A team is eliminated when there is only one player remaining. 2.The volley will stop and an out will be charged against the hitter. (iv) Masters National Championships age 60 and above:   In the main draw, the format is 2 out of 3 sets, with a tiebreaker in all sets.In back draws, the third set match tiebreaker will be used. In doing so, each pairing must work as a team to outplay the opposition paring. There may be an instance where the server is serving from the same side twice in a row, if the mistake is realized after the point has concluded and the game has not ended. 14.A: Outside ball: Any ball bouncing outside the boundary lines (wall & floor) and pass the long line is an out or a point. The Paddle-ball racquet or paddle is plastic, smaller than a softball and has holes for less air friction.Below are the instructions for single games. Only the referee can grant a block during a volley. Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to, continuous, aggressive questioning of line calls, throwing the paddle, abusive or foul language, retaliatory calls, threatening verbal or physical behavior, and name calling. 9c) Alternating Deuce/Ad Sides: The server alternates serving, first from behind the deuce court into the receiver's deuce court, then from behind the ad court into the receiver's ad court, and so on. If the ball hits both side walls after it rebounds off the front wall and before it hits the floor.

The game is played with three or more players. The out is charged to the player who is moving into the hitter's swing.

Imaginary lines are draw parallel to the boundary lines from the wall to the long line and the width is determined by the right & left feet. Take turns with your opponent hitting the ball back to the front wall before it bounces twice on the court. 1) A serves once from the ad court on the North End. What type of shot would be good to use if my opponent is close to the net or wall and I want to hit over the opponent's head? Also, if the receiver attempts to return the ball, it is deemed that the receiver's partner also is ready. Intentional violation will be an out. the third set will be a match-tiebreaker. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Service areas : Major Service Area--Minor Service Area--Automatic Fault Area. The first point earns the player 15, second point 30, third point 40 while the fourth point wins him the game.

2 Player Team Game Rules (4 players or more). 15d) Person Touching Court Fixtures: It is not a loss of point if a player, or anything the player wears or carries, touches the post, net, net hand crank, cord, band, or center strap, or the court surface on the opponents' side of the net, within the boundary lines, after the point has been concluded. Exception; When a player hits the ball and the rebounding shot from the wall is traveling directly at him/her, than the player can move to either the right or left regardless if he/she moves into the swing of the hitter. Because the court is much smaller than in tennis and is enclosed, players are close together so need to develop a good understanding if they are to be successful and it is also important to be fit too. 6b) The Set: The team that first wins 6 games wins the set.                First point = 15 (also called 5) (vi) Men's Singles National Championships:   The format is 2 out of 3 sets, with a tiebreaker in all sets. Note: The service may be delivered overhand, underhand, or sidearm as the server chooses. When there is only one team remaining, that team scores one point. For exceptions, see Rule 15e and 15f. After the spin, the teams take their places on opposite sides of the net. The game is played in accordance with the Official Rules of Platform Tennis as published by the American Platform Tennis Association. The order of service remains in force for that entire set. The first point is called 15, second point 30, third point 40, while the fourth point is game. 8.E : Serving is in successive order (one after the other). Number of Sets in Grand Prix Series and NRTs, 17a. Return the Ball to Server: It is good etiquette to do your part by picking up the ball and getting it to the server in an easy and accommodating manner. At the end of each odd game, the players are supposed to change sides. All paddle and balls used in an APTA sanctioned tournament must have been approved by the APTA Rules Committee. If a player lets the ball hit the sand or water, that player is eliminated for the round.

Each baseline is bisected by an imaginary extension of the center service line called the center mark. © 2020 PaddleballGalaxy.com All Rights Reserved, Racquetball Equipment - www.racquetworld.com, Pickleball Equipment - www.pickleballgalaxy.com.

The ball has to be punctured in order to reduce its internal pressure. 14e) Standing Out of Bounds: It is a loss of point if a player volleys the ball and fails to hit the ball in the court, even when standing out of bounds. Then it would be your turn to serve, and you’d have a chance to score a point. score of five points, that team is the winner of the game. Sportsmanship and etiquette are fundamental to this sport. The team winning the spin has the following options: Teams change ends at the end of the first, third, fifth, and every subsequent odd-numbered game of each set. Note: It does not matter whether the player is inside or outside the court, whether he/she is hit squarely or his/her clothing or paddle is merely grazed, or whether the contact is accidental or purposeful. 9b) Serving Order: The partners decide between them who will serve first in each set. 13c) Accidental Occurrences: A ball in play is a let if play is interrupted by an accidental occurrence, such as a ball from another court bouncing into the court, or a door opening during the point. If the ball was determined to bounce out the hitting team is out. Automatic Fault Area : AFA is determined by the position of the servers right foot and left foot at the conclusion of serving. The set shall be scored according to points played, such as 10-7 or 13-11. It is recognized that etiquette does have its “gray areas.” This section offers suggested guidelines of on-court behavior. 1e) Surfaces and Colors: Court surfaces as well as colors for court and playing area must be approved by the APTA Rules Committee. The Ball and the Paddle.

13a) Overhangs: A ball in play is a let if it hits an overhanging obstruction such as a tree limb. Major Service Area : MSA is the larger of the two remaining service areas. 2.I: :Substitution of a partner is not allowed once the team requesting a substitution has begun playing in a tournament. Colliding with Partner/Court Fixture, C. Default Rules for National Ranking Tournaments (NRT). 6j) Number of Sets in National Championships: The following rules hold true: The decision of the team whose responsibility it is to make the call is final. 1c) Line Terminology and Dimensions: The lines at the ends of the court, parallel to the net, are called baselines. The net, 22 ft long and 2.6 ft wide, should be exactly 31 inches above the surface of the ground and 18 inches outside each sideline. The tournament director must notify all players prior to the tournament that a third-set match tiebreaker will be used in the back draws. 15e) Reaching Over Net: It is not a loss of point if the ball, served or returned, hits the deck within the correct court and rebounds or is blown back over the net, and one of the players on the opposing team reaches over the net and plays the ball, provided that neither the player nor any part of the player's clothing or equipment touches the post, net, net hand crank, net cord, band, center strap, or the deck within the opponents' court, and that the stroke is otherwise good. Violation will be a fault respectively. 17b) Deliberate Action: In the situations covered by Rule 15e and 15f, if the opponent deliberately hinders the player attempting to strike the ball, the player is entitled to the point by reason of hindrance, whether such hindrance is verbal or physical. Exception: Substitutions are allowed for all Final Four Teams that advance to the semi-finals and the championship games,. Use a heavy rubber ball designed specifically for paddleball. The area between the baseline and the service line is called the backcourt. All lines are customarily 2 inches wide and all measurements are made to the outside of the lines from the net or the center of the center service line.

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