Gieves and Hawkes or the French ones) and on others there are some wrinkles like on your Ciardi or this Richard Anderson. But I love the way it looks here, though the trouser especially don’t drape as well as they would with wool.

Many thanks in advance. Good point – harder to justify these things with less intensely used pieces. Look at the side photo. I know this may sound odd but I think narrow hems and lightweight shoes like your Sagans are a classic pairing but conversely the same trousers with a heavier shoe will look out of date very soon when fashions change. In patent leather, they’d seem about right. Will be interesting to see when this will stop. Discussion of the side body, darts, and seams by contrast was curious, but the relevance of those was lost on me without commentary of how it impacts the fit or style. I chatted to tailors about all these suits. I am not a huge fan of the sheen that comes from the satin lapels and prefer a more matted look. Opera pumps on black tie, in this day and age, are a massive affectation. In the last ten years their price increases have been very small, barely keeping up with general inflation, yet they are based in London and should be exposed to a lot of the cost increases SR are. Thanks. They’re fine for white tie. What do you think of Baudoin & Lange Sagans with black tie? Many thanks. Trouser pleats are like darts on the front of a jacket; they’re ways of achieving a specific fit rather than to be an extraneous detail like unused buttons or pocket flaps. Dear Simon, Not sure if there is a golden rule to work this sort of thing out? Might be completely on the wrong thread but couldn’t find a relevant one. Richard Anderson is an independently run bespoke tailoring retailer based at 13 Savile Row, London, offering bespoke garments, ready to wear suits, accessories, shirts, jackets and more. I really like the details of this suit. Do you have a preference? I think the price increasea not only relate to increased rent but availability of a new group of customer (Asians etc) who are more price insensitive. Personally, to be honest, I’m happy to use them interchangeably. Richard anderson is the leading bespoke tailor on Savile Row. No, the starting price is for a 2-piece suit, not a three-piece tux.

Cap shoes is for business. This particular jacket has turn back cuffs on the sleeves which I have never seen before on a dinner jacket. In this tux it appears to show roughly 1.5″ of cuff. By the measurement it sounds narrow, but the lapels look like a healthy width because the shoulders are narrow. I am trying to work out how the dimensions in these style breakdowns corresponds to your build. This was a very interesting article, thank you. That's very sad. On ageing what happens to it over time? But I’d always want to keep the seat covered. Simon could you explain a little more about the properties of mohair / wool? The front dart extending to the bottom used to be more common with English tailors before the sidebody became popular. Thoughts? If you were a groom and would wear this in the evening, what would be your footwear of choice? Now you say the waistcoat fit could be improved. Why were there foreword facing pleats? To properly proceed with this excellent catalogue exercise I believe it essential that the relevant detail is properly inventorised. As mentioned in the introduction to this series, I won’t comment on the style of the waistcoat (as there are hardly any to compare it to among my suits) and only mention the measurements of the trousers in the list below. My choice. I’ve found that small changes in length can have dramatic differences in overall look. Richard Anderson is owned and operated by Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak. As has been noted, the trousers have forward facing pleats. Why do you give a price and a starting price? Patent is just a layer of plastic on top of the shoe, and the texture has no richness or natural variation. Stees, which ia very US focused, have used this to raise their prices over 50% in the last few years. I put it to you that social media and the iGent explosion have only made it worse. Beautiful lines, understated and completely flawless. You can also subscribe without commenting. You’re right, a more flared skirt would be more traditional Huntsman, yes. For me it sounds odd to accept the tailor’s style in this respect as it would mean having a multitude of tailors for specific garments. That is very much a matter of taste, however, and others might see this modest, understated style as perfect for something that – at heart – is meant to be elegant and simple: an accompaniment to any female companion, rather than a rival for attention. Did you find that cut fit you better and so you requested it? Although Richard’s output is always expanding, the atmosphere at 13 Savile Row remains cosy, with everything under Richard’s watchful eye. Dear Simon, I’m pretty much the same height – just under 6’1″. No I didn’t ask him to cut anything in particular – it was purely his house style, what he would do naturally, which had less padding than I might have expected. Perhaps they could be held up by braces. Interesting how you describe the peak lapel as being narrow, since it doesn’t look that way overall. Grosgrain would certainly look very subtle against a mohair suit. There are three main ways to work out jacket length: half the distance from collar of jacket to the floor, the second joint of your thumb (or tucking your hand under it), and covering the seat at the back. Hi Simon, For instance, with a peaked lapel jacket would a shawl lapel on a waistcoat not work at all? I believe no one from Huntsman currently ever even had flow through training from any Hammick disciples like Anderson and likely cuts their own interpretation of the iconic Hammick Huntsman cut. Now I rarely see it outside of Neapolitan tailors. Arm holes are cut high for ease of movement and to create extra length through the side seam. What is going on with price inflation in bespoke today? A very elegant suit. Personally I would consider some form of trim or facing on the lapels and get (if required) a new waistcoat cut. Simon – thanks for the review, and nice to finally see the RA tux in greater detail. Anderson opened his own establishment in 2001 with co-director and fellow Huntsman alumnus Brian Lishak and the duo soon won a reputation for their exuberant take on tailoring in often brilliant colours. I‘m looking forward to this serie!

