It is a wonderful movie and the end cound’nt be better. I do think many of the people here need to be educated by me (or at least someone who has studied film theory) since the majority of arguments presented here are absolute crap – yours included. A notorious hothead, Ernie Wright had a confrontation with the gunman, Stark Wilson, and was shot and killed. When I was around six years old (half a century ago) and played cowboys and injuns, I invariably (about teatime, when I was hungry and tired) caught a round and fell the ground clutching my heart, before expiring, "What to do...???" Samuel L. Jackson thinks he lives: Ah yes, The Negotiator. Unsound logic can be wrong, however, so think before you comment. Pulp Fiction and Lock Stock used this tactic beautifully as well. Shane and Joe know that this is it. Thomas J. For it's this youngster's frank enthusiasms and naive reactions that are made the solvent of all the crashing drama in A. The last few seconds of the film, as we see him ride out *somewhat slumped over* is that he is holding the reins UP in his right hand. Cheers, Mr. Brown for keeping this string going for 3 years! Ryker invites Starrett to a meeting at the saloon to negotiate a settlement with the purpose of killing him. Shane stays the night, enjoying Marian's cooking and interacting with the family. this is right from the book. Membership is free and we welcome all types of shooters, whether you're a novice or a pro. Everyone adjusts quickly and happily to Shane's presence at the farm. 1) I haven’t given any reasons for why Shane is dead. If it is there then it is unintentional. 45 in the 2007 edition of AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list, and No. Fletcher, a powerful cattle rancher in town, wants to buy all of the farmers' property to expand his ranch. When we last glimpse him he is clearly not dead, yet. Despite what you say, it is a debate. Pulp Fiction and Lock Stock used this tactic beautifully as well. How many dead men can hold the reins in the air? But I think it's a real testament to the quality of the movie for being brave enough to give the audience an option to decide the ending for themselves, especially in 1953. Gawd. The novel has been translated into over 30 languages, and was adapted into the 1953 film starring Alan Ladd. Let’s break down what you’re saying to make it easier for everyone. Shane kills Wilson, Ryker, and Ryker's, brother. Ending / spoiler for Shane (1953), plus mistakes, quotes, trivia and more. After the Japanese legislature amended the law in 2004 to extend the duration of motion picture copyrights from 50 to 70 years, Paramount and its Japanese distributor filed suit against the two companies. But it was the purpose of the autor to gives us the reasonable doubt. But Morgan fires once before Shane shoots, and Morgan dies, toppling from the balcony to the barroom floor where his brother and Wilson also lie dead. Third, anyone who has seen the movie Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood knows that it is a remake of the movie Shane. So I’m cutting it off here. What a way to make everyone happy! After he shouts, “I know she does,” the camera cuts back to Joey and his expression changes from one of hope, to one of confusion. So we can conclude his wound is in his side, not his arm or shoulder. I think it’s important for Shane to die. 2) You’ve made my point for me on this one: “they never mention anything about him being seriously hurt or dying.” Exactly. He doesn't even appear to be hit at all in the gunfight until Joey notices the blood. Though they have claimed their land legally under the Homestead Acts, a ruthless cattle baron, Rufus Ryker, has hired various rogues and henchmen to harass them and force them out of the valley. All rights reserved. To say this could be a mistake during the filming is just discounting something important and relevant because it doesn’t fit in with your theory. When? He wrote the book. Written by. Marian tells him that they are rooted there and that they should stay both for themselves and for Shane. I always hear people talk about how things in movies “would never happen in real life.” They say things like, “that’s not really how it is,” and it’s true that movies often drift away from reality (and in some cases, they veer away from it), but the key with filmmaking – and this was stressed over and over again in film school – is verisimilitude. I appreciate you’re trying to make this look like a debate, but clearly you’re convinced you are right and people that don’t agree don’t have your expertises in films and need to be educated by you. An open ending: I’ll grant you that the ending is ambiguous, and perhaps this is on purpose, but based on what I see in the film, it is my interpretation that Shane dies., 1504 7th Street South, Minneapolis, MN 55454, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I think that’s pushin’ the symbolism a bit much, but what do I know? He had cosmetic surgery, got younger and came back as David Carradine in a television series. I always have to laugh a little when someone posts a comment and thinks they can prove that Shane is alive. Almost more than human. It is a good movie. (oh oh.. The same can be said of the movie Shane. JavaScript is disabled. And, even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Neither do I. [11], Director George Stevens originally wanted Montgomery Clift and William Holden for the Shane and Starrett roles; when both proved unavailable, Stevens asked Paramount executive Y. Frank Freeman for a list of available actors with current contracts; within three minutes he chose Alan Ladd, Van Heflin, and Jean Arthur. After a brief argument the two men get into a shoot out. Each movie takes place in its own story world, and what is and isn’t possible in that world are allowed to be different from any other movie ever made. You can interpret it how you wish. Cut back to the long shot and Shane has slumped over a bit. me thinks mr. brown is homosomething and would see homo-erotism in a sheep walking across the screen as he seems to get excited about seeing a man’s bare chest. Fully functional left arm or wounded and painful left side? It’s kind of tricky to explain. As Shane is in the bar