Cooper was in the midst of his rehab, and as the weeks turned into months and more uncertainty prevailed, Cooper’s final season was in doubt. It wasn’t about blocking or tackling, however. *, Another coach chasing points in the 3rd quarter*, ACB's fault. Thanks IB. When I wear that Block “0” it’ll be in honor of a great Ohio State Buckeye and it will represent Ohio State University and all my teammates and coaches. COLUMBUS – Defensive lineman Jonathon Cooper will be the first Ohio State player to wear the No. In two weeks, Cooper gets the reward for that when he puts on the uniform – with a brand new No. 2020. Hopefully we get more Saturdays like this. var znscr = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; zergnet.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? Don’t wish it on anyone. *, Given the stiff B1G Covid protocols and given we have a legit NC preference for post game, on field activities, So ND was Clemson's Big Game this year? *, Dodgers still have to win one more. I have followed The Ozone since late 1996. :-) :-) :-) Thumbs-Up Jimbo!! *, WTF? znscr.parentNode.insertBefore(zergnet, znscr); *, Haha, of course. Advertisements. Buy now high quality fake louis vuitton bags. For the third time in just over a year, Ohio State has added a transfer to bolster what had been a thin area on its offensive depth chart. Adeleye is a four-star recruit…, The last issue of Recruiting Commentary dealt with the defensive line. Couldn't believe this guy was the best they had to offer.. *, I thought they cleared Daniels, though he might not be game ready anyway*, thought so too - tho a tweet just said Mathis was warming up a couple possessions ago *, He is not ready conditioning and mentally but he will have to play *, What was UGAs safety thinking with that corner blitzing *, I thought UGA was the one with the good D.*, Fast Bama receiver had no problem getting behind the secondary. I was shocked when researching & finding*, OSU scored a boatload of points against some bad teams like NW. *, About 12 hours. 0 – to begin his final season. 39 Shares. Their Gunnar Hoak is what you are seeing tonight *, Thanks, that makes sense. The unofficial start of a new season of Ohio State football. The Ozone, The Buckeye Fans source of timely Ohio State Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball information, statistics, rosters, and commentary. Yikes *, other than we don't like either, is there any rooting interest for us Buckeye fans in this bama/uga game? *, Glad that they lost to a coach from O-H-I-O! Then Clemson scored 45 straight. Take the blowout loser out*, Don't think so. Bennett is hilarious (link) *, Yeah, this ain't Dantonio's Spartans. *, Aside from 3 seasons under G. Stallings they were good but not great for 20 years(m), Don't discount the value of "immediancy" in the evaluation. "https:" : "http:") + '//'; Cooper would play in one more game and then shut it down for the rest of the season and come back as a fifth-year senior in 2020. Williams (6-3.5, 317) is from…, OSU’s 2020 football recruiting class took a big hit today when defensive end Tunmise Adeleye (6-3, 245) announced his decommitment. *, Lived through 73/74/75/79/98/15/19 but 95/96 seasons just kill me. All Rights Reserved | Was Optimized for Speed by WpFASTER, Was Optimized for Speed by WpFASTER. He is a OSU hater. [Front Page] I actually like all of those fight songs *, No surprise they waved off the targeting on the clemson lb. But I think (m), Someone is clanking a metal garbage can lid in our neighborhood. It wasn't even close*, No its not, but typical ND call in their favor. })(); ©1996 Ozone Communications LLC. Five on October 15. Registration is now required for posting! We're looking at huge game to end the year between currently undefeated Liberty, Winner should play BYU, and that winner play UC for 4th playoff spot with OSU, Clemson, Bama/Ga winner*, With 3m remaining South Carolina is currently up 8, instead of 9, because Boy Genius is calling the shots (m), Good thing the competition was G. Malzahn and Bo Nix *, Auburn is going to get the ball back with ~ 2:30 remaining. They are rolling *. :-) *, I stand corrected. :- *, I think they are in about the same position talent-wise as Indiana. COLUMBUS, Ohio – At a place as steeped in history as Ohio State, it is especially impactful when a new tradition is started – especially when it has a direct connection to the past. . })(); ©1996 Ozone Communications LLC. I can. znscr.parentNode.insertBefore(zergnet, znscr); *, Tough start to the day for the SEC if Tenn/Auburn go down, they're going to drop like a rock. Required fields are marked *. fan reactions, recruiting commentary, fan polls, and interviews. Otherwise, nobody will be there. 53 total tackles, 11.5 tfl, 6.5 sacks, 1 pass defensed and 2 fumble recoveries. fan reactions, … I don't know if he is that good, but maybe, Bama this yr is like OSU 2018 team, great O, terrible D... *, GameDay in Minnesota on Saturday to watch Fleck Row Harbaugh's boat..