Like most new openings, he sought to create a modern environment. We have refined our house style over the course of our existence, re-visiting and updating classics and introducing new styles and designs. What’s your opinion on double breasted dinner jackets?

Hi, If it had been higher (sternum) the v would compliment the cut. And if you do, do they have to match the jacket collar? Richard Anderson is owned and operated by Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak. I should also say that, as with everything I do, this series is not done by me in isolation. Its very different to wool, I hadn’t realised this before ordering it. Although Richard’s output is always expanding, the atmosphere at 13 Savile Row remains cosy, with everything under Richard’s watchful eye. Was going to say, I always think Black Tie looks best with a slight military cut trouser – tapered and a slight angle at the hem. I still wear it regularly, I prefer it my other dinner suits ,it’s nearly always commented on and I still am delighted to wear it.

I like the extra lines created by the vents (not too dissimilar to the X point above) and a ventless jacket is hard on me given the contrast between scooped lower back and prominent seat. Many thanks! There is an emphasis on having these materials light, as it will probably be hot at the event, but if go too light then it just won’t last long – even if it’s something you don’t wear too often.
Sunday Closed. As a customer would you try and discuss with him the style of double breasted lapel you like (similar to the Caraceni’s – long wider and with a bit of belly and round) or would you go to another tailor only for the double breasted. In the UK there’s barely been inflation and certainly no real wage increases in the last ten years. But, in any case here the waistcoat fitting closer or not is not a question of good or bad fit, it’s one of personal choice. You’ll be having a debate on the media and tailoring soon. So Richard’s style is quite modest in that where another tailor might use some combination of extended shoulders, wide lapel and open quarters to create more of an ‘X’ shape across the body, he does not. Sorry Herve, didn’t see that one. Also, these are still a long way from designer prices. That is one reason to select a mohair mix though – mohair is good for warm weather. Not clear though.


I find it gives a cleaner line down the crease. I wouldn’t go for self (the same material as the jacket) on a piece like that, personally. Keeping to classical styles in evening wear (peaked lapels and scooped waistcoat stylistically speak of 1920’s through to 1950’s) ensures greater longevity and thus greater value from the garment. I really enjoyed talking with Richard, and particularly Brian [Lishak] about the style aspects of the tux. I can’t remember, let me check. It’s not going to feel as nice as 100% wool. I agree though that 50/50 might be a little too much; 20% mohair is probably about right. For a dinner jacket I would prefer a more dramatic cut since it’s one of the types of jackets where it works best, but I know this follow’s Anderson’s house style.
Richard kept it relatively hidden, with the back seam quite straight. Richard Anderson formed his own tailors in 1999 after 20 years as an apprentice and then head-cutter at Huntsman, a long-established Savile Row tailors. The only question mark for me is whether a more dramatic style might be more suited to evening wear. On another note: Interestingly, the jacket has a little drape in the chest, although nothing approaching the tailors known for such drape, such as Anderson & Sheppard. In the chest there will be a layer of body canvas running the length of the body, a layer of horsehair just at the top, and then demette over the top of that. Right sleeve isn’t finished well at the back. Lastly please don’t forget to write about the oft forgotten trousers – there is barely a mention until the comments wherein we realise that they come with braces (v. unusual for you as you will appreciate) and hence the double pleats. The leading British blog on tailoring, luxury and men's style, Price (at time of writing): £7860 (incl VAT). Yes, it’s the price it would be today. Thanks. I keep going through phases of preferring a longer jacket then wanting to look more casual and wishing jackets to be shorter! Is this something that used to be more common? House style. The chest is continuously hand padded andshaped to create a form fitting silhouette. Overall, I’ve been pleased with how my tux has worn. Each tailor in the team had his own role; one attaching the collar, another the sleeves, another the lining and so on, to form a (very high-end) production line. The buttoning point is quite low on the body, but normal in proportion to that length. Generally no, the cloth is usually the same as the body (assuming you mean a cream jacket). I’ve normally seen waistcoats cut a little closer than this, although, you may not care to go jacketless anyway. Is it easier to get a clean back on an English structured suit vs a lighter one like a Neapolitan? Half mohair must be why it hasn’t worn as well. Saturday 10am – 5pm

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