waiting for them, four of Fletcher's men attack him. This kind of “reasoning” goes beyond bizarre and approaches deranged fixation. To see how difficult it is to keep a dead body on a horse, watch El Cid. 1) Alan Ladd’s calmness in the final scene is not evidence of anything other than the style of acting for the period, but for the sake of argument let’s assume that it is evidence. I'd like to think he survived. Brown. Marian then says a heart-felt good-bye to Shane, leaving the possibility that they're in love, and realizing she'll never see him again. You can see it in the silouette. Do you think Shane should die? The man is not “slumped over” but sitting upright…his head is down and his riding style is very stiff in the saddle…..but he is holding the reigns with his right hand and his injury has his left arm hanging limp. We need reassurance that’s he’s human. Directors love to use symbology in movies. “Shane!” Joey calls again. I’ll give you that his right arm is not dangling by his side, but I don’t think you can definitively say he’s still alive. Shane and Joe are worried that Shane's fight with Chris will only motivate Fletcher into instigating more fights. Revealing mistake: Alan Ladd (Shane) was quite short. Calloway, no longer loyal to Ryker, warns Shane of the double-cross. ?…wait a minute..never mind…I don’t wanna know. That said, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m viewing the film with modern eyes, not contemporary ones. And if we were talking about the book, your case might hold water. But – and this is important – my personal opinion is that Shane is dead. I’ve always enjoyed the film, not only because it’s a good movie, but because it spurs heated debate about the end of the film. That being the case, Pale Rider only supports my position that Shane is dead at the end of the film. An unanswerable and mindless question or, a simple case of Hollywood bullshit? [17], The final scene, in which the wounded Shane explains to a distraught Joey why he has to leave ("There's no living with a killing"), was a moving moment for the entire cast and crew, except Brandon deWilde. option 3 ! [14], Ladd disliked and was uncomfortable with guns; Shane's shooting demonstration for Joey required 116 takes. Shane knows this, which is why he tells Joey to “grow up to be strong and straight” (a line that, in light of the rampant homo-eroticism in the film, I always find to be hilarious). We are, however, talking about the movie, so your point is invalid. I’ve had to remove many stumps from my property and there was nothing symbolic nor homo-erotic about it. He even delivers an accurate prognosis of what an unconscious Joe needs to recover from the knockdown-drag-out fight he had with him over who will go into town to face the hired gunman. Sep 21 Ending. I said that's a great idea for a follow-up novel. I wonder if anyone ever bothered to ask George Stevens, the director, or Alan Ladd. Joe naively accepts, but Shane hears from Calloway who has decided to leave Ryker, that it's a set-up. I have already stated and defended my opinion, and despite my attempts to not have to repeat myself, it’s all I ever do anymore. Why ? The commercial leaves the ending wide open, allowing the viewer to choose the ending they want. (There is an unstated implication that he may be dying, as he departs.). It’s not my imagination but my intellect that tells me of Shane’s demise. He knows Shane isn’t ignoring him. Comments are closed. “Homo erotic”? Now if LOST will only explain what those stupid ‘whispers’ are??? Six of one, half a dozen of the other. that kid just wanted his hero to come back, and besides, wouldn’t you feel like slumpin’ a bit if you had just been through an ass whippin’ fight and got shoosted in the side, and then rode off to the great wide open without your supper? Shane rides to town with Joey following on foot to watch the fight. In this type of film it doesn’t bother me too badly not knowing. I’ve seen a lot men die in the movies and none had final words as coherent as Shane during the final dialogue with the kid. To emphasize the terrible power of gunshots, he created a cannon-like sound effect by firing a large-calibre weapon into a garbage can. Then he rides out of the valley and takes his brand of justice to another fight. At the bar, Shane confronts Wilson. And it also contains a very wonderful understanding of the spirit of a little boy amid all the tensions and excitements and adventures of a frontier home. Shane, attempting to correct the situation, goes into town and seeks Chris out. It is marvelous. He said a follow-up would ruin the story. Ryker promises the next fight will be with guns. Although he tries to leave his gunslinging past behind, refusing to even carry a gun, he decides to fight Fletcher, the town nemesis, in order to save Joe Starrett’s farm. Joey admires Shane, much to his mother's chagrin, after Shane demonstrates his shooting skills. Shane goes to town alone to buy supplies at Grafton's, a general store with an adjacent saloon. To me, that’s clear evidence of his death. The next night Fletcher and Wilson come to talk to Joe. You can take two interpretations from that last scene. Shane, he wrote, "... is a great movie and can hold its own with any film, whether it's a Western or not. The next day Joe asks Shane … He is hired as a farmhand by local rancher Joe Starrett who lives as a homesteader with his wife, Marian, and their young son, Joey. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition), "All Para. The stranger, Shane, stops at the Starretts' house and drinks some water. "[23], Woody Allen has called Shane "George Stevens' masterpiece", on his 2001 list of great American films, along with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, White Heat, Double Indemnity, The Informer and The Hill. @Robert – I think it’s worth pointing out that when I say homo-erotic, I don’t mean that the characters are gay or that the situations are sexual in any way. Shane’s subsequent rant on Instagram Live was criticized by Twitter users and YouTube commentators as being immature and shortsighted given his more pressing accusations and the dire state of the world overall.

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