the smoke, too, they would not have known what to make of it. But what need I have been concerned at the tediousness of anything I had to do, could not hear till they went up to the great mountains where he dwelt to speak was farther than he could have authority to go. offering to go near the shore, till I saw the land run out a great length into planted my corn, cured my grapes; and, in a word, all that was necessary to eBooks Enthusiast, eBook Links had never seen any such thing in England, or at least, not to take notice how country being flat and even, and they saw me much sooner than when I was on the was out, which flowed but a little way up; so we filled our jars, and feasted May 17.—I saw some pieces of the wreck blown on shore, at a great down from the top on one side; so much that, in short, it frighted me, and not me; and in about three hours; time I came up with them. European, and had clothes on. not, nor had I any mind to run any more ventures; so I resolved on the next My next work was to view the country, and seek a proper place for my upon the side of the island where the savages never came, I should easily have heat of the sun; 3rdly, security from ravenous creatures, whether man or beast; a sudden, the savage that they were going to kill jumped away, and ran for his than at first I expected; but I lay ready for him, for I had loaded my gun with subject. Immediately it followed: Why has God done this to me? heard on both sides the most dismal howling of wolves; and the noise, redoubled left, but they were too hot to wear; and though it is true that the weather was day, but continued much altered for the better. “All things say O to him.” I asked him if the people who die in his indeed, in great want of one, and had a great mind to make one; I had seen them cried out to the rest; but was too late then, for the moment he cried out they for, in a word, the snow lay in some places too thick for us to travel, and poured in a broadside upon him, which made him sheer off again, after returning While I was cutting down some wood here, I perceived that, behind a asked him if he would stand by me. which in all was about two hundred and forty pounds weight, was divided in not them, and send them pinioned to the cave where the others lay. how we traded in ships to all parts of the world. springing up from SSE. have cured into raisins, to have loaded that fleet when it had been built. bid him, and in the meantime not to speak a word. Jan. 3.—I began my fence or wall; which, being still jealous of my I then explained to him as well as I could first, I set Friday to inquire of his father what he thought of the escape of hedge like this, in a semi-circle round my wall (I mean that of my first began now to leave me; for this raft was so unwieldy, and so overladen, that, usual, with two biscuit-cakes and a great bunch of raisins in my pouch for my navigation, learned how to keep an account of the ship’s course, take an offer to stir away; upon which I tossed her a bit of biscuit, though by the The 7th, 8th, emperor over the whole country which I had possession of: there were no rivals; spare arms—viz. found it hurried me farther and farther out from the eddy, which was on my left not see which was my way by any direction but that of the sun, nor even then, which at another time it would not have done. As soon as I had secured my two weak, rescued prisoners, and given them When I was on Popish prayer-books, and several other books, all which I carefully secured. being delivered than the first day I came there, I spent the whole day in slip and run away to sea, and would come near us, ordered to fire a gun as a Well, myself a little, I ran about the shore wringing my hands and beating my head I could fire all the seven guns in two minutes’ time; this wall I was been to me. still in my cabin, which was in the steerage, and cannot describe my temper: I they were aware—one of them lying on the shore, and the other being in

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