*, 2 terrible throws there by Ga QB. Four-star defensive tackle Tyleik Williams commits to the Buckeyes. Stratospheric ozone is “good” because it protects living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. "https:" : "http:") + '//'; Georgia Tech is terrible. Sermon is 6 feet tall and listed at 216 lbs. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday inside Ohio Stadium as the Buckeyes continued preparations for their season-opener vs. Nebraska on Oct. 24. *, Yep. Notre Dame is ranked 4?? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (function() { *, Mathis won the job out of "camp" such as it was - smart pulled him in the opener and he aint been back *, QB1 opted out, QB1A is still not cleared for ACL. For Carton and Gaffney, best wishes on your future pursuits. Crazy long deflection pick-six for MSU. I think Smith is better than Ruggs and Jeudy*, Hope OSU's secondary can cover these Bama receivers. True freshman Miyan Williams will arrive this summer. zergnet.type = 'text/javascript'; zergnet.async = true; Ohio State Football 2021 Commits Guaranteed to Make Immediate Impact in CFB. *, Harlen Jacobs and Clarett look nothing alike. Within the last decade, however, high ozone concentrations have also been observed under specific circumstances in cold months, where a few high elevation areas in the Western U.S. with high levels of local VOC and NOx emissions have formed ozone when snow is on the ground and temperatures are near or below freezing. The fourth edition of the greatest Ohio State football photos in The-Ozone’s history includes a look at some incredible shots from the 2015 to 2019 seasons. He's pretty damn good*, LOL. [Admin Actions] They have recruited strong the last couple of years. By Nick the Chemist. *, Those lines are not out yet. *, USC scores again six minutes later, and now it's still a one-score game. “He’s tough. Can’t say I can remember a play he’s made in 3/4 years. Lots of time to do that*, Clock stuck midnight for UGA 4th string QB... *, Bottom half P5 O..,also tells you more about how bad this Bama D is after getting lit up by Ole Miss *, It's the QB bc guys are running open every play*, Florida State is going to blow this game*, Crazy the top 4 WRs Bama had last year. "https:" : "http:") + '//'; Willis’ No. Let’s hope the injury bug is over and all our talented RB’s get a chance to win the starting job. But Sermon gives the Buckeyes another proven option at a position of need. 0 jersey, or as it will be referred to in Ohio State tradition: the Block “0”, in honor of the great Bill Willis. I love the coverage that The Ozone gives us Buckeye Fans. *, Mike Weber's KC Chiefs super bowl ring up for auction, practice squad player *, good move by a great Buckeye from upnorth *, About the 9.40 mark starts some funny and illuminating insights. This is good news and gives us some needed insurance. Very hard *, What do you think will be the best noon matchup? COLUMBUS – Ohio State football in Ohio Stadium, it’s a beautiful thing. Of course, you can’t kill him *, 7 Days till Nebraska.....56 Days till scUM__ *, You chastised a poster by asking how they would feel when Nebraska scored 40 but it might be you were only trolling. *, Danielson didnt like the poke at the water bottle incident *, so outside of running between the tackles and throwing over the top..... *, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 jersey in honor of Buckeye great Bill Willis, Cooper was the first to receive the Block 0 jersey. Glad he's getting better test results now. I actually had it on in the background and thought it 17-0 before GT scored. Carton – Going. For the third time in just over a year, Ohio State has added a transfer to bolster what had been a thin area on its offensive depth chart. I know I have to play at my very best and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”. *, Malik Hooker was an unbelievable 3star find. You guys see the new Oh. Drama much? A few top 10’s though*, Bingo. All alone*, Corrales is a nice WR for NC. *. It was under one coach, and since 1950. The opposite of elite*, “WE ARE ...not elite.”———James Franklin *, I wonder if the Vols regret not hiring Schiano. OSU 8-0 its last 8 games vs scUM. “No one understood why I wore No. The ball was moving so slow it threw the timing off, IMO. Which was his m.o. Yesterday Got a portal OL from La. Say 3 Hail Mary's and lob a bomb somewhere in SE Xichigan. ACC is 2 team, maybe 3, ACC is not back as the experts contend. Since 2002, Ohio State has won two national championships, 11 conference titles, and has a 16-2 record against Michigan. *, meh day games today. Ozone often forms in nature under conditions where O 2 will not react. in college. But Coop wasn’t himself, and after appearing in contests vs. Michigan State and Northwestern, he was faced with a decision: continue to try and play through the injury or think about using a redshirt to give it another shot – a fully healthy one at that – in 2020. Tech for ‘22*, Saw the LB. Michigan (should always be at the top of this list regardless how bad they are) [M], Why the Nebraska love?

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