call back: While Maggie is looking at herself in the mirror, Tom softly sings “Never Steal Anything Wet” from Catalina Caper. Factory's releases of the movies on their own on DVD.

then after seeing Mike eps, I did some research and realized what was going on. (Released February 15, 2011)(Re-release, previously available as a single from Rhino). Does Joel really know the limit of the sort of evil the Mads might try?”. I’m beginning to sober up and you’re scaring me. “There’s been a lot of “Manos” news, including the sequel (featuring cast members from the original movie) that now seems to have sputtered out…”. And would you still want to eat it after imagining what method he might use? It’d otherwise be a pretty soft and anticlimactic thing. If you (the in-general “you” (“Not you SPECIFICALLY…”) happened to acquire a snuff film, a film that you played absolutely no part in directing, producing, or even selling, wouldn’t you be at least a bit morbidly curious? My many brides do attest Invention exchange: The Mads present the chocolate bunny guillotine; J&tB show off the cartuner Of course, all of the music really out of place.

• "The Complete Poopie! • Footage from the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con International reunion panel. Will The Master allow them to have conjugal visits?

• Then topical: “The Tasters Choice saga.” Remember when people cared about THAT nonsense?
“MANOS” was made by “MST3K,” and in kind “MANOS” continues to make “MST3K” every time a new recruit into The Brains’ work (either via “MST3K,” Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic or anyone) rents/buys/borrow a DVD/Blu-ray copy and takes a spin. • The last issuance of The Cartuner isn’t really that strange: It sounds pretty much like something Gary Larson would have actually done (if he wasn’t afraid of getting sued by the Bil Keane empire). For the second convention we got more ambitious and I went as Xeno and my wife was evil queen Lara, both characters from Outlaw (of Gor).

Not that the riffing is funnier in the movie than the short (I’d put them about even), but simply because of how spectacularly bad Manos is.

And every MSTie has an opinion about “‘Manos’ The Hands of Fate.” So much has been written about this awful, awful movie, and this justly famous episode, that it’s hard to make a fresh observation, but here are a few thoughts. Their best just isn’t enough. Host segment 3: Joel dons a Manos cape, Dr. F. apologizes • New Interview With The Pumaman Star Walter G. Alton, Jr. • New Introductions By Joel Hodgson, About Joel Hodgson’s Riffing Myself, • Stinger of Death: Making The Black Scorpion, • Writer of Gor: The novels of John Norman, • Director of Gor: On Set with John Bud Cardos, • Producer of Gor: Adventures With Harry Alan Towers, • Shock to the System: Creating The Projected Man, • Extended Trailer for 'The Frank' Music Video, 510 – The Painted Hills (with short: Body Care and Grooming), 912 – The Screaming Skull (with short: Robot Rumpus), 1012 – Squirm (with short: A Case of Spring Fever), • Interview with Squirm star Don Scardino, • This Film May Kill You: Making The Screaming Skull, • Bumper to Bumper: Turkey Day Through the Years, • Theatrical Trailers for The Screaming Skull and Squirm, 520 – Radar Secret Service (with short: Last Clear Chance), • Barnum of Baltimore: The Early Films of Joseph E. Levine, 313 – Earth vs. the Spider (with short: Speech: Using Your Voice), • This Movie Has Legs: Looking Back At Earth Vs.

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