An epidural block decreases feeling in the lower body. When the next contraction came, though, I birthed the rest of my son’s body. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was after my third daughter was born and I got to experience it for the first time! It is always important to remember that any intervention increases the chances of others. I was up and moving around very soon after I delivered, and my recovery was very quick. During my epidural birth, the nurses woke me up from sleep to tell me it was time to push my baby out. But boy, were my natural births so different! There are many pain management options that women can elect during childbirth. I felt like I was floating on clouds, mentally and emotionally. However, this perfect balance can be difficult to achieve, and it can be more difficult to bear down and push your baby through the birth canal after having an epidural. Slower labor may result in the use of Pitocin, for example, and difficulty in pushing can lead to an increased chance of forceps delivery or vacuum extraction. Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn, 4th edition. Labor can certainly be intense and exhausting, and epidurals offer one type of assistance in managing what can be an overwhelming experience. Web. 23 Apr. So different, in fact, that I decided to write a whole blog post about it. It can decrease the feeling of needing to push, as well as the ability to feel the muscles you’re supposed to push with. A very pleasant-faced nurse came into the room to talk to us. Your Pregnancy Week by Week, 7th edition. I found it quite humorous (again, no disrespect if you’re a nurse) that my body was completely doing it’s own thing and neither the nurses nor I could stop it. Simkin, P. (2010). I couldn’t really feel what I was doing, and they kept telling me I needed to push harder and harder. Medicated vs. Natural Birth Statistics: What Percentage of Women Have an Epidural? It is also possible for the anesthetic to accidentally be injected into pregnancy-swollen veins. Some women know ahead of time that they will likely choose an epidural, and wonder if there’s any reason for them to consider childbirth classes. The side effects listed above may lead to more intervention than with an unmedicated birth. A. Using her nursing background and 11+ years of experience teaching birthing classes, Katie has become an expert in the field of natural hospital birth. It takes time for the anesthesiologist to come once you’ve asked for an epidural, and then it takes time for the epidural to start working after. You will get an education in what is happening to your body and your baby’s during your pregnancy. The oldest telos of childbirth itself – “be fruitful and multiply” – is technological. I learned that medical interventions like epidurals and other pain meds can block your body’s release of this hormone (makes sense). But let’s explore the two options so you can have a better understanding of the reasons for each. You’ll learn what to expect as labor draws near and begins. What I enjoyed most about this class was that we were able to pick the majority of our topics. . Read 6 different birth stories from one mom — 5 were natural births and 1 was epidural birth. Childbirth was never designed to be a painful experience. 202. Let’s discuss those things so that you can have some knowledge to help you make the most informed decision. Katie Griffin, Founder of Kopa Birth,® is a Registered Nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and mom of 6. The catheter is left behind, and medication can be delivered through it. Natural Childbirth vs Epidural: What is an Epidural? I didn’t get to experience this with my first two births, so I didn’t even know this existed. There are so many valid reasons for choosing an epidural, and making that choice is not a failure. They then proceeded to tell me to push, and I did so for about 30 minutes. On average, more women opt for an epidural than no pain medications. She is not restricted to the bed, may use the bathroom, eat and drink, walk the halls, use water or a birth ball to relax, and more. And when it actually came time to birth my baby, my experience was as different as night and day from my epidural birth. (2010). Looking, population an axiological ... Again, these are rare occurrences. There are no risks to delivering without medication. But don’t just take my word for it! Where an epidural makes some women feel helpless, unable to make her own choices or potentially even to move her own body, a woman in a natural childbirth setting retains control. The knowledge and skills gained from a good childbirth class are valuable to all laboring women. This is likely because the mother’s movements position the baby better than if she’d been either unable to move or unable to feel. However, the prospect of giving birth can sometimes leave expectant mothers feeling anxious and confused. Here are the 3 biggest differences between my epidural birth and natural birth. Glade, B.C., Schuler, J. During my epidural birth, the nurses woke me up from sleep to tell me it was time to push my baby out. Web. The answer is that a good childbirth class contains great information and tools for everyone! It’s where you have this rush of what feels like adrenaline after you give birth and it gives you a supply of energy for the next several hours. It is, without question, one of the most physically taxing things that most women will experience in their lifetime. Web. Check out “5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Childbirth in Just 8 Weeks.”  Or get your feet wet by taking a free 1-hour long online birthing class through Kopa Birth! It is a personal decision that each woman must make for herself. Some women who have had both medicated and unmedicated births describe that they felt more connected during their natural childbirth vs epidural birth. (2005). When I was in labor with my third daughter and finally felt the need to push, it’s like my body just took over. Unmedicated births tend to go a little more quickly, reasons a woman might choose natural childbirth. Your Pregnancy and Childbirth Month to Month, 5th edition, 3. 5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Childbirth in Just 8 Weeks. The CDC conducted a study in 2008 revealing that 61% of women receive an epidural or spinal anesthesia. Register today to view Class #1 of the KOPA® PREPARED online childbirth class for FREE